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Sacrifice By Ben Pazol Wyatt Vaughn Jonathan Tesfaye Miller Kettle and Big Foot Productions.

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1 Sacrifice By Ben Pazol Wyatt Vaughn Jonathan Tesfaye Miller Kettle and Big Foot Productions

2 Part One: Salem Witch Trials

3 How People Became Accused People started to become accused when some girls from Salem Village claimed to be tormented by witches. They would go around accusing people of being witches. If they went to another town and saw a witch at the foot and head of the bed they would stand up and if a person touched them and they stopped screaming out then they were a witch.

4 Punishments One of the punishments of being a witch was going to jail where you were chained to the wall and treated very harshly. The other punishment was being hung in the gallows till you died.

5 The Trials The people accused of being witches where held in jail until their trial. When they went to the trial they were asked if they were guilty or not-guilty. If you pleaded not-guilty then you were likely to die but if you pleaded guilty then you were thrown in jail. The trials were unfairly judged. The Magistrates and the people afflicted were the jurors.

6 Jail The jail in Salem Town was not very pleasant if you wanted room then you had to pay extra. You normally had to pay for your food. You were chained to the wall so you could not fly over the town and posses them.

7 Death Penalties and Guilty Pleaded Penalty Some of the death penalties were being hung on the gallows till you died, being squished between a pile of rocks and the ground, and drowning with a big stone tided to your neck. The guilty pleaded penalty was to go to jail and stay there the rest of your life.

8 Pop Quiz What was the punishment if you pleaded guilty? To go to jail till you die How did the people become accused? Some Girls claimed to be tormented by witches.

9 Pop Quiz What was the punishment if you pleaded not-guilty? Death Penalty What were the trials like? unfair judgment

10 Pop Quiz Where were people held until their trials? Jail When people were put on trial who were the jurors? The magistrates and the people afflicted

11 Part Two: Family History

12 Salem witch families had hard tasks through out the day to provide food for their family A little sickness of small pocks could kill the whole family, (most families were over protective) In a world a lot of people saw Satan moving behind every misfortune How did families provide food, clothing and shelter to all members of the family?

13 What was it like to be a child growing up during this time period? In 1692, children were expected to behave under the same hard code as the grown adults doing chores They are attending church services. Any show of emotion, such as excitement, fear, or anger, was not appreciated, and disobedience was a costly punishment Children rarely played toys and games because they were scarce and parents saw them as sinful

14 What differences were there between expectations for boys vs. girls? Unlike young girls, boys had a few qualities for their own imagination They often worked as apprentices outside the home, practicing skills such as carpentry, farm work, and crafts Boys were also allowed to explore the outdoors, hunting and fishing. On the other hand, girls were expected to tend to the house, helping their mother’s cook, wash, clean, and sew

15 How were children during this time period educated? Many children learned to read, but most houses owned only the Bible and other religious things including a few that described evil spirits and witch work in a lot of words There were a few books written for children, but these often warned about bad attitude and there was punishment.

16 Part Three: Religion

17 The Religion of Salem The Puritans were expected to live by a moral code They believed that all sins stealing murdering, should be punished by death The Puritans thought that Satan was as powerful as God. Church was the concentration of the 71th century.

18 The Religion of Salem One of the worst crimes was witchcraft, If you were accused by wicthcraft you would be put to death. Over100 alleged witches had been tried and hanged in England in the 1600s. Some other crimes were sleep in the church, steal, or steal food.

19 Religion of Salem The Puritans left England for religious tolerance. The Puritan lifestyle was restrained, the people were supposed to work hard and attend church, or there would be severe consequences. They believed that God would punish sin,

20 Part Four: History of Salem Village

21 History of Salem Village There were different divisions of families. There were divisions tied to wealth at the port of Salem and those who depended on agriculture. There were 2 clans of people called the Putmans and the Porters. They were competing for control of the village and the pulpit (a raised platform or stand used for preaching).

22 History of Salem Village Salem Village also was divided between people who wanted to separate from the village and those who didn’t. Salem was under British control because they were waiting for a new governor. But, when the new governor arrived, there were already a ton of people in jail after being accused of being witches. Having no governor impacted Salem because no one could restore order and get people to realize that killing people after accusing them of being witches was not right.

23 History of Salem Village Dorcas Good was the first child accused of witchcraft. She was put in jail for 8 months even though she was only 4 years old! She also watched her mom being carried off to the gallows to be killed because she was accused of being a witch. The girl then cried her eyes out and went insane. In all, 38 people died or were killed for being accused of witchcraft. Nineteen people were hung in 1692. One man was pressed to death when failing to plead guilty or not guilty. And, 19 others died in jail in 1692. A witch cake was made of rye meal mixed with urine from the person thought to be a witch. The cake was fed to a dog, and if the dog displayed actions similar to the accused witch, then the person was said to be bewitched.

24 Sources Salem Witch Trials: The World Behind the Hysteria provided by Discovery EducationSalem Witch Trials: The World Behind the Hysteria Famous American Trials: Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692 Important Persons in the Salem Court Records Words About the Word "Witch" Salem Witchcraft Hysteria Salem Witch Trials: A Chronology of Events The Events and Causes of the Salem Witch Trials Eyewitness to History: The Salem Witch Trials A Brief History of the Salem Witch Trials Wikipedia Article on the Salem Witch Trials

25 People Who Created This PPT Miller Jonathan Wyatt Ben Big Foot Productions

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