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Teaching Progression and Drills for Blocking and Tackling

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1 Teaching Progression and Drills for Blocking and Tackling
Dave DeJaegher - Alleman High School

2 Fundamentals Win. Football is two things: Blocking and Tackling. I don’t care anything about formations or new offenses or tricks on defense. If you block and tackle better than the team you are playing, you win. - Vince Lombardi

3 3 skills we teach daily: Blocking Block Protection Tackling
* super important that we don’t compromise practice time on teaching these skills

4 In Order to Improve Make it a top priority
Need to dedicate necessary practice time Takes the commitment of the entire coaching staff Emphasize high repetition & technique over live blocking & tackling

5 Goals Improve Player Safety Improve Players’ Skills & Confidence
Improve your football team and program In order to achieve these goals it is super important to strike the proper balance of practice tempo to game speed

6 With all 3 skills we teach the same 4 concepts:
Stance & Pre-Snap Communication Footwork (heavy emphasis on first 2 steps) Leverage (proper shoulder to hip relationship) Finish (leg drive)

7 BLOCKING (Teach Shoulder Block in Our Program)
Stance & Communication Base/Set Position/Down Position/Line Calls Footwork (First two steps critical) 1st Step = 6” Play-Side Step (Goal=head play-side) 2nd Step = Power Step (Shoulder/Leg Concept) Leverage Proper Shoulder to Hip Relationship to Achieve a Power Angle Finish Leg Drive (Feet Separated for Good Base)

8 Base Set Position Down Position

9 Footwork Play-side Step – 6”/45 degree directional step, enable the player to position his head play-side on the defender

10 Power Step – drive into the defender with a power step & a shoulder/forearm combo, put the defender back on his heels, head has to get play-side, steer the defender away from the play with off-hand.

11 Shoulder-to-Hip Relationship
Leverage Incorrect Correct form Shoulder-to-Hip Relationship Incorrect

12 Finish Feet separated, good base, drive the defender off the ball!!

13 Leg Drive Correct – feet apart, wide base
Incorrect – feet too close together

14 Blocking Practice Drills
Chutes & Boards Crowther Sled Routine 7-Man One on One Live Backside Scoop Pass Blocking Routine

15 Practice Routine Monday Hand out blocking sheets and agilities 7-man
Pre-practice Fundamentals Group Time Team Monday Hand out blocking sheets and agilities 7-man Intro opponent Tuesday Work on trap and veer steps Chutes/ Crowther routines Play review Script Wednesday Work on combo blocks and midline steps Pass blocking routine Pass blocking with backs, goal line run fits

16 Troubleshooting Blocking Problems
Assignment Overload Bad Stance (need air under your heels) Slow off the Ball (getting off the ball is #1 priority) Poor Footwork (review the first 2 steps) Poor Leverage (hips too high or low) No Finish! (feet stop after contact)

17 BLOCK PROTECTION Before the defensive player can make a tackle he first must deal with the man assigned to block him Most underrated, under-coached, and most important skill a defensive player can have

18 3 Main Points of Emphasis of Block Protection
Diagnose the Play (pre and post snap) Attack the Blocker Separate yourself from the Blocker

19 Block Protection Stance & Communication Leverage Finish Footwork
Align Properly/Good FB Position/Eyes on Read Key Footwork React to Read Key/Attack the Blocker/Split Defender(2/3) Leverage Front 5 attack with their hands with power step and lockout LBs attack with a shoulder/forearm combo with power step Finish Either - Jam Offensive player into hole, push/pull release, shed defender with off hand, or rip and release

20 Attitude for Block Protection
Attack and Stun the Offensive Player Get off the block and get to the football The blocker is an obstacle on your way to the football Don’t play the blocker – play through the blocker

21 TACKLING Definition – Defensive player winning the desired collision between himself and the ball carrier Safety is the #1 Priority Build your players confidence in his tackling ability Mentality- “Be the Hammer and not the Nail”

22 Approach Breakdown Contact ABC’s of Tackling
Transition from your FB position (stance) and close the distance between you and the ball carrier (Pursuit) Breakdown Gather momentum & get back to good FB position (hips flexed in a good power position) Contact Correct head placement (Bite the FB), Power step with simultaneous contact with the top of the shoulder, wrap up the ball carrier, and run through the tackle

23 Block Protection & Tackling Practice Drills (Emphasis on Repetition, Form, & Safety)
Program Form Tackling Circuit Goal = 8-10 Form Tackles reps per player in 10 Minute Period Shed & Tackle Circuit Goal = 4 Block Protections reps & 6 Form Tackle reps per player Sideline Pursuit & Angle Tackles (4 reps-2each direction) Bear & Tiger Drill (12 block protect reps & 6 tackle reps per player) 7 Man Machine Gun Block Protection (14 reps per player) 1 Man Form Tackling Routine (4-6 reps per player) Mirror Pursuit Drill (multiple transitions of shuffle to sprint)

24 Contact Information Dave DeJaegher Alleman High School th Street Rock Island, Illinois 61201 (309)

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