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Agency with an External Evaluator Data Management Panel, JMATE 2006 Gillian Leichtling RMC Research Corporation.

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1 Agency with an External Evaluator Data Management Panel, JMATE 2006 Gillian Leichtling RMC Research Corporation

2 Project CHOICE- Portland, OR Effective Adolescent Treatment (EAT) grant, Cohort 1 – Treatment agency: LifeWorks Northwest – External evaluator: RMC Research Corporation

3 Secret to Success Strong on-site liaison within the agency key to overcoming challenges of an external evaluator. For Project CHOICE, designated follow-up interviewer fills this role, coordinating day-to- day data management tasks with evaluator/data manager.Project CHOICE

4 Benefits of On-Site Liaison Communicates with clinicians to help track down missing pieces of information for GRL, data problems in ABS. Communicates with external data manager about issues needing prompt attention or the involvement of clinical supervisor or project director.

5 Project CHOICE Data Management Activities

6 Ongoing Data Collection Support Weekly GAIN/ABS support phone conference for clinicians facilitated by data manager and GAIN trainer. – Occurs immediately after all-staff meetings – Convey reminders about current common errors – Communicate data collection/ instrument changes – Respond to staff questions and concerns

7 Ongoing Communication Data manager sends email summary of GAIN/ABS support call reminders to GAIN team (useful for absent clinicians). Data manager gives staff reminder of monthly data submission deadline for clinicians to get all GAINs completely entered and corrected. On-site liaison and data manager communicate virtually daily by email. Data manager maintains communication with IT staff (ABS administrator) about issues raised by staff.

8 Project Coordination Meetings Data manager participates in project meetings with project director, clinical supervisor, GAIN trainer, and on-site liaison/ follow-up interviewer. Meetings an opportunity to address problems with data flow, clinician supervision needs, and barriers.

9 GAIN Data Cleaning Clinicians work out of 4 sites; all study packets are couriered to one central site and housed there. Each paper GAIN is reviewed and tagged with corrections/ feedback.

10 GRL Maintenance Clinicians send intake study packets, TxSIs, and MET-CBT completion certificates to central site. On-site liaison enters info into GRL, following up with clinicians as needed. On-site liaison enters follow-up info into FUL. Data manager confers about coding choices, reviews GRL, and communicates with team about problems with data flow.

11 GPRA Data On-site liaison prints GPRA report for each GAIN-I and GAIN-M90 completed. Data manager picks up reports weekly for data entry. Data manager periodically checks GAIN-I and GAIN-M90 list from ABS against GPRA website.

12 GAIN Edits from Chestnut On-site liaison first looks at paper GAIN (often a simple data entry error) If correction is unclear, data manager communicates with clinician by email. Data manager makes corrections prior to data submission.

13 Monthly Data Submission Project CHOICE data manager: Enters GAIN edits corrections. Checks validity reports for new interviewers. Checks correspondence between GRL and ABS cases (all GAIN-I, M90, and TxSI need to appear in both GRL and ABS). Checks GRL for missing or inconsistent codes, dates. Uploads zipped data and GAIN edits reply to ftp site.

14 Project CHOICE Data Submission Challenges GAIN-I data from all clients (not just EAT evaluation participants) housed in ABS. – XOBSv field used to distinguish EAT and non- EAT clients. – Data manager filters EAT cases for export. – DM pastes exported text data into Excel and prints XPID column to compare against GRL.

15 New Challenges Some clinicians switching to interactive GAIN, which can be more time-consuming to check. Increased number of clinicians involved in project has increased communication challenges.

16 Contact Information Gillian Leichtling, RMC Research – – (503) 223-8248 x735

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