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Butina Group Stunning Systems Anesthetizing technology for humane slaughter and animal welfare.

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1 Butina Group Stunning Systems Anesthetizing technology for humane slaughter and animal welfare

2 Bottom line... Hard facts: Blood splash (red dots in the loins and hams) reduced to 3-4% Broken Backs (bone splintering using electric stunning equipment) eliminated to 0% Meat color (Minolta scale) improved from a 2-3 to 3-4

3 Examples... High capacity (1200 hph, 2 shifts) from 12000 to 27000 lbs loins for export per day with a price increase from $1 (domestic) to $2 (export) per lbs, it would equal to $3.9 million per year ($1 x 15000 extra x 260 days) High capacity (1200 hph, 1 shift) 12000 sell for $1.45 = $17,400 4000 sell for $1.45 = $5,800 8000 sell for $2.45 = $19,600 $8000 extra per day, equal to $2 million per year

4 Bottom line... Other facts: better animal welfare (no electric prodding) better worker safety (no kicking at shackling) less noise and stress reduction in manpower (1 operator + 2 hog drivers in pens/alleys)

5 The proof...

6 References Impressive list of references +400 installations World Wide 20-25 new installations per year 15-20% to existing customers

7 CO 2 anesthetization Anesthetization -> lower blood pH -> loss of consciousness Insensibility and consciousness is not immediate CO 2 concentration: 80-90% CO 2 exposure: 90-160 sec. Stun –stick intervals: 60-80 sec. Further reading: Danish Meat Research Institute

8 CO 2 anesthetization Ensure ”Good Stunning Practice” No pigs regain consciousness during post-stun handling and exsanguination Evaluation: No regular respiration (gasping is ok) No excitation or kicking (slow movements is ok) No spontaneous blinking Maximum 5% with corneal reflex

9 The Butina concept Concept developed by Hormel Foods Re-developed by Butina-DMRI

10 Traditional infeed (dual runway) Group stunning (no restraint during stunning) 2-4 pigs per basket 120-1000 pigs per hour DipLift, Combi, Jumbo Product - Sideloader

11 Sideloader - Doubble runway system

12 Sideloader - Discharge

13 Automatic infeed Group handling and preslaughter-stunning No restraint in driving and stunning 5-8 pigs per basket 200-720 pigs per hour Backloader DL, BL, XL Product - Backloader

14 Backloader - Automatic hoghandling

15 Backloader - Automatic Pusher

16 Backloader - Automatic Infeed


18 Backloader - Discharge

19 Butina - History 1952 1952CO 2 stunning introduced by Hormel, USA 1970 1970CO 2 introduced in Europe by Wernberg Engineering, Denmark 1972 1972Butina ApS established in Copenhagen, DK 1982 1982Butina ApS established in Holbaek, Denmark with own production facilities 1988 1988Milestone - 100 CO 2 -systems in operation 1999 1999CO 2 stunning re-introduced in USA by Butina

20 Butina - Company More than 30 years of experience Privately owned Loacted in Denmark 60 employees +60 million DKK in Revenue 95% export

21 Butina - Idea Butina designs, manufactures and installs advanced CO2 group stunning systems for pigs, improving our customers competitiveness. Butina wants to deliver leading edge technology in cooperation with customers and research institutes.

22 Testimonials... ”This system has done everything we wanted...we’re convinced that the benefits of better handling, improved color and overall better quality are well worth it” David James, VP Operations PSF ”’s definitely a more humane way to handle the animals” Temple Grandin, Guru ”Even Temple Grandin, the foremost expert on animal handling systems says that CO 2 stunning has proven its value” ”Changing of the guard”, MMT August 2002 ”We thought about upgrades for the electric system, but out of all the Options, this one rose to the top...” Colette S. Kaster, VP Food Safety PSF

23 ”Stunning new technology” ”Changing of the guard” Butina – Video Sideloader Combi Backloader BL Backloader XL - Meat & Poultry Magazine, March 2000 - MMT, August 2002 - dual system, automatic inlet, sync. of discharge, shackling - pens, automatic pushers, inlet, discharge, shackling, sticking - runway, discharge, shackling, sticking

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