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Doro ip700wifi. business electronics Doro ip700wifi : the new doro wifi business phone Cordless phone connected to your WLAN or Wi-Fi and your SIP telephony.

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1 Doro ip700wifi

2 business electronics Doro ip700wifi : the new doro wifi business phone Cordless phone connected to your WLAN or Wi-Fi and your SIP telephony set-up Low cost communication Extra slim handset Easy roaming through registered Wi-Fi networks Multiple SIP/VoIP accounts

3 business electronics SIP telephony: the benefits Free or very low cost calls International calls at local rates You can get a Local telephone number in different countries, independantly from where you live Good sound quality Only computer network required, no separate phone lines needed

4 business electronics Doro ip700wifi for multi-sites companies You can be reached at any place where you have a Wi-Fi network Internal calls could be made within a SIP enabled PBX, independent of location and country only an available Wi-Fi access point needed. PSTN Main site SIP server Remote site

5 business electronics Doro ip700wifi for small companies Small companies having: –installed any Wi-Fi router: Netgear, Linksys, D-Link Doro ip500pbx –And subscription at a sip telephony provider Phonesystems in France CallCentric in the US Sipgate in UK Call4less in Belgium –Are ready to move into cordless VoIP telephony with ip700wifi

6 business electronics Doro ip700wifi set-up: individual user set-up The individual user needs to set the following parameters: –The Wi-Fi networks parameters (up to 4 networks)‏ SSID and WPA key or equivalent –The sip user accounts parameters (up to 3 accounts)‏ SIP server domain User name Password And he can set some individual provisions regarding calls, like: Call Forward unconditional Call Forwarding at busy Call Forwarding at No Answer

7 business electronics Wlan set-up

8 business electronics SIP account set-up

9 business electronics Doro ip700wifi: offer to Boingo users We have a software for the Doro ip700wifi to download for use with Boingo. –The software adds a screen for the user to set username and password. Boingo is a worldwide WiFi access point (hotspot) provider with over hot spots available. For example there are hotspots in France available by Boingo (as per ). –Please find more information about Boingo here: –

10 business electronics Doro ip700wifi Convenient setup by Web interface

11 business electronics Doro ip700wifi : specific issues Talk and stand-by time –In order to have a longer talk time and stand-by time than competition, we have an extra capacity battery. –As a launch offer, we add an extra slim battery in the box Range: –If the company is equipped with a multicell WLAN (with same SSID) coverage can be as large as the company with roaming and hand-over. –In case of mono-cell Wi-Fi router, range can be from 100 to 300m in open field depending on the quality of the base and 30 to 100 meters indoor. When to advise Wifi vs Dect: –If a WLAN exists, no dect coverage is present and not too many users: Wifi –When roaming is appreciated: Wifi –When multiple account is –Until we have sip dect ;-)‏

12 business electronics Doro ip700wifi – Red text points out what is superior Support Wi-Fi Infrastructure / Ad-Hoc mode with security encryption One touch Site Survey Multiple WLAN configuration storage Auto logon WLAN on pre-set priority Multiple SIP user configuration storage Internal Phonebook Call Forward, Call Waiting, Speed Dial Seamless AP call hand-over within same SSID OTA Firmware upgrade Features English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Dutch, Português, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Hungarian Language NTP Time SynchronizationDate & Time 1.5' color displayDisplay 550mAh battery: (ultra slim, accessory or for specific order)‏ 40 hours standby time 2 hours talk time 900mAh battery: 80 hours standby time 4 hours talk time Compliance with IEEE b/g Wireless StandardWireless Support SIP v2 StandardsVoIP Protocol FCC, CECertification 550 or 900mAh Li-Polymer BatteryPower 69gUnit Weight 44 x 109 x 14.8mmDimensions

13 business electronics Doro ip700wifi – Feature list Travel charger (EU and UK plug)‏ Backlit display OS: Linux version (μcLinux)‏ Software B V1.0 SIP (RFC 3261)‏ MD5 Authentication for SIP Static IP / DHCP Media Transport: RTP Web configuration 2 Lines (Concurrent Calls)‏ Call hold feature Missed Calls/ Received Calls/ Dialled Calls History Call Forward (Unconditional, Busy, No Answer)‏ Direct IP-call Multi language Colour display 1.5’’ CSTN 64k 100 positions phone book Speed dialling (9)‏ Adjustable ringer Vibrating alert Clock, NTP or built-in Call timer Headset outlet (2,5mm)‏ Language selection Caller ID Call waiting Redial Seamless AP call hand-over within same SSID (fast roaming with 300ms switching time for WEP/WPA disabled, fast roaming with 1.8 sec switching time for WEP/WPA enabled)‏ Audio codec: G711a, G711u, G729a Comfort noise generation Voice activity detection Adjustable jitter buffer WLAN/Wi-Fi IEEE b/g One touch site survey Auto logon WLAN on pre-set priority Security encryption Multiple WLAN and SIP (RFC326) user configuration storage STUN RTP DNS Software upgrade via Wi-Fi 8-ohm speaker 32-ohm dynamic receiver 64/128-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)‏ Infrastructure Mode Support & Ad Hoc Mode Support WPA –PSK Auto WiFi AP Discovery, Admission and Association Site Survey Total boot up time60 s AP connection time5-10 s AP connection time With WEP ~10s Power off time~3s 900mAh battery (4 hours operation and 80 hours stand by) * 550mAh slim battery, optional (2 hours operation and 40 hours stand by) * * Battery consumption is depending on the network and SIP-server conditions

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