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Chapter 2 Section 4 The Race for Empires.

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1 Chapter 2 Section 4 The Race for Empires

2 Protestant Reformation
Religious movement away from Catholic Church Started by Martin Luther – claimed that Catholic Church abused its power Movement spread to England – King Henry VIII started the Anglican Church (Church of England)

3 Spain and England Clash
Religious differences between Protestant England and Catholic Spain Spain plots to overthrow Queen Elizabeth

4 Spanish Armada Defeat Spanish Armada sent to England to restore Catholicism 130 ships sent in 1588 Meet in the English Channel English ships faster and quicker Storm aids the English-1/2 of Spanish Armada ruined

5 Effect of the Defeat England remained Protestant and independent-proving it could defend itself Spain’s image suffered-other nations joined England in challenging Spain England challenges many Spanish lands in America

6 Search for the Northwest Passage
Looking for water route through America to Asia Called the Northwest Passage There is not 1 continuous water route through the US

7 John Cabot ( Italian) 1497 charted the northern route across the Atlantic Explored for English, claimed Newfoundland Canada for England Thought he had reached Asia Disappeared on second voyage

8 Jacques Cartier (French)
traveled up the St Lawrence River to Montreal Rapids blocked his way French would not return to colonize for another 75 years

9 Henry Hudson Englishman sailed for Dutch Arrived at coast of New York
Sailed up the “Hudson River” Looked for a westward passage to Asia Set adrift by own sailors

10 English colonization Most colonization was privately funded
First successful colony was after 1600 Charter – Document to start a colony – Sir Walter Raleigh

11 Samuel de Champlain Explored the St. Lawrence River
1608 fur trade post of Quebec First permanent French settlement in North America Rich fur trade with Native Americans Became known as New France

12 The French and Dutch Seek Trade
France and Netherlands seeking wealth through exploration and colonization After failing to find a Northwest passage, they focused on colonizing America

13 New Netherland Built by Dutch Located along the Hudson River
Fort Nassau (1614) near Albany New York

14 New Amsterdam Dutch bought Manhattan from the Native Americans
Current site of New York City

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