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AGR 376-Meat Processing Technology

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1 AGR 376-Meat Processing Technology
Beef Slaughter Procedures and Carcass Identification Dr. Stanley F. Kelley Fall 2000

2 Captive Bolt Stun Gun

3 Stun site

4 Stun site

5 Sticking

6 Sticking severs Jugular Vein and Carotid Artery 3-3.5% of live wt.
is lost as blood Sticking severs Jugular Vein and Carotid Artery

7 Removal of head between the Atlas and Axis Vertebrae

8 Atlas joint

9 carpals and metacarpals
Fore shank- removed between carpals and metacarpals Hind shank- removed between tarsal and metatarsals

10 Cattle are laid in a cradle for skinning

11 Weasand Rod- used to separate the weasand from the Trachea

12 Rodding the weasand

13 Weasand: (esophagus) is striated muscle Trachea- notice the cartilage rings

14 prevent rumen contents
Weasand: is tied off to prevent rumen contents from contaminating the carcass

15 Sweet Bread: (Thymus Gland) located around the trachea and esophagus in the throat area

16 Bung Bunging: separates the rectum and colon from the pelvic cavity

17 Evisceration

18 Removing viscera


20 Trachea Lungs Heart Pluck

21 Lungs

22 Heart

23 Trachea

24 Splitting the carcass down the vertebral column allows for more rapid chilling and easier handling


26 Can you identify the four vertebral regions?

27 The four vertebral regions Sacral Lumbar Thoracic Cervical

28 Washing the carcass to remove contamination

29 Attachment site of penis
Pizzle Eye: Attachment site of penis

30 Gracilis Muscles Heifer: Bean-shaped Steer: Diamond-shaped

31 Cod Fat is lobular… “looks like grapes”

32 Udder fat is smooth

33 Cod Fat vs. Udder Fat Cod Udder

34 Can you identify the sex of this carcass?

35 -Bean-shaped Gracilis muscle
Aitch bone Heifer Carcass -Bean-shaped Gracilis muscle -Flat aitch bone -Udder fat Udder Fat

36 Can you identify the sex of this carcass?

37 -Diamond-shaped Gracilis muscle
Steer Carcass -Diamond-shaped Gracilis muscle -Pizzle Eye -Cod Fat Diamond shaped Gracilis muscle Pizzle Eye Curved Aitch Bone Lobular Cod Fat

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