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Channel Sales Success Stories. | Affiliate Success Stories 2 Success Stories? What are they?When do I use one? A success story is a tool for a sales rep,

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1 Channel Sales Success Stories

2 | Affiliate Success Stories 2 Success Stories? What are they?When do I use one? A success story is a tool for a sales rep, rather than a testimonial which is a quote to be used with a prospective advertiser. These success stories are meant to provide inspiration and ideas to our partners on what types of campaigns have been successful across the program in specific verticals. Reps can edit down the success stories into testimonials as needed to present to a potential advertiser. A success story should be used to provide ideas to a sales rep, after a meeting with an advertiser, on how to capture the desired audience. In other words, they should be used when an advertiser is experiencing difficulties that a similar advertiser has overcome by using affiliate solutions.

3 3 Vertical Entertainment Vertical:: Entertainment | Affiliate Success Stories

4 TC Palm | Treasure Coast, FL 4 Entertainment Success Story Entertainment | Success Story The Honda Classic | Affiliate Success Stories

5 5 The Honda Classic Retail Revenue: $14k Campaign Length: 1 Month Geography Targeted:: Advertiser Solutions Sold:: Past Solutions:: Newspaper Print Yahoo! Amplify Yahoo! Demo Targeting: W35+; West Palm Beach DMA Entertainment Success Story Entertainment | Success Story | Affiliate Success Stories

6 6 Why Did They Buy:: Objections Overcome:: Scripps Media has a long standing relationship with the Honda Classic dating back over 10 years and has always delivered results. The Classic is an event that is held outside of our core market, however they initially expressed interest in the Treasure Coast in order to increase attendance year over year. Most recently, they had invested in our newspaper website and Yahoo! to gain ever more exposure and were pleased, so since our partnership with LIFT it made sense to target their audience much tighter (in and surrounding their market) to increase ticket sales over last year. With a LIFT extensions campaign, Scripps Media gains an incremental $25k (total) in 2012. The only objection we faced in this sale was the investment. The Classic had budgeted their spending according to last year and we had to convince them to reallocate dollars from another media outlet. This, by no means, was tough considering they value their relationships with all of their vendors, but in the end they understood how much of their audience they were missing in the digital space. This sale was, and needed to be, a joint effort between the sales team, management (to include the Advertising Director and Publisher) and the client’s Tournament Director. Additional Commentary:: Introducing new ideas and product lines to long standing clients is always a challenge for both the sales team and clients themselves, although I believe in this sale the LIFT campaign sold itself. Since the client had been exposed to digital solutions in the past (and they are located in our competitors’ market, Cox), they understood how targeting could work and therefore, very little education was needed. Entertainment Success Story Entertainment | Success Story The Honda Classic Retail Revenue: $14k Campaign Length: 1 Month | Affiliate Success Stories

7 Ventura County Star | Ventura, CA Jessie Hochhalter, Digital Product Specialist 7 Entertainment Success Story Entertainment | Success Story Los Angeles Opera | Affiliate Success Stories

8 8 LA Opera Retail Revenue: $10,500 Campaign Length: 3 Months Advertiser Solutions Sold:: Past Solutions:: Print (various pubs) Direct Mail Advanced Audience:: Demo, Hispanic Advanced Audience:: Retargeting Yahoo! Entertainment Success Story Entertainment | Success Story | Affiliate Success Stories

9 9 Entertainment Success Story Entertainment | Success Story Why Did They Buy:: What We Delivered:: The Marketing Director had worked with us in the past in her previous job and trusted us to deliver new strategies. LA Opera has a large and very loyal subscriber base, with about 90% retention year to year, but they wanted to increase sales of mini-packages and individual show tickets, especially to Hispanic audiences. They were also looking to remove the stigma that the opera is high falutin' and elitist. They realized the importance of reaching out digitally and decided to shift about 40% of their existing budget to the online space. Since they wanted to target a very specific demo (Hispanic, as well as high household income), we were able to deliver a multi-layered tactic that worked well with their existing retention programs and expanded their audience as they intended. LA Opera Retail Revenue: $10,500 Campaign Length: 3 Months | Affiliate Success Stories

10 10 Entertainment Success Story Entertainment | Success Story Objections Overcome:: Additional Commentary:: The opera-going demo is typically older; they were afraid this demo might not be reached online. We emphasized the importance of expanding their target audience to a younger and more diverse audience since the current audience is “aging out.” Our media capabilities were able to reach both audiences effectively. LA Opera started with a three month flight, promoting three specific operas. They were really happy with the results and have renewed with an additional three month flight for the next three operas. In addition, we are discussing a more robust media plan for the 2013 season. LA Opera Retail Revenue: $10,500 Campaign Length: 3 Months | Affiliate Success Stories

11 Northwest Arkansas Crystal Bridges

12 The Opportunity Sales Process Since opening on 11-11-11, Crystal Bridges has generated a lot of buzz, but they turned to NWA Media to extend the :15 seconds of fame that they have received. They expressed interest in the Premium News Network, Facebook, and the mobile offering to reach not only the educated, at work museum goer, but also the Facebook user and those on the go. Audience Identified Crystal Bridges is located in scenic Bentonville, AR, but is a part of the whole Northwest Arkansas region. They are looking to attract visitors within the region and within a five hour driving distance. | October All-Hands Call 12

13 The Solution Campaign Details Advertiser Solutions Sold Print Premium News Network Facebook Display Ads Addition to campaign: Hyper Local Mobile – Radius around 4 locations First campaign started 3/1 Client renewals… April-December Dallas, Tulsa, Memphis, St. Louis, NYC, LA, Southern Arkansas, Northern Louisiana DMA + Radius Targeting $22,000 Retail Revenue! | October All-Hands Call 13

14 The Creative Creative #1 Creative #2 | October All-Hands Call 14

15 Sarah White | Digital Coordinator | Northwest Arkansas Eureka Springs

16 CLIENT BACKGROUND NWA Media Success Story Client previously used print, television, billboards and digital to reach their audience. For their mobile piece, they target around pocketed areas where they know they receive a lot of traffic. Venues such as Razorback football games, Crystal Bridges, and other tourism spots. CAMPAIGN DETAILS Total Spend $32,400 Centro Spend $9,000 Campaign Length Annual! Geo-fencing 3-5 locations per month. 5-10 mile radius. BUDGET ALLOCATION Entertainment Hyper-local Mobile

17 WHY DID THEY BUY? I was initially referred to this customer over a year ago, and at the initial meeting, mobile was big topic of conversation. It was something that they had not tried in the past, and they were really looking to do some different things for the year. The hyper-local solution that Centro offered was the ticket! OBJECTIONS OVERCOME For this solution, once I had him on board with the idea, there really were no objections from him. He was super excited about this offering from the beginning. If he had more budget, I would increase his spend, since his deliverables are so strong. Just received annual renewal agreement…Can’t wait for another successful year! Eureka Springs Entertainment NWA Media Success Story

18 The Biloxi Sun Herald Palace Casino Success Story Paul Morrone (Digital Sales Manager) & Brittany Ridgway (Account Executive)

19 Palace Casino Entertainment CLIENT BACKGROUND SUN HERALD/VELOCITY SUCCESS STORY CAMPAIGN DETAILS Historically our largest advertiser spending nearly $400K per year – 100% print. They are a luxury resort on the MS Gulf Coast, recently expanded and renovated and are the only smoke free casino on our strip. Client uses a great deal of out of home tactics as well as broadcast and print. Attempted a mobile campaign 2 years ago on our O&O app, with $2K/mo going towards this buy, after which, they cut all digital from their media plan and saw a rapid decline in their business. Process began at the start of 2014 when their agency agreed to entertain a digital only proposal. Worked with our Channel Sales Manager & Account Management team to prep, create a proposal and craft a pitch to the client. Pitched $200K & $300K plans in February ’14 when it seemed like a lock, but lost it soon after. Agency agreed to a 2 nd pitch, which we gave, but then learned the GM of the property had cut $200K from their advertising budget, so we lost it again. We continued forward pushing the efficiency and low cost of execution, as well as the importance of being in this space both inside and outside of our DMA. Total Spend $47,000 Centro Spend $47,000 Campaig n Length 10 weeks Geography Targeted Gulfport-Biloxi, Hattiesburg & Mobile DMAs BUDGET ALLOCATION Premiu m News $22,750 Hyper-Local Mobile $24,250

20 SUN HERALD/VELOCITY SUCCESS STORY WHY DID THEY BUY? Over a span of several months, Brittany continued to educate the client on the results and the targeted reach that digital advertising could provide them with. They were constantly updated on market trends and were given suggestions on how they could better position themselves in the highly competitive gaming market that is the MS Gulf Coast. After numerous meetings, constant educating and a realignment of their advertising strategy with Sun Herald, Brittany was able to have them allocate $47K to digital only for Q4. ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY The campaign has been live for 3 weeks. The average CTR is holding strong at 0.15% with mobile performing at a 0.17%! This is helping our contact back up his assertion that the Palace needs to invest more into their mobile site. We are also utilizing conversion tracking & watching post impression activity, which the client is excited about and will be able to use when compiling ROI reporting for their president. Palace Casino Entertainment

21 Alzafar Shrine

22 Entertainment CLIENT BACKGROUND SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS SUCCESS STORY CAMPAIGN DETAILS Alzafar Shrine, aka The San Antonio Circus, was looking for ways to generate awareness and drive attendees to their annual circus on September 11-14. Total Spend $10K Centro Spend $3K Campaign Length One Month Geography Targeted San Antonio DMA & geofenced radius around AT&T Center BUDGET ALLOCATION 70% Geo-Retargeting 10% Hyper-Local Mobile 20%

23 SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS SUCCESS STORY WHY DID THEY BUY? The advertiser was primarily looking for ways to sell tickets to the event. A geo- fencing and geo-retargeting campaign to the K-12 audience was the perfect way to achieve this. ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY We achieved a.75% CTR for the Pinpoint (hyperlocal) geofencing campaign and a 1.4% CTR for the Beacon (geo- retargeting) which is one of the many success stories for these two service offering. Alzafar Shrine Entertainment

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