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By: Jessie Gatfield, Bela Farinella, Cassie Ellis, and Erin Fretheim 18.3 The Cold War At Home.

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1 By: Jessie Gatfield, Bela Farinella, Cassie Ellis, and Erin Fretheim 18.3 The Cold War At Home

2 Fear of communist Influence American feared that communism would start to take over. Loyalty Review Board 1947, Truman issued an executive order setting up the Federal Employee Loyalty Program 1.Dismiss government employees who were disloyal to U.S. Total of 2,900 employees resigned because of the FELP; investigated 3.2 mill, and dismissed 212 as secretary risks.

3 The House Un-American Activities Committee House of Un-American Activities Committee- Investigated Communist influences in movies The unfriendly witness who refused to testify, also known as the Hollywood Ten, didn’t cooperate because they believe the hearings were unconstitutional Hollywood executives instituted a blacklist, a list of people whom they condemned for having a communist background. The McCarran Act 1950 Congress passed the McCarran Internal Security Act 1.Unlawful to plan any action that might lead to the establishment of a totalitarian dictatorship

4 Spy Cases Stun the Nation Alger Hiss Alger Hiss- accused by a fromer communist spy, Whittaker Chambers, of being a spy for Soviet Union Richard Nixon- conservative republican congressmen who gained fame for pursuing the charges against Hiss; led to vice presidency Although Hiss claimed he was innocent, 1990, soviet cables relaeased by the National Security Agency proved Hiss guilty.

5 The Rosenbergs Sept. 3, 1949, Americans learn that Soviet Union has exploded an atomic bomb. In 1950 German Klaus Fuchs admitted giving out information to Soviet Union on America’s atomic bomb Implicated in the Fuchs case were communists Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. 1.Found guilty of espionage and sentenced to death

6 McCarthy Launches his “Witch Hunt” Joseph McCarthy- the most famous anti- communist activist and Republican senate from Wisconsin McCarthy’s Tactics McCarthyism- Unspported accusations after another from Joseph McCarthy because of his fear of communism Only people brave enough to speak out against McCarthy’s wrongdoings were 6 senators led by Senator Margaret Smith of Maine

7 McCarthy’s Downfall 1954, McCarthy made false accusations against U.S army which resulted in a national investigation 3 years later McCarthy died of alcoholism Other Anti- Communist Measures By 1953, 39 states had passed laws making it illegal to advocate the violent overthrow of the government Government started investigating almost all occupations because it seemed that no profession was safe from the hunt for communists.

8 1. What major issue sparked Americans concern that Communism would spread into the United States? a) England’s Queen died. b) Russia was in Germany c) China was taken over by Communists d) Russia blew up an atomic bomb. 2. In what year did President Truman issue executive order setting up the Federal Employee Loyalty Program? a) 1950 b) 1947 c) 1948 d) 1974

9 3. What Committee investigated Communist influence in the movie industry? a) House Communist Activities Committee b) International House of Pancakes c) House Un-American Activities Committee d) House of Commons 4. What law passed in the 1950’s made it against the law to create a totalitarian dictatorship in the United States? a) McDonald Discovery Act. b) McCarran Internal Security Act c) Social Security Act d) Special Services against Communists Act 5. Who was the Republican Senator who was most famous for his anti- communist movement? a) Charles McCarthy b) Richard Nixon c) Joseph McCarthy d) Jenny McCarthy

10 1-c 2-b 3-c 4-b 5-c

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