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Securing the Northwest Territory Battle of Fallen Timbers The Whiskey Rebellion.

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1 Securing the Northwest Territory Battle of Fallen Timbers The Whiskey Rebellion

2 Washington understood that America needed peace in order to prosper However trouble brewed in the Trans-Appalachian West, over the land between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River Spain, Britain, United States, and Native Americans all claimed land

3 Spanish Territory Much of North America west of the Mississippi Florida Port of New Orleans at the Mouth of the Mississippi Port of New Orleans was critical for trade Americans sent goods down the Mississippi to the Port Spanish threats to close the Port were taken very seriously Spanish caused trouble amongst white settlers and Native American groups

4 Strongest resistance to white settlement came from Native Americans in the Northwest Territory Territory = border by the Ohio River to the south and Canada to the North Native Americans hoped to join together to form an independent Native American nation Was supported by the British Eventually, Native Americans and white settlers clashed over the Territory

5 Washington sent troops to the Ohio Valley, believing that the Northwest Territory was critical to the security and growth of America Federal army was defeated by Little Turtle in 1790 Washington sent troops west Native Americans were later defeated at the Battle of Fallen Timbers Named Battle of Fallen Timbers because trees had been blown over by a storm Native Americans signed the Treaty of Greenville Agreed to cede, or surrender, much of present-day Ohio and Indiana to the US


7 Conflict arose over the government’s tax on whiskey, part of Hamilton’s financial plan Outraged farmers from Pennsylvania to Georgia Whiskey and the grain it was made from, were important products Grains could be transported much easier in liquid form Horses could carry 2 bushels of rye or two barrels of rye whiskey (= to 24 bushels of rye)

8 Whiskey is more expensive than grain Farmers usually traded whiskey for other goods, such as salt, and sugar Whiskey = more $$$ In 1794, group of farmers in western Pennsylvania staged the Whiskey Rebellion against the tax Tar and feathered a tax collector Threatened an armed attack on Pittsburgh

9 Washington, urged on by Hamilton, had to crush the Whiskey Rebellion Not doing so might undermine the new government and weaken its authority Washington sent 13,000 soldiers to dispel the uprising Rebels fled Washington showed that the government had the power and the will to enforce its laws

10 The Whiskey Rebellion was the first test of the federal government’s constitutional power to tax. Some criticized Washington for sending troops to face American citizens, but his actions enforced the federal government’s authority. Washington made the point that the Constitution is the law of the land and must be obeyed.


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