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CAE and Its Consultancy on Engineering Frontiers in China By Kang Jincheng Chinese Academy of Engineering 22 June 2006, Beijing.

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1 CAE and Its Consultancy on Engineering Frontiers in China By Kang Jincheng Chinese Academy of Engineering 22 June 2006, Beijing





6 Prof Xu Kuangdi, President 5 Vice Presidents Prof. Pan Yunhe computer application Prof. Xu Rigan reproductive biology Prof. Wu Hequan digital communications Prof. Du Xiangwan laser technology Prof. Liu Depei Medical research








14 Sectors Distribution of Members

15 Scholars and specialists with foreign citizenship who enjoy outstanding academic reputations worldwide and have made significant contributions to the development of China’s engineering science and technology are eligible for nomination and election as foreign members of CAE.

16 By 2006, CAE has 32 Foreign Members from France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Russia, Sweden, UK and USA, etc. In 2005, 6 new Foreign Members were elected


18 Basic Guidelines for Consultancy Engineering issues of vital importance Technical frontiers of engineering Sustainability Macro level research Strategic Integratedness Foresight and far-sightedness

19 Consultancy Projects 2002-2006 96 project altogether, with 79 completed 23 on contract, and 73 self organized 29 research reports to the State Council 15 research reports to relevant departments

20 Research projects ranging from equipment manufacturing, aeronautics and astronautics, information technology, energy, environment and ecology, metallurgy, petro-chemistry, materials, transportation, construction engineering, agriculture and forestry, medicine and health, and light industry and textiles, etc.

21 CAE members have participated in the formulation of the country’s 11th Five Year Plan of national economic and social development, as well as the mid and long-term science & tech development plan

22 Government leaders at various levels have attached great importance to CAE’s role in decision-making and consultancy services to the nation

23 Premier Wen Jiabao has himself attended 6 times to the hearings of CAE reports on major consultancy research projects and given a series of important instructions

24 Premier Wen’s compliments Focusing on issues of strategic importance and mobilizing expertise from various fields, CAE has undertaken cross-department and multi- disciplinary integrated studies for various levels of government in the process of decision-making. This is an effective form in promoting decision-making in a scientific and democratic approach.

25 Selected Consultancy Projects Study on Sustainable Water Allocation Strategy in Northwest and Northeast of China Science and Technology issues in China’s Manufacturing Industry Sustainable Oil and Gas Resources Supply Strategy for Securing China’s Sustainable Supply of Minerals Resources Facilitating the Development of Software Industry

26 Strategy Study on the Support System of China’s Information Network Study on Intellectual Property Policy of Biotechnology Strategy Study on Building a Conservation- Oriented Society in China Strategic Study on Sustainable Development of Urbanization in China Selected Consulting Projects

27 Research on the Development of Key Areas of High Technology in the 11th Five Year Plan Period Research on Issues of Key Importance in the 11th Five Year Plan Science and Technology Issues and Countermeasures on Counter-Terrorism in explosives, biological, chemical and nuclear and radioactive weapons Technological Strategies in Prevention of Coal Mine Accidents Selected Consulting Projects

28 Members’ Recommendations 66 altogether, ranging from various topics



31 29 Forums have been organized

32 International Cooperation

33 Became a member of International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technology Sciences (CAETS) in 1997 China-Japan-Korea Academies RTM Signed more than 23 agreements with sister academies of other countries Organized a number of International Conferences and academic events. International Cooperation

34 International Conference on Engineering and Technological Sciences (2000) International Rice Conference (2002) International Engineering Convention (2004) 2nd Global Meeting of IAMP/DCPP (2006) International Conference on Livestock Small Holders ( 2006) International Forum on the Globalisation of R&D

35 Cooperative Projects Private Car Development (CAE-NAE) Renewable Resources and Environmental Protection (CAE-IVA) Energy Efficient Technologies (CAE-Fraunhofer) Energy Saving in Housing and Transportation (CAE-France)

36 Engineering Sciences (Chinese and English Edition) Monthly journal of CAE, which is welcomed and positively appraised by the experts in engineering technology and scientific research institutions. Engineering Frontiers in China Series book published biennially, describing the latest progress of the most advanced engineering and technological sciences in China. CAE Newsletter A monthly publication

37 Thank you

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