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Background: Upon dissolution of Malayan Union, a new constitution was drafted and came into effect :- 1st February 1948-Federation of Malaya Constitution with a British High Commissioner placed as highest administrator Include the preparation of self-rule The first election held in 1955 and Tungku become the first PM

2 A meeting held in London attended by Tungku Abdul Rahman decided to from the Reid Commission headed by Lord Reid to draw a new constitution for independent The commission consist of expert from UK, Australia, India and Pakistan Draft accepted and declared as Constitution of Federation of Malaya on 31/8/1957

3 After 6 years, Singapore, Sabah & Sarawak joined with Malaya to become Malaysia
Cobbold Commission was set up to examine the reaction of people of Sabah Sarawak- after confirmation, drafting started Wef 16/9/1963 – Constitution of Malaysia Reasons behind forming of Malaysia was :- The threat of communist Racial imbalance Independence of Singapore, Sabah & Sarawak Economic corporation

4 In Singapore , Lee Kuan Yew conducted referendum and shows 70% supported
Brunei-large number objected Brunei back off last minute following an armed revolt staged by Brunei Parti Rakyat and decided not to proceed to avoid reoccurence In 9/8/1965- Singapore withdrew Philippines objected and claimed Sabah & Sarawak were part of them Indonesia protested and launched confrontation but it came to an end when took over by Sukarno 1965

5 Superiority of the Constitution
It is permanently supreme Any other law cannot go against the Federal Constitution Court guard the supremacy of the law Its alive and functions all the time Requires 2/3 vote to amend (Article 159 & 161E) Contains 183 articles and 13 Schedules

6 Content Language – Article 152- Bahasa Malaysia
- cannot be hindered from using other languages - has right to maintain the language of others Religion - Article 3 (1) - Islam as official religion but others can practice their own and Sultan will be the head (5) -YDPA-head of religion

7 It also contains:- Law making power :- Ninth Schedule
- Federal List (List I) :- education, finance, defence, internal security (major issues) State List (List II):- tourism, land matters, drainage, traffic, state holidays,etc Concurrent List (List III):- tourism and other common issues eg. Culture, social welfare, town and country planning, drainage

8 Fundamental liberties
Article 5 Individual freedom- no one can be deprived of his life or his freedom except according with the law -Article 6 -Slavery and forced labour prohibited Article 7 Protection against retrospective criminal law and repeated trial Article 8 Equal protection of the law Article 9 Prohibition against banishment and freedom of movement.

9 Article 10 Freedom of speech, assembly and association Article 11 Freedom of religion Article 12 Rights in respect of education Article 13 -Rights to property

10 citizenship Part III Acquisition of citizenship-Article 14 – 22
Enforcement of law (14) Registration (15-18) Naturalisation(19) Merging of territory (22) Termination Article – 23 to 28 -renunciation -Revocation

11 Special rights of a citizen
- vote -fundamental liberties -education -medical - provisions for the poor -govt scolarship

12 Enforcement of law Born between Malaysia day and Merdeka but with either parent is a citizen or PR of Federation After Malaysia day can become citizen if:- - either parents citizen - either parents PR - at the time of birth not citizen of any other country

13 Registration Wife and children of citizen
Below 21 but father and mother is a citizen Born in Federation before merdeka Born in Sabah and Sarawak before Malaysia day

14 Naturalisation- not born in Malaysia
21 years with either parents a citizen Live in Malaysia at least 10 years Have intention to live permenantly Good conduct Sufficient knowledge of BM

15 Merging of territory Article22 of the Federal Constitutions provides if a new territory is accepted into the Federation, the Govt will determine the citizenship of the people within the territory

16 Revocation Renunciation – giving it up Termination :-
becomes citizen of another country Enjoy rights and facilities of another country only given to citizen A woman becomes citizen of another country through marriage No longer loyal to Malaysia Has business or ties with a hostile country Within 5 years after becoming citizen was sentence to jail for not less than 12 months and fine not less 5k Gives services to another country without permission Lives continuously in another country for more thn 5 years Citizenship falsely obtained If woman acquired through marriage is divorced

17 Others YDPA- Article 32- 37 Conferences of rulers - A 38
The Executive - A C The Legislative – A Legislative procedure – A66-69 The judiciary -A A

18 Special rights of citizen
Right to vote Right to take active part in politics Right to fill post for citizens only Free to own landed property Welfare benefits and educations Freedom of movement within Malaysia Right not to be exiled Medical benefits

19 National language Article 152 – national language
Bahasa Malaysia but no one can be restrained from using or teaching or learning other language used for official purposes Status of BM cannot be questioned

20 Special rights Sec 153 – special rights to Bumiputra and malays
-special rights as to public service, scholarship, education Responsibility of YDPA to preserve the special rights

21 Election Article Presence only in a democratic country- for the people to give mandate and pick their own govt Types:- General election- after dissolution of Parliament and State Legislative Assembly By –election – when seat is vacated by death or resignation or being disqualified or technical problem during election Local Government Election

22 General election Held every 5 years
YDPA must dissolve Parliament first on request of the PM Election held within 60 days in Sem. Msia and 90 days in Sabah & Sarawak Everyone have the right to choose candidate

23 Who can vote Age 21 Resides in election division @ absentee voter
Name in electoral list Of sound mind Not guilty and imposed with death sentence or jail exceeding 12 months in any Commonwealth country

24 Election commission Draw up electoral constituent
Prepare and check voters list Manage election process Vote and Balloting After 3-8 weeks after nomination day Formula- one vote for one candidate

25 What may disqualify a person as candidate in general election
Unsound mind Bankrupt Hold salaried post Failed to sent statement of expenses within 33 days after result Found guilty of criminal offence Obtains foreign citizenship Guilty of offences related to election


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