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Page 1: The Articles of Confederation

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1 Page 1: The Articles of Confederation
Essential Question: What events and ideas affected the writing of the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution Learning Target: I will be able to evaluate the structure of the Articles of COnfederation Homework: Vocabulary; finish Class Activity Formative Assessment: Name and explain 2 ideals that were an important part of the Articles of Confederation

2 Flashback What were some issues with the British Government that caused the colonists to want to declare independence?

3 Vocabulary Magna Carta: Document signed by King John in 1215, made the King subject to law Constitution: set of basic principles and laws that states the powers and duties of the government Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom: declared that no person could be forced to attend a particular church or be required to pay for a church with tax money Suffrage: The right to vote Articles of Confederation: (1777) document that created the first central government for the United States; was replaced in 1789 by the Constitution Ratification: official approval Land Ordinance of 1785: legislation passed by Congress authorizing surveys and the division of public lands in the western region of the country Northwest Ordinance: legislation passed by Congress to establish a political structure for the Northwest Territory and create a system for admission of new states Northwest Territory: lands including present-day Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin; organized by Northwest Ordinance

4 Main Ideas about Government
Main Ideas about Government Answer the following questions before reading pages What Documents did Americans look to when creating a new government? Describe 3 Key Ideas from the documents that influenced U.S. Government In what ways do you think the right to vote was expanded and limited in state constitution?

5 Main IDeas Answers to 1: Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, State Constitutions, Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom Answers to 2: Rule of Law, People who hold power, limited government, constitutional protection of rights, separation of powers, representative government, separation of church and state Answers to 3: Voting rights for WHITE men were expanded while rights for African Americans and women were limited

6 Read Pages Why do you think the 13 colonies did not provide for a president in the Articles of Confederation? What important rights did the Northwest Ordinance provide?

7 Answers 1. They feared a president would be too much like the king or another monarch 2. Civil Liberties, Public Education, Freedom from slavery

8 Formative Assessment Name and explain 2 ideals that were an important part of the Articles of Confederation

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