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National Society of Hispanic MBAs Oregon - Southern Washington NSHMBA Chapter in Formation Steering Committee January 27, 2012 1.

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1 National Society of Hispanic MBAs Oregon - Southern Washington NSHMBA Chapter in Formation Steering Committee January 27, 2012 1

2 Mission, Vision, Goals and Values Oregon Southern Washington Strategic Framework 2 Goals of Oregon CIF VISION: “To be the premier organization for Hispanic business professionals” MISSION: Increase the number of Hispanics graduating from MBA schools through scholarships, awareness programs and mentorship Enhance Career management opportunities for Hispanic MBAs from school to leadership positions, through job placement and world class professional development To be the partner of choice for organizations seeking to hire and develop Hispanic talent Recruit and retain as life-long members a majority of Hispanic MBAs Goal 1: Obtain the CIF Status from NSHMBA Done in 2010 Goal 2: Obtain the full status as an official NSHMBA Chapter Ready 2011 Goal 3: Become a successful chapter in the region Top 3 tier 3 chapters by 2014 NSHMBA Overarching Vision and Mission

3 Shared Values Oregon Southern Washington Value Statement Our Chapter Officers, members, and employees are critical to our long-term success. We know that, driven by the imagination and enthusiasm of each group, NSHMBA’s potential is unlimited. We treat all with respect and trust, and lead through competence, creativity and teamwork.

4 Prerequisites to obtain the full-chapter status 3.1Governance Training a)The Chapter In Formation leadership group (local Officers) must participate in a seminar reviewing the NSHMBA By-laws, policies, directives and other practices of the association. b)The CIF shall take the initiative to coordinate this seminar and have it accomplished within 3 months after being granted CIF status. The CIF shall schedule the seminar on a date to guarantee 100% local leadership attendance. 25 members required, 60% of them professionals with MBAs or studying MBAs c)The Association Office shall support the CIF on the date of the seminar by providing travel and material arrangements for the Regional Chair and Chapter Specialist to conduct the seminar. 3.2Membership and Leadership. a)On the date that the CIF petitions for Chapter status, the CIF shall have a minimum of 75 total members. The target demographic shall be at least 60% regular members of the non-student status. b)On the date that the CIF petitions for Chapter status, the CIF shall have a minimum of 7 officers. The requirements for CIF Officers shall be the same as those listed in National Policy 5.2 Chapter Board roles and responsibilities. 3.3Seminars and Events a)The CIF shall demonstrate that it held on average one event per quarter. b)The seminars or events shall be in keeping with the purpose and policies of the NSHMBA. Such topics shall be as follows, but not limited to, industry overviews, career development opportunities, success stories, etc. c)Events that are predominantly networking in nature do not apply to this requirement and such plans shall be reviewed by the association office prior to execution. 3.4Fundraising and Sponsorships a)The CIF shall raise at least $2,500 in net proceeds via fundraising. b)The CIF is encouraged to hold at least one fundraising event to raise the necessary fundraising requirement and this event shall not count toward the requirement listed in 3.3. c)The CIF shall obtain at least five corporate sponsors with contribution commitments and three university sponsors. Additional letters of support are welcomed and encouraged. d)The CIF is encouraged to hold at least one customer event to raise the appropriate interest and support from corporations and universities. 4

5 Oregon Southern Washington Chapter in Formation Requirements To Obtain Full Chapter Status Page 5

6 National Society of Hispanic MBAs Oregon Southern Washington CIF Progression 2010 Chapter Accomplishments 25 Members 50% Professionals 5 Steering Committee Members 3 Corporate Letters of Support 3 Academic Letters of Supports $ 5000.00 (Nike first sponsorship) 2012 Goal: 110 Members At least 60% Professionals 9 BOD Officers 5Academic letters 3 Corporate sponsorship commitments 6 Events $18,000 in revenues 2011 Chapter Accomplishments 8 Steering Committee Members 3 Student Liaisons‘ 85Current Members 132 Facebook Friends 48 LinkedIn Contacts 5 Corporate letters of support 4 Academic letters 6 Events $ 13,000 in revenues (Nike, Intel, Kaiser, Willamette U, etc) #1 CIF and #10 Nationwide per NSHMBA measurable 6 October 23, 2010

7 National Society of Hispanic MBAs Chapter Mission Statement To increase participation and foster leadership of Hispanics in areas’ graduate education programs and businesses by: Leveraging our education partners Utilizing strong corporate presence Harnessing Latino population growth 7

8 Our Vision for Success : NSHMBA Oregon Southern Washington is dedicated to increasing Hispanic leadership in the Pacific Northwest through graduate education, professional development, recruiting, and networking. Our programs and events are geared towards graduate education professionals, entrepreneurs, MBA/MS/PhD students, and those considering graduate education in general. Additionally, we plan to increase our offering to the community providing opportunities to role model for high school and college undergraduate students, our members and friends, have significant opportunities to give back to the community and share expertise, experience and create excitement.

9 Mission Targets: 1 year plan

10 Strategic Initiatives : 3 year target

11 Mission Targets: 3 year plan

12 Oregon Southern Washington Charter / Roster BOD President Trinidad (Trino) Campos Marketing Shirley Rodriguez Events / Networking & IT Eli Trejo Educations, University Relations Ali Yameen Membership Valerie Gonzales Corporate Relations Open Professional Development Open EVP Marcelo Spagnolo Secretary / Compliance Officer Luisana Solis Treasurer / Financial Officer Emilio Cañas 12

13 Oregon Chapter Roadmap for Success 2012 “Objective: Leverage our education partners, utilize our strong corporate presence, harness Latino population growth. 2014 Rank # top 3 within tier 3 chapters Corporate Fundraising event Q2 “Objective by 2014: Be top 3 within tier 3 chapters in the nation Q1 Career fair in Portland at Wall street Event 1 (February) Membership drive Event 2 (March) Professional Development Salem Chamber of commerce leadership development Event 3 (May) Q2 Q3 Membership Management / Recruitment succession plan Event 4 (June) Q4 Gala / Fundraising (Nov/Dec) Q4 GOAL- Obtain at least: 6 Corporate Committed Sponsors, 130 members, more than 9 Officers, succession pipeline, $20,000 in total in revenue by 2014 BOD retreat – completing strategic plan for 2014 Q3 Q1 BOD retreat strategic planning 2013 (August) event 7 20132014 Preconference University prep for Orlando 2012 fundraising Event 6 Intel career Development Fundraising Event 5 (July) Membership drive

14 Final Thoughts We are ready to make a difference and history in our region by …………. Increasing membership and retention in our region Assisting in recruitment of Hispanic professionals in the Northwest Promoting graduate management education Establishing vital role models for the community Providing networking and development opportunities Establishing ongoing local corporate ties for job and career growth opportunities Creating strong local government relationship to influence policy and be a resource in their economic development initiatives We have a strong committed board of directors ready to support our chapter We have local university and corporate support We have 200+ potential members in our region A Oregon Southern Washington Chapter can effectively advance NSHMBA cause and contribute to growth strategy

15 National Society of Hispanic MBAs

16 Social Media - Facebook

17 Social Media - LinkedIn

18 Chapter Newsletter

19 Networking Events Intel Career Fair (June 2011)

20 Networking Events Compliance Meeting (Dec 2011)

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