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Doro ip700wifi. business electronics Doro ip700wifi : the new doro wifi business phone Cordless phone connected to your WLAN or Wi-Fi and your SIP telephony.

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1 Doro ip700wifi

2 business electronics Doro ip700wifi : the new doro wifi business phone Cordless phone connected to your WLAN or Wi-Fi and your SIP telephony set-up Low cost communication Extra slim handset Easy roaming through registered Wi-Fi networks Multiple SIP/VoIP accounts

3 business electronics SIP telephony: the benefits Free or very low cost calls International calls at local rates You can get a Local telephone number in different countries, independantly from where you live Good sound quality Only computer network required, no separate phone lines needed

4 business electronics Doro ip700wifi for multi-sites companies You can be reached at any place where you have a Wi-Fi network Internal calls could be made within a SIP enabled PBX, independent of location and country only an available Wi-Fi access point needed. PSTN Main site SIP server Remote site

5 business electronics Doro ip700wifi for small companies Small companies having: –installed any Wi-Fi router: Netgear, Linksys, D-Link Doro ip500pbx –And subscription at a sip telephony provider Phonesystems in France CallCentric in the US Sipgate in UK Call4less in Belgium –Are ready to move into cordless VoIP telephony with ip700wifi

6 business electronics Doro ip700wifi set-up: individual user set-up The individual user needs to set the following parameters: –The Wi-Fi networks parameters (up to 4 networks)‏ SSID and WPA key or equivalent –The sip user accounts parameters (up to 3 accounts)‏ SIP server domain User name Password And he can set some individual provisions regarding calls, like: Call Forward unconditional Call Forwarding at busy Call Forwarding at No Answer

7 business electronics Wlan set-up

8 business electronics SIP account set-up

9 business electronics Doro ip700wifi: offer to Boingo users We have a software for the Doro ip700wifi to download for use with Boingo. –The software adds a screen for the user to set username and password. Boingo is a worldwide WiFi access point (hotspot) provider with over 100000 hot spots available. For example there are 11300 hotspots in France available by Boingo (as per 2008-04-02). –Please find more information about Boingo here: –

10 business electronics Doro ip700wifi Convenient setup by Web interface

11 business electronics Doro ip700wifi : specific issues Talk and stand-by time –In order to have a longer talk time and stand-by time than competition, we have an extra capacity battery. –As a launch offer, we add an extra slim battery in the box Range: –If the company is equipped with a multicell WLAN (with same SSID) coverage can be as large as the company with roaming and hand-over. –In case of mono-cell Wi-Fi router, range can be from 100 to 300m in open field depending on the quality of the base and 30 to 100 meters indoor. When to advise Wifi vs Dect: –If a WLAN exists, no dect coverage is present and not too many users: Wifi –When roaming is appreciated: Wifi –When multiple account is –Until we have sip dect ;-)‏

12 business electronics Doro ip700wifi – Red text points out what is superior Support Wi-Fi Infrastructure / Ad-Hoc mode with security encryption One touch Site Survey Multiple WLAN configuration storage Auto logon WLAN on pre-set priority Multiple SIP user configuration storage Internal Phonebook Call Forward, Call Waiting, Speed Dial Seamless AP call hand-over within same SSID OTA Firmware upgrade Features English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Dutch, Português, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Hungarian Language NTP Time SynchronizationDate & Time 1.5' color displayDisplay 550mAh battery: (ultra slim, accessory or for specific order)‏ 40 hours standby time 2 hours talk time 900mAh battery: 80 hours standby time 4 hours talk time Compliance with IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless StandardWireless Support SIP v2 StandardsVoIP Protocol FCC, CECertification 550 or 900mAh Li-Polymer BatteryPower 69gUnit Weight 44 x 109 x 14.8mmDimensions

13 business electronics Doro ip700wifi – Feature list Travel charger (EU and UK plug)‏ Backlit display OS: Linux version 2.4.20 (μcLinux)‏ Software B096-009-V1.0 SIP (RFC 3261)‏ MD5 Authentication for SIP Static IP / DHCP Media Transport: RTP Web configuration 2 Lines (Concurrent Calls)‏ Call hold feature Missed Calls/ Received Calls/ Dialled Calls History Call Forward (Unconditional, Busy, No Answer)‏ Direct IP-call Multi language Colour display 1.5’’ CSTN 64k 100 positions phone book Speed dialling (9)‏ Adjustable ringer Vibrating alert Clock, NTP or built-in Call timer Headset outlet (2,5mm)‏ Language selection Caller ID Call waiting Redial Seamless AP call hand-over within same SSID (fast roaming with 300ms switching time for WEP/WPA disabled, fast roaming with 1.8 sec switching time for WEP/WPA enabled)‏ Audio codec: G711a, G711u, G729a Comfort noise generation Voice activity detection Adjustable jitter buffer WLAN/Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g One touch site survey Auto logon WLAN on pre-set priority Security encryption Multiple WLAN and SIP (RFC326) user configuration storage STUN RTP DNS Software upgrade via Wi-Fi 8-ohm speaker 32-ohm dynamic receiver 64/128-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)‏ Infrastructure Mode Support & Ad Hoc Mode Support WPA –PSK Auto WiFi AP Discovery, Admission and Association Site Survey Total boot up time60 s AP connection time5-10 s AP connection time With WEP ~10s Power off time~3s 900mAh battery (4 hours operation and 80 hours stand by) * 550mAh slim battery, optional (2 hours operation and 40 hours stand by) * * Battery consumption is depending on the network and SIP-server conditions

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