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Listing and Marketing Consultation. Swap business cards – your eMail address?

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1 Listing and Marketing Consultation

2 Swap business cards – your eMail address?

3 We’ve been a ‘perfect-fit’ team of excellence… …SINCE 1979


5 Name: Team Smiley & Marlene Professional Designations: Member of the National Association of Realtors® Member of the Florida Association of Realtors® Member of the Greater Tampa Asc. of Realtors® ‘07 Founder/President of our local BNI chapter Education: Qualified as a Civil Engineer - 6 years. Started my Real Estate career in 1978 - Sold 99 properties in my record year. Did missionary work in-between - in several Southern African counties, Korea, Mauritius, crisscrossed the USA & Canada – moved to Tampa in 1994. Family: Born & raised in S.Africa - lived there for 40 years - we have 2 children. Languages: English, Afrikaans. Interests: Church, Health, Walking the dog, Gym, Golf, Computers, Web-sites. Client Testimonials: Read on my web-site... Our Biography



8 Highest Overall Satisfaction For Home Buyers Among National Full Service Real Estate Firms, Three Years in a Row…

9 The KELLER WILLIAMS ® Culture WIN-WIN… Or no deal INTEGRITY… Do the right thing COMMITMENT… In all things COMMUNICATION… Give regular feedback CREATIVITY… Ideas before results CUSTOMERS… Act in their best interests TEAMWORK… Together everyone achieves more TRUST… Starts with honesty SUCCESS… Achieving real time results Mark Willis President, Keller Williams Realty International

10 Key Objectives in Listing… PRICING… strategically pricing your home… TIMING… to sell in the desired time period… CONVENIENCE… maximizing convenience.

11 Where buyers are looking WHERE BUYERS “FIRST LEARNED“ ABOUT THE HOME THEY PURCHASED Compiled from a ‘National Association of Realtors’ survey.

12 The 3 Reasons A Home Sells… 

13 You have to separate yourself from the pack to ‘stand out’ ‘Home Staging’ always sells for top $$$, especially in a tough market

14 The 3 Reasons A Home Sells…  Negative

15 Most do the bare minimum, resulting in slapdash listings… …that have very little chance of being noticed and sold. So many of agents are GUILTY of this. ACTUAL & UNTAMPERED Computer Screen Snapshots 

16 Out of focus…

17 The apparent ‘Sliding House’…

18 The ‘Dark Looking House’…

19 The ‘Useless’ picture…

20 A ‘Desperate’ picture…

21 ‘Sun on the Wrong Side’…

22 The ‘Sideways Picture’…

23 The ‘Small Picture’ listing…

24 Not all Realtors are equal. A Top 5% recognize the importance of ‘Superior Internet Marketing’.

25 The 3 Reasons A Home Sells…  Positive

26 We Have a 21 Point Highly Successful Marketing Plan

27 We’ll make Your House ‘Stand Out’ with… …25 ‘eye-catching’ high quality pictures

28 2008 Survey… Approximately one-third of buyers who responded to a recent survey said they would eliminate homes they saw online if they had too few or poor quality PHOTOS. …my pictures…other realtors pics

29 How to catch a Realtors attention on the MLS?... (Realtors have BUYERS) …in their search for the right-fit home for their client

30 …with High Quality Pictures & Creative Descriptions…

31 With this ‘Poor Picture/No Description’ listing the property just sits on the market…

32 Only the top 5% of ‘Successful Realtors’ know how to ‘expertly market’ a home on the INTERNET…

33 Visual Tour link

34 Our 10 Favorite Features link

35 MLS Web- page link

36 link

37 Why Because consumers spend more TIME on

38 Smiley’s Real Estate Marketing web-sites…

39 Smiley’s z57 Marketing web-site…

40 Push Sales & Buyer Lead Generation


42 Furthermore, our unique KWLS will automatically post your home on these 11 ‘Real Estate’ web-sites

43 MLS, KWLS, Z57 & “’s enhanced service” will ensure your home is well placed on all popular search engines…

44 Every Wednesday I will eMail an internet traffic report to you...

45 The 3 Reasons A Home Sells… 

46 The Property Market follows the Mortgage Rates… …it lags behind ~ High MR=Buyers Market ~ Low MR=Sellers Market

47 Tampa ‘Market Trend’

48 Tampa ‘Market Gauge’

49 Market Spread Pending Sales for Brandon, Valrico, Lithia & Riverview


51 The Only Way to View Pricing and Staging

52 The Real Estate ‘Marketing & Number Crunching King’ has Accurately Analyzed the Market Value of your home…

53 A spreadsheet from the Number Crunching King

54 Selling Price vs Timing Timing is extremely important in the real estate market. A property attracts the most activity from the real estate community and potential buyers when it is first listed. It has the greatest opportunity to sell when it is new on the market. WEEKS ON MARKET ACTIVITYACTIVITY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

55 Competence breeds Confidence for Success Team Smiley & Marlene

56 Doing It Right First Time Saves Time, Money & Stress

57 This Top Realtor Team is Ready to go to Work for YOU TODAY!!

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