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The Road Ahead Partner Meet Sanjay Mehta CEO MAIA Intelligence.

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1 The Road Ahead Partner Meet Sanjay Mehta CEO MAIA Intelligence

2 What we did till now ?






8 Partner Relationship & Engagement

9 Path To Success

10 How we bridge the gap between what is happening and what is possible is what change is all about The Change Journey

11 Team and Synchronization Soccer Video It shows that a successful goal only happens with right kind of support of passes. Soccer is a great game teach us how a team wins to play together How right opportunities to create goals are created with team efforts How the defense-back office is important so that frontline sales can hit the goals We at MAIA believe and have laid foundation of strong team building partnership with our partners

12 Why as a partner am I here? I want growth for my business I want to make most out of BI opportunity I want to utilize my resources and contacts I want to be in enterprise business I want to be recognized in the IT industry I want to be a global player I want to have great consulting revenues I want to get in to exponentially growing area

13 Partner Challenges Help me drive my business Process is not consistent Business planning should not be a once yearly event Regular business plan reviews are not happening consistently MAIA planning is different than ours MAIA does not understand our business Your marketing strategy doesn’t always match our offerings Too many points of contact, duplication

14 How do your services and solutions generate sales Of 1KEY BI licenses? You need to spell it out…with a number. Often a necessary first step is to validate the success of your solutions – demonstrate customer wins, develop case studies – but first and foremost, develop solid working relationships with MAIA. Remember what MAIA seeks most from its partners? Expertise, quality and energy. MAIA is a product-centric, customer-focused, partner-driven company.

15 Avoid common pitfalls: Do not tell MAIA or Customers you can do it all. Specialization, accountability and expert delivery are core to your success. Do not be just another XYZ. Your firm needs to stand out, be differentiated and be known for its particular skills, successes and contributions to your bottom line. Do not spread your messaging in too many markets. Do not change your messaging to MAIA team too often. Remain consistent in your messaging to MAIA and in your delivery of results based on your messaging. Do not burn bridges. Work constructively to resolve any issues that may arise. Common courtesy goes a long way in working with MAIA. Do not have uneducated representatives in your firm and, if you do, never let them represent your firm to MAIA & customer. Partnering with MAIA can be difficult, like warfare, and it can seem easy, too, as in times of peace; the strongest partners are those who properly assess their firms’ situations and know the culture, strategy, organization and modes of engagement with MAIA.

16 Stages of Transition T I M E P E R F O R M A N C E DENIAL RESISTANCE ACCEPTANCE EXPLORATION COMMITMENT WHAT YOU SEE: Openly criticises change Challenges the facts Blames others for the situation Disagrees with proposed change Frustrated Angry Withdrawn WHAT YOU SEE: Acknowledges change is happening Seeks to understand change Anxious Confused Guilty Worried WHAT YOU SEE: Acknowledges the value of change Optimistic about the future Seeks opportunities to improve Prepared to take risks Asks questions to increase understanding WHAT YOU SEE: Takes ownership for change Drives change Energised Confident Fully focused Effortless performance WHAT YOU SEE: Oblivious to the need for change Denies change will happen Places responsibility elsewhere Explains away the situation Creates an overly positive picture Avoids action DIRECTIVE EMPATHETIC SUPPORTIVE ENCOURAGING FACILITATIVE Stages of Partnership

17 Few Statistics & Details On BI market



20 MAIA Investments by Dec 2008 9 Crore in Marketing 9 Crore in RnD and Product Development 18 Months Target No. 1 BI Vendor in India by customers No. 1 BI Vendor by no. of users in world

21 MAIA Super Heroes

22 Piyush Mehta - Director Vikram Kole - Head Marketing

23 Hiten Rathod - Head Alliances Vipul Mehta - Head Operations

24 Jigisha Sanghvi - Head Product Amit Mehendale - Head Delivery



27 Closing thought… “If you always do what you do, you will always get what you have got”

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