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Silhouette #69 A Fall Twelve Hour HvZ. Your Admins: They will be wearing green headbands.  Ryan Chiu(Spoonmaster)  954-695-0771  Pieter Tubergen(Pietart)

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Presentation on theme: "Silhouette #69 A Fall Twelve Hour HvZ. Your Admins: They will be wearing green headbands.  Ryan Chiu(Spoonmaster)  954-695-0771  Pieter Tubergen(Pietart)"— Presentation transcript:

1 Silhouette #69 A Fall Twelve Hour HvZ

2 Your Admins: They will be wearing green headbands.  Ryan Chiu(Spoonmaster)   Pieter Tubergen(Pietart)   Morgan Wardrop(whitemagemeister)   Adam Cochrane(Sleepyhalo2) 

3 The Golden Rules  Don’t be a dick.  Respect admins and other players.  Don’t die.  Don’t get hit by a car, or break your leg on a ledge.  Don’t get our club kicked off campus.  We have a good relation with the police, and the university (sorta). Let’s keep it that way.

4 Overview  Area #69 is a major research facility tucked in the backwoods of the northeast. Here the government funds research for human modularity, cryogenic preservation, brain carcinogen development, and weapons development.  The facility is well known amongst intelligence agencies as the central worldwide developer of biological weapons.  The facility has been subject to many terrorist attacks in the past, hence the deployment of your security department.  Something amuck has roused the higher ups to make sure it is investigated and dealt with.  Early clues show that data files have been tampered with and that some facility members have been described as abnormally “disturbed”.

5 Campaign Briefing Lore and Shit You are a set of elite trained investigators sent to Area#69 to:  Assess the situation at hand.  Rescue survivors and scientists.  Salvage research.  If possible, bring stability to the Facility.

6 How it Works There are two teams:  Humans and Zombies. What to do:  Survive at all costs.  Stun zombies with approved weapons.  Wear your green armband on right arm.  Zombies wear a orange headband in addition to the green armband.  Complete objectives.

7 Humans

8 Stunning  When you hit a zombie with a sock/marshmallow/ otherwise approved weapon, you are stunning!  Socks may only be filled by more socks  Marshmallows must be regular or jumbo, no minis. Peeps encouraged!

9 Zombies

10 Stun Timers  Stun timers are set a 5 minutes.  This means you cannot follow a human (directly) or earn a tag during this time.  When stunned, put your headband around your neck.  When re-stunned your timer resets.

11 Tagging  A tag is any physical contact between a zombie and a human.  Blaster tags and headshots do not count.  Clothing and backpacks are extensions of the body.  Simultaneous tags rule in favor of the zombie.  When you get a tag, you are stunned.

12 Incubation  Once you are tagged, incubation period begins.  You have 5 minutes before you turn into a full-fledged zombie.  After the 5 minutes, you must put on your orange headband.  During this time you may stun zombies, set up for a sneak tag, or cry in a corner. It’s up to you.

13 Pregame  Pregame starts at 9am, October 29 th. At this point, all players (including zombies) wear armbands only.  Socks and marshmallows are the only weapons allowed.  Zombies may lie about their status.  Trust no one!  You are not safe coming to 60 Willard for 11am mission starts.

14 Regulation  Regulation game starts at 11am. Players will be briefed at base camp (60 Willard) at this time.  At this point, zombies will don their headbands.  Zombies may not lie about their status.  Missions will then begin.

15 NPC’s  NPC’s will be signified by pink headbands.  NPC’s are searchable and some are killable. Though some may not activate without proper prerequisites.

16 Anti-don’ts  Antidotes are chemicals created to halt infectious toxins in your body.  They may be redeemed from various sources amongst the facility complex.  They may be traded/shared between other humans, though they are 1 use per antidote.  They must be used within your incubation timer.

17 Safety Stuff If told to leave a location by a higher authority, do so and inform an administrator that you were contacted Use common sense when running and jumping (no climbing something taller than you)

18 Enjoy the Adventure! If you have questions, this is the time to ask.

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