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NARA NORTHWEST - PBHCI Totem Lodge and NARA Wellness Center.

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1 NARA NORTHWEST - PBHCI Totem Lodge and NARA Wellness Center

2 NARA NW Mission-The mission of NARA, NW is to provide education, physical and mental health services and substance abuse treatment that is culturally appropriate to American Indians, Alaska Natives and other vulnerable populations.

3 Program Updates Year 2: Totem Lodge Health Project is implemented at two sites: Totem Lodge and the NARA Wellness Center. We are providing and increasing access to culturally appropriate, integrated primary health care services to AI/AN individuals in order to improve overall wellness and health status and enhance the coordination and continuity of their care. We continue to hone and develop infrastructural activities to represent and guide this process.

4 Infrastructural Items Integrated Treatment, Assessment and Measurement Tools  Integrated Treatment Plan  Referral Procedure  Health measurement tool (captures PBHCI and GPRA measures)  ETO

5 Accomplishments What are you most proud of? – a creative activity, a strategy you’ve implemented… We have created a culturally specific wellness group that meets every Friday at Totem Lodge. This group: – Is lead by a respected and well-known elder – Provides instruction in culturally specific art techniques – Allows American Indian / Alaska Native participants an opportunity to connect with and explore Native heritage – Provides opportunity to engage in mindfulness in a community of safety to facilitate neurobiological integration, relationship building, and positive mental health

6 Accomplishments Provision of ongoing wellness activities Opening and operation of two new integrated wellness sites Communication and awareness raising of integration across our agency, which is quite diverse and decentralized Support and enthusiasm about integration by both administration and clinicians Creation of tools, assessments and measurements to respond to the needs of primary and behavioral healthcare integration

7 Culture Group NARA’s culture group allows clients to explore and express Native identity in a safe, supportive environment.

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