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11 Family Program Conference Domestic Operations Update BG Scott D. Legwold Director – Joint Staff.

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1 11 Family Program Conference Domestic Operations Update BG Scott D. Legwold Director – Joint Staff

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3 3 WING Resources Personnel –2,222 Air Force –7,961 Army –10,138 Total Facilities –69 Armories –11 Maintenance Shops (Army) –2 Army Aviation Support Facilities –4 Air Force Installations ~2,200 Full Time

4 4 National Guard - Background 4 9 to 24 Months 48 to 60 Months 3 to 24 Months Homeland Defense 50% Homeland Security 25% Mobilized & Deployed Forces Dual State / Federal Force Federal: Defend the U.S. State: Protect life and property Domestic Mission: On order of the Governor of Wisconsin, National Guard forces ordered to State Active Duty perform domestic operations in support of civil authorities. Pre- Mobilization Training 25%

5 5 JOC and the Joint Staff 5 Capability: Joint Operations Center (JOC) Mission: The Wisconsin JOC serves as the focal point for Wisconsin National Guard (WING) domestic operations by: –Maintaining situational awareness via Common Operational Picture (COP), –Serving as a centralized communications and coordination node, and –Providing a command and control platform for contingency response operations.


7 7 WING Capabilities – 54th CST 7 Capability: 54th Civil Support Team (CST) Mission: Support civil authorities at a domestic Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or high Explosives (CBRNE) incident site by: –Identifying CBRNE agents / substances, –Assessing current and projected consequences –Advising on response measures, and –Assisting with appropriate requests for support.

8 8 Past Operations Multiple CST Operations: Dalai Lama Visit (18 to 25 JUL 08) Harley-Davison 105th Anniversary (27 to 31 AUG 08) Republican National Convention (01 to 04 SEP 08) Presidential Campaign Support (15 OCT 08) USS Freedom Commissioning (07 to 08 NOV 08 ) 32d IBCT Send Off (17 FEB 09) Columbus Chemical Industries Fire (11 MAY 09) POTUS Visit (4 NOV 09) LaCrosse Response (1 MAR 10)

9 9 WING Capabilities – UH-60 9 Capability: UH-60 (Blackhawk) Mission: To provide a rapid aviation response to assist civil authorities in movement of personnel, damage assessment, search and rescue, and delivery of supplies during the response and recovery phase. –Lift (personnel and supplies) –Aerial Search and Rescue –AERO-MEDEVAC –Reconnaissance and assessment –Fire Suppression

10 10 WING Capabilities – RC-26B 10 Capability: RC-26B Aircraft Mission: Provide Incident Awareness and Assessment (IAA): –Fairchild SA-227 Metro 23; pressurized Twin Engine Turboprop –1200 NM Range –4 to 5 Hour Endurance –Pilot, Co-pilot and Mission System Operator (MSO) –Live Full-Motion Video (LFMV) downlink –Can be transmitted to JFHQ- WI and displayed in JOC or to forward located elements

11 11 Past Operations 09 SEP 08 to 19 SEP 08 Provided via EMAC: –35 personnel –1 x RC-26B Aircraft –2 x UH-60 ‘Blackhawk’ Aircraft –3 x UH-1 ‘Huey’ Aircraft Conducted Search and Rescue (SAR) and Incident Awareness and Assessment (IAA) operations Operation Southern Comfort (Hurricanes Ike & Gustov Response)

12 12 Past Operations 27 MAR 09 to 24 APR 09 Provided via FEMA MA and EMAC: –20 personnel –3 x UH-60 ‘Blackhawk’ Aircraft Conducted assessment flights, MEDEVAC support, personnel movement and the capability to operate using night vision. Operation Fargo (North Dakota Flooding)

13 13 WING Capabilities – 115th EOD 13 Capability: 115th Explosive Ordnance Disposal (115th EOD) Mission: Detect, identify, evaluate, render-safe, and dispose of foreign and domestic conventional, nuclear, biological and chemical unexploded ordnance (UXO) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). –Respond to military aircraft emergencies/crash recoveries –Assist local agencies in situations involving military ordnance

14 14 Past Operations Multiple EOD Responses: Oshkosh, WI (09 JAN 09) –Hand Grenades Mequon, WI (23 MAR 09) –57mm Projectiles (anti-tank) Baraboo, WI (13 JUN 09) –10 inch Cannonballs / 81 mm mortar LaCrosse, WI (31 AUG 09) –JATO bottles Ft. McCoy, WI (13 OCT 09) –155mm Projectile (artillery) Ft. McCoy, WI (09 NOV 09) –155mm Projectile (artillery)

15 15 Operation Spring Storm I (Spring 2008 Flooding) 05 JUN 08 to 21 JUL 08 Executed over 70 Missions: –26 Incident Aerial Assessment (IAA) missions –3 Evacuation missions –11 Security missions –13 Logistical Support Missions –7 Debris Removal missions –7 Engineer Support missions –3 Water Pumping missions –1 Power Generation mission Over 300 personnel participated


17 17 Operation Kentucky Windage (Kentucky Ice Storm 2009) 05 FEB 09 to 12 FEB 09 Provided via EMAC: –51 pesonnel –12 x Dump Trucks –5 x Loaders –Associated support vehicles and equipment Conducted debris removal operations in Dixon, KY

18 18 WING Capabilities – NGRF 18 Capability: National Guard Reaction Force (NGRF) Mission: The WING organizes and maintains an NGRF to support domestic operations in both WI and CONUS to ensure both the Governor of Wisconsin and Commander, USNORTHCOM have a flexible all-hazards response force. –Ready Reaction Force (RRF): 125 personnel ready to deploy from a designated location within 4 hours –Follow-on Force: 375 personnel ready to deploy from a designated location within 24 hours




22 22 SPP Senior Leader Visit: 1-4 DEC 2009

23 23 Peace Square: Monument to the Disarmament of Nicaragua 1994: Peace agreement signed by President Violeta Chamorro ending an uprising of violence A weapons buy-back campaign collected thousands of arms from former Contras Weapons were destroyed and placed in concrete at a park in Managua

24 24 Peace Square: Monument to the Disarmament of Nicaragua Small ArmsNicaraguaHondurasTotal Heavy Machine Guns14,40851214,290 Mortars224 Grenade Launchers10628134 Grenades1,182831,265 Mines7405701,310 Missiles1344138

25 25 Peace Square: Monument to the Disarmament of Nicaragua

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28 28 The Adjutant General’s Intent Maintain a 24/7 Joint Operation Center (JOC) to provide a Common Operating Picture (COP) Anticipate potential emergencies and lean forward by issuing warning orders to the staff and commands Direct the swift deployment of forces for incident response when appropriate Work closely with incident commanders on site to assist them to the fullest extent possible We will not require local resources to be exhausted before we stage for an appropriate response Commands will emphasize risk management to ensure Wisconsin Soldiers and Airmen safely perform their missions

29 29 The Adjutant General’s Intent (cont) Our purpose is to support the citizens of Wisconsin. The citizens expect to see the National Guard in times of need. We will use Public Affairs to ensure the public that we are ready, willing, and able to respond.

30 30 WING Capabilities – 54th CST 30 UCS GATOR ADVONOPS MED SURVEY 54th CST – Vehicles / Equipment


32 32 WING Capabilities – NGRF NGRF Non-Lethal Capabilities X26 Taser Data Download Unit 6 Mk-9 Disperser Pouches 6 Mk-4 Disperser Pouches24 X26 Taser Holster10 Ballistic Shin Guards3 Ballistic Body Shield1 Ballistic Face Shield1 Non-Ballistic Riot Shin Guards30 Non-Ballistic Riot Body Shield15 Non-Ballistic Riot Face Shield30 Protective Equipment Taser 21’ Simulation Cartridge100 Taser Demo Cartridge Training2 Mk-9 Inert Training Dispenser15 Mk-4 Inert Training Dispenser15 Flex Cuff Training Devices30 Training Batons10 Strike Pads10 Riot Control Suit (FIST)1 Training Devices QUADCON Container1 Enhancement Devices Mk-9 OC Dispersers6 Mk-4 OC Dispersers24 Oleoresin Capsicum Dispersers Taser 25’ cartridge450 X26 Taser10 Family of Electronic Stun Devices Flex Cuff Cutters6 Flex Cuffs300 Family of Restraint Systems Riot Control Baton30 Counter Personnel




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