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2003 University Landscapers Managers Association January 21 - 23 FREDERICKSBURG, TX.

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2 2003 University Landscapers Managers Association January 21 - 23 FREDERICKSBURG, TX

3 Unsolicited advertisement


5 “Is this thing electric?”

6 The beginning of a romance?

7 “Well, my broker says…”

8 “Shouldn’t we pluck those chicken first?”

9 “I told them we should’ve plucked those chickens first”

10 Student orientation: hand-cuffed to a chair during Happy Hour.

11 “And the mushroom looked like WHAT!!?

12 Leo, what is 6” long, has 10 legs, and is banded yellow and black?

13 “I’m not sure, but I’m numb from the neck down”

14 “Well, when I was a kid…”

15 “Psst, don’t tell them I’m a student until after Happy Hour”

16 It’s just carrot juice, Mom!

17 Thanks Lois & Joyce

18 “Damn Feathers!”

19 Fajitas-R-Us

20 Brian Ashorn, a leader of men

21 “Yeah, saved us some money: got these gloves from my proctologist before we left town”

22 “I’m sorry, I don’t care if I do need to set an example; I’m not eating those fajitas”

23 “I’ll just delete these photos; Mike will never miss them”

24 Where’s the tree?

25 “I can’t believe that @%*#^~ deleted those photos”

26 We’re lost. Is this the ULMA Conference?

27 “Hey Guys, has anybody seen something yellow and black, about 6” long with 10 legs?” I’ve got to get it back to the lab”


29 Ladies and Gentleman, Sean Castillo & the Hubcaps




33 These guys are really good. All they need is to talk to my tailor”


35 “If you’re gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a tuba in the band” - Franz, The Sauerkrauts -






41 A possible career after retirement?

42 “I feel a back injury coming on.”

43 “Is this thing on?”

44 Jo Mascorro a.k.a. The Screaming Almond Mama “I said, get those hands up”

45 “and I told the TCEQ that I’d water whenever I %#@ well pleased”

46 “And the McDonalds menu of the day is...”

47 Be careful who you talk to, Ladies

48 “Is this the Banditos Wednesday Morning Poetry Reading?”

49 Pay attention up front, Janell!

50 Aren’t you glad you use Dial?

51 “O.K. ! So I used Irish Spring. What’s the difference?”

52 “Feelings, nothing more than feelings…”

53 Robert Atwood, The Sauerkrauts

54 “This should get them fired up”

55 Time to see the dentist

56 “Mike, are you blushing? … and, by the way, what are you doing later this evening?”

57 Gary Brooks, Bayer Environmental Science

58 Pris Files, TAMU Horticultural Gardens

59 “I wonder what Grandpa Ron sees in him?”

60 Anne Penney Newton; truly a breath of fresh air

61 Deer in the headlights

62 Ken Diehl, “Poopie” water expert, San Antonio Water System

63 “If elected, I promise a TCEQ approved gas can in every garage”

64 “Well, I sure as heck wouldn’t drink it”

65 Paul Cox, San Antonio Botanical Gardens

66 “Is that mushroom really named after me?”

67 “O’boy! Recognition at last.”

68 “And this years Lost Sheep Award goes to …”

69 Guilty as charged

70 “Is this the Banditos Poetry Reading?”

71 Wilderness Essentials

72 Something to wash down the Golden-Cheeked Warbler

73 Bill Welch, TAMU Extension Service

74 “HANDS UP? Hey, wait a minute, these aren’t my notes”

75 “And this years Swimsuit Competition Winner is a tie between …”

76 “Tony Poncik & Lance Craig! Congratulations Gentlemen on an outstanding performance.”

77 Calvin Finch, San Antonio Water System

78 “And now, in order to fund next years conference, Brad will pass the plate.”

79 “Can I get an Amen?”

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