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Origins of World War I: Question of the Day

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1 Origins of World War I: Question of the Day
Daniel W. Blackmon IB HL History Coral Gables Sr. High School

2 Identifications of the Day
Alsace-Lorraine The Eastern Question Bosporus and Dardanelles Gen. Friedrich von Bernhardi Dual Alliance

3 Essay of the Day "Germany must bear the ultimate responsibility for the outbreak of the First World War." How far do you agree with this judgment? (1995) (HL)

4 Key Words “ultimate responsibility” “How far do you agree”
You must “assess / evaluate”

5 SFI: Germany is Guilty! Wilhelm II Alfred von Tirpitz Risk fleet
Two Power Standard Alsace-Lorraine Kruger Telegram

6 SFI: Germany is Guilty! Pan-German League Friedrich von Bernhardi
“A place in the sun” Dual Alliance Daily Telegraph interview First Moroccan Crisis

7 SFI: Germany is Guilty! Algeciras Conference Agadir Crisis
Haldane Mission The Blank Cheque The Schlieffen Plan Fritz Fischer

8 SFI: Germany is Not Guilty!
Eastern Question Pan-Slavism Dreikaiserbund Eastern Crisis Treaty of Berlin Franco-Russian Alliance

9 SFI: Germany is Not Guilty!
Bosnian Crisis First Balkan War Balkan League Second Balkan War Gavrilo Princip Archduke Franz Ferdinand

10 SFI: Germany is Not Guilty!
Harry Elmer Barnes Sidney Bradshaw Fay

11 Identifications of the Day
Risk fleet Two Power Standard Kruger Telegram HMS Dreadnought Entente Cordiale

12 Essay of the Day To what extent can it be said that the First World War was caused by the alliance system? [HL] [1999]

13 Essay of the Day “To what extent” “caused”
You must analyze, explain, and evaluate

14 SFI: Alliances Dual Alliance Triple Alliance Franco-Russian Alliance
Entente Cordiale

15 SFI: Alliances Balance of Power Realpolitik The German Question

16 SFI: Alternative Explanations
The Eastern Question Germany’s Will to Power

17 Identifications of the Day
Algeciras Conference Haldane Mission Bosnian Crisis First Balkan War Agadir Crisis

18 Essay of the Day "Wars may be started by a single incident. They are never caused by such an incident." With reference to any ONE twentieth century war show how far you agree with this statement. (1990) (HL)

19 Essay of the Day “started” “caused” “how far you agree”
You must analyze and evaluate

20 SFI: Alternate Explanations
The German Question The Eastern Question The Will to Power Sidney Fay Bradshaw Thesis

21 “The German Question” The creation of a powerful and united Germany upset the traditional balance of power in Europe, leading to World War I/. Donald Kagan tends to this view

22 “The Eastern Question”
The problem of rising nationalism in the decaying Ottoman and Austrian Empires led to World War I

23 “The Will to Power” Fritz Fischer– a variation of the German Question
Germany’s Will to Power—that is, aggressive policies—led to World War I

24 Sidney Bradshaw Fay Thesis
What miscalculations / failures Austria-Hungary Russia Germany France Great Britain

25 How would you develop a multi-causal explanation for the outbreak of World War I?
Rank the broad theories in descending order of importance.

26 Identifications of the Day
Archduke Franz Ferdinand the “blank checque” the Schlieffen Plan Harry Elmer Barnes Fritz Fischer

27 Essay of the Day "Wars are caused by miscalculations of the aggressor and the failure of politicians and diplomats to exercise crisis management." Discuss the validity of this statement with reference to ONE twentieth century war. (1993) (HL)

28 “caused” “miscalculations” “failure Crisis management” “Discuss the validity” You must analyze and evaluate

29 Word to the Wise! Are you prepared to write one of these essays?
Do you have a command of the SFI with which to support your arguments? Would Mr. Blackmon be so evil, wicked, mean, bad, and nasty as to make you write one of these??????

30 Stay Tuned! Same time Same station

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