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US HISTAARY REVIEW BOOKLET KEY. Day 1 Key Pg 1 New England – rocky soil, short growing season, long winters; shipbuilding, timber, whaling, fishing Middle.

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2 Day 1 Key Pg 1 New England – rocky soil, short growing season, long winters; shipbuilding, timber, whaling, fishing Middle – moderate winters, good soil, medium growing season; Agriculture – grains Southern – rich soil, long growing season, mild winters; cash crops – rice, indigo, tobacco Mountains – Appalachian Spanish – Florida Ocean - Atlantic

3 Day 1 Key Pg 2 Most important reason – provide wealth Other reasons – expand empire Reasons: religion, economic, political Gold New England Georgia

4 Day 1 Key Pg 3 1607 Virginia Tobacco Representative government 1 st permanent settlement in the New World Religious Freedom 1620 Self government Congressional meetings/representative government

5 Day 1 Key Pg 4 Since the colonies were so far from England and the king they were able to govern themselves B Pg 5 Answers will vary

6 Day 1 Key Pg 6 Ohio River Valley ??? Fur trade Albany Plan of Union 1. The colonies 2. if they don’t unite they will die separately 3. they didn’t trust each other

7 Day 1 Key Pg 7 Positives United the Colonies Removed France from North America Weakened Native Americans Negatives Created Debt 1. created a large debt 2. mercantilism and taxing


9 Day 1 Key Pg 8 Fighter – Colonists Push – King George III Pg 9 To make the British look cruel By showing British aggression The helplessness of the colonists and the aggression of the Redcoats Crispus Attucks No Taxation Without Representation R, T, T, R, R, T, Pg 10 C B

10 Day 2 Key Pg 11 Wentworth Cheswell Thomas Paine Bernardo de Galvez Samuel Adams Haym Solomon John Paul Jones George Washington Patrick henry Marquis de Lafayette James Armistead Benjamin Franklin

11 Day 2 Key Pg 12 Lexington and Concord – First battle of the American revolution Common Sense – Convinced colonists to support the fight for independence Declaration of Independence – Official statement written by the Second Continental Congress to King George declaring independence Saratoga – turning point of the American Revolution Valley Forge – low point of the war, harsh conditions Yorktown – last battle of the American Revolution Treaty of Paris 1783 – officially ended the American Revolution

12 Day 2 Key Pg 13 Thomas Jefferson Rights that cannot be taken away Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness List of grievances Processing activity answers will vary

13 Day 2 Key Pg 14 Hand Thumb – No respect from other countries Index – states blaming each other Middle – border disputes Ring – No money Little – weak central government Weak central government Processing Activities will vary

14 Day 2 Key Pg 15 Northwest Ordinance Policy New states Northwest Ordinance Slavery expansion

15 Day 2 Key Pg 16 Great Compromise 3/5ths Compromise Federalists Antifederalists MMFEDA Magna Carta Mayflower Compact Fundamental Orders of Connecticut English Bill of Rights Declaration of independence Articles of Confederation

16 Day 2 Key Pg 17 James Madison ??? George Washington Benjamin Franklin Virginia Plan James Madison Big States Population 2 New Jersey Plan William Patterson Small states Equal 1

17 Day 2 Key Pg 18 New jersey Virginia Roger Sherman 2 Equal Population 3/5

18 Day 2 Key Pg 18 continued Federalists Support Alexander Hamilton James Madison John Jay To convince people to ratify the constitution –Antifederalists oppose Thomas Jefferson Patrick Henry It would give the national government too much power

19 Day 3 Key Pg 19 Checks and Balances Limited Government Republicanism Popular Sovereignty Individual Rights Separation of Powers Federalism D

20 Day 3 Key Pg 20 Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch Processing Activity #5 answers will vary Pg 21 National State Reflect changes Amendment process 1787

21 Day 3 Key Pg 22 2/3rds of both houses of Congress 3/4ths of all states A Pg 23 Religion, Assembly, Press, Petition, Speech Outlawed slavery Granted Citizenship Protected voting rights

22 Day 3 Key Pg 24 Washington Adams Jefferson Madison Monroe Adams Jackson Pg 25 DR F DR F DR F

23 Day 3 Key Pg 26 Avoid debt Remain Neutral Don’t form Political Parties A Pg 27 1803 Thomas Jefferson Doubled the size of the United States, kicked France out of North America, began Westward Expansion

24 Day 3 Key Pg 28 Causes Impressment Native American Attacks Warhawks Events Attack on Ft. McHenry Treaty of Ghent Battle of New Orleans People James Madison Francis Scott Key Andrew Jackson Pg 29 Processing activity #6 answers will vary D

25 Day 4 Key Pg 30 Monroe Doctrine Western Hemisphere Problems Political cartoon answers will vary Pg 31 Land Indian Removal Act Cherokee Worchester v. Georgia John Marshal The Trail of Tears

26 Day 4 Key Pg 32 Factories Railroads Urbanization Industrialization Textiles Steamboat Cotton Gin Plow (steel) Reaper (mechanical) Eil Whitney, made cleaning cotton easier Germany Robert Fulton Increased cotton production to meet the demand More slaves were needed to pick the cotton Made it cheaper and easier

27 Day 4 Key Pg 33 A Pg 34 The belief that the United States is meant to expand to the Pacific ocean Processing Activity #7 Answers will vary Gold Rush – Califronia, occurred in 1849 Farmland – Answers will vary Religious Freedom – Utah, Mormons

28 Day 4 Key Pg 35 Label the Map Nonviolent resistance to government rule Answers will vary Pg 36 C

29 Day 4 Key Pg 37 Harriet Tubman Sojourner Truth Abigail Adams Susan B. Anthony Elizabeth Cady Stanton Processing Activity #8 answers will vary

30 Day 4 Key Pg 38 Fill in the chart with an explanation and important people Pg 39 Protective tariffs No he did not Answers will vary Processing activity #9 answers will vary

31 Day 5 Key Pg 40 Northwest Ordinance Missouri Compromise Compromise of 1850 Kansas Nebraska Act Bleeding Kansas Dred Scott Decision John Brown’s Raid Election of 1860

32 Day 5 Key Pg 41 C B Pg 42 Stonewall Jackson Jefferson Davis Henry Clay Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S. Grant John Brown Robert E. Lee

33 Day 5 Key Pg 43 Anaconda Plan Fight a defensive war Processing activity #10 answers will vary

34 Day 5 Key Pg 44 Abraham Lincoln Secede Jefferson Davis Slavery Fort Sumter Antietam Emancipation Proclamation Pg 45 End slavery Gettysburg Mississippi River Gettysburg Address Sherman’s Grant John Wilkes Booth

35 Day 5 Key Pg 46 C B Pg 47 Answers will vary

36 Day 5 Key Pg 48 God, Gold, Glory 1607 Burgesses 1620 Mayflower Compact Self French and Indian Lexington and Concord First Paine, Sense Thomas Jefferson Articles of Confederation Constitution James Pg 49 Washington Affairs In 1803 Marbury v. Madison, Judicial Monroe Native Americans Tariffs, slavery Clay Oregon Manifest Destiny Lincoln Grant Lee, Davis factories

37 Day 5 Key


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