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Lesson 11 Not Guilty.

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1 Lesson 11 Not Guilty

2 Text and language points
Customs Officers are quite tolerant these days, but they can still stop you when you are going through the Green Channel and have nothing to declare. Customs-n.(pl.)进口税, 海关 n.习惯, 风俗 local custom tolerant-adj.容忍的, 宽恕的 --be tolerant of [toward] 对...人能容忍[宽容] tolerance-n. 宽容, 忍受, 容忍 tolerate-vt.忍受, 容忍 --I can't tolerate your bad manners any longer. 我再也不能容忍你无礼的行为。 Green Channel --The English Channel Channel V

3 Customs Officers are quite tolerant these days, but they can still stop you when you are going through the Green Channel and have nothing to declare. declare -宣称,宣布 --declared war on drug dealing in the neighborhood. 向在邻近地段进行的毒品交易宣战 --declare sb. (to be) innocent 宣布某人无罪 (向海关)中报进口应纳税之货物 --Have you anything to declare? 你有东西要申报吗? (指应纳税的东西)

4 Even really honest people are often made to feel guilty
guilty-adj.自觉有罪的, 内疚的, 心虚的 --have a guilty conscience问心有愧; 做贼心虚 --guilty looks 内疚的神色 --He was found guilty of murder. --be guilty of cheating. 犯诈骗罪

5 The hardened professional smuggler, on the other hand, is never troubled by such feelings, even if he has five hundred gold watches hidden in his suitcase. Hardened=harden 变老练 + -ed harden--使经得起考验 on the other hand, on the one hand --On the one hand, I want to move to another place; on the other hand, I don’t want to lose my job here. trouble- vt.(使)烦恼 --be troubled with a cough 为咳嗽所苦恼

6 When I returned from abroad recently, a particularly officious young Customs Officer clearly regarded me as a smuggler. abroad-adv. 往国外, 到处, 海外 --go abroad home and abroad overseas-adj. adv. --return from overseas overseas students officious-adj.多管闲事的 official-官方的, official language smuggler-n. 走私者, 走私船, 走私犯 smuggle-v. 走私 smuggling

7 Would you mind unlocking this suitcase please?
The Officer unscrewed the cap and put the bottle to his nostrils. unlock= un+lock unscrew =un+screw unfold= un+fold undress=un+dress

8 The Officer went through the case with great care.
…when you are going through the Green Channel. go through-- 仔细检查, 搜查 --He went through his pocket looking for his key. All the things I had packed so carefully were soon in a dreadful mess. dreadful-adj.可怕的 -- a dreadful story [face, voice] 可怕的故事[脸、声音] mess-n. 混乱, 脏乱 --be in a mess 乱七八糟, 处境狼狈

9 Suddenly I saw the Officer’s face light up.
He had spotted a tiny bottle at the bottom of my case and he pounced on it with delight. pounce-猛扑,猛冲:突然跳起或突然袭击以抓住某人或某物: --a cat that pounced on a mouse. 猛地扑向老鼠的猫

10 “Perfume, eh? “ he asked sarcastically.
sarcastically-adv. 讽刺地, 辛辣地 --satirically, ironically Perfume is not exempt from import duty. exempt-v. 免除 --exempt sb. from service in the army 免除某人服兵役 adj.被免除的 duty-n. 税 --a duty-free shop

11 He was greeted by an unpleasant smell which convinced him that I was telling the truth.
--A din greeted our ears. 我们听到了一阵喧嚣 --His speech was greeted with cheers. 他的演说得到热烈的喝采。 convince-vt.使确信, 使信服 --I managed to convince him that the story was true. --I managed to convince them of the truth of the story. --We convinced Anne to go by train rather than plane. 我们说服了安妮放弃乘飞机而坐火车走。

12 Adverbs and prepositional phrase
I answered confidently. He asked sarcastically. I said encouragingly. I added with a smile (smilingly). He went through the case with great care (carefully) He pounced on it with delight (delightfully)

13 Questions and answers Pair work:
Ask your partner at least one question for each of the sentences in the text. Answer the questions that your partner asks you concerning the text.

14 Indirect speech Change all the direct speech of the text into the indirect speech.

15 Story telling Use the following words or phrases to make a story of your own. Tolerant—go through—declare guilty—trouble—suitcase—abroad regard…as—unlock—mess—light up bottle—strange—convince honest—look sb in the eye—delight import—spot—mixture--precious

16 vocabulary Troubled—upset, concerned Clearly—obviously Packed—put in
Dreadful—terrible Cap—top Nostril—nose Convinced--persuaded

17 tolerable-adj.可容忍的, 可以的
--The pain was severe, but tolerable.疼痛剧烈, 但尚能忍受。 placid-adj.平静的 --in a placid mood心平气和 easy-going--adj.随和的 negligent-adj.疏忽的, 粗心大意的 --be negligent of one‘s duties 玩忽职守

18 unashamed-问心无愧的;无愧的,毫无顾虑的
--lived in unashamed luxury.毫不顾忌地过着奢华的生活 guiltless--adj.无罪的, 无辜的

19 incomprehensible--adj.不能理解的
--incomprehensible jargon.难以理解的行话 incredible--adj.<口>难以置信的 --fight with incredible bravery以令人难以置信的勇气作战 incredulous--adj.怀疑的, 不轻信的 --incredulous of stories about flying saucers. 对有关飞碟的故事表示怀疑 sceptical--adj.怀疑论的, 怀疑的 --be sceptical about sth.对某事怀疑

20 casement--n.[建筑]窗扉

21 Story-making Use any of the details in the text as well as the one you invented and tell us a story about how you, as a smuggler, successfully escaped from the Customs Officer.

22 Key to exercises on Page 57
1—5 C C A D C 6—10 B A A C A] 11—12 D B

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