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1 Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboards Arkansas Department of Education.

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1 1 Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboards Arkansas Department of Education

2 2 About the StudentGPS Dashboards

3 3 Arkansas Stakeholder Engagement Sessions ~525 stakeholders provided detailed feedback In-person workshop sessions were held at various locations across the state Northwest Wilbur D. Mills Southwest Arch Ford Jonesboro Webinars & Survey for participants unable to attend Stakeholders across the state were invited to provide feedback into the development of the Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboards Northwest Co-op Farmington Wilbur D. Mills Co-op, Beebe Southwest Co-op, Beebe Jonesboro School District Arch Ford Co-op

4 4 Frequent Questions About the Dashboards

5 5 Why Should Our District Use StudentGPS?

6 6 Where Does the Information Come From? AELS CCMS Updated Every Night!

7 7 Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboard Metrics

8 8 Student Information Parent/Guardian Information Emergency Contacts Transportation Information Medical Alerts Academic Information o Grade Level o Expected Graduation Year o Curriculum Plan o GPA Program Status o 504 o Gifted/Talented o Bilingual Program Other Student Information o TAGG o Homeless o Migrant o Retained

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10 10

11 11

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14 14

15 15

16 16 StudentGPS Demo Site

17 17 New Features

18 18 Transportation & Medical Alerts

19 19 Dynamic Watch Lists Educators can now select any of the metrics to create a Dynamic List for their school or class. The Dynamic list will notify educators when there has been a change to the list.

20 20 Local Assessments Ability to enter assessment data for the following assessments identified by educators. DIBELS 6 th DIBELS Next STAR DSA DRA

21 21 Local Assessments

22 22 Interventions Tab Local Assessments and the Interventions tab will be available in the dashboards in August 2014.

23 23 Measures of Effectiveness Show trajectory line for assessments and chart a student’s progress over time towards the goal. The graph also shows any time a change has been made to the intervention.

24 24 District Implementation

25 25 What’s Required From Districts? To use the dashboard you and your district must: o Sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) o Sign the Ed-Fi Account Manager Form o Establish an StudentGPS (Ed-Fi) System Administrator  Responsible for escalating technical support issues  Resolving data anomalies in eSchool  Create StudentGPS email address to capture tech support emails directly from the system  School Level Administrators and Teachers must be in the ‘Staff Catalog’ within eSchoolPlus o Establish an Account Manager  Place users into Active Directory Groups o Establish a trainer(s) for district/schools

26 26 Dashboard Security and User Access

27 27 Access to the dashboards is controlled through a claims-based authentication process that is FERPA-compliant Authenticating a user is based on a set of claims about the user’s identity contained in a trusted token A basic set of roles or ‘claims’ relates to varying levels of access Access will differ based on where a user is assigned (campus vs. district) and any specific student assignments (class sections, rosters) Access will only be granted to students where a FERPA- compliant connection exists (enrolled in a course, connected in eSchool) Arkansas StudentGPS Dashboards Security

28 28 ADE has defined five Ed-Fi roles in Active Directory to ensure appropriate access to the dashboards by district- and school-level users: Ed-Fi District Administrator Ed-Fi School Administrator Ed-Fi Teacher* Ed-Fi Counselor/Leader* Ed-Fi Staff* Each district also has an identified Ed-Fi System Administrator role Ed-Fi System Administrators will need to assign all dashboard users to the correct Active Directory (AD) group based on the user’s role in the district or school and required/appropriate level of access Access to the dashboards will be determined based on: The user’s active assigned Active Directory group/Ed-Fi role AND Education organization - district and/or school(s)- and student assignments within eSchool Plus Establishing User Access: Ed-Fi Roles * These roles may be assigned either at the district or school level.

29 29 User Access ALL users must be entered in eSchoolPlus in the Staff Catalog o First Name o Last Name o SSN o Login ID o State ID o Building Assignment (If applicable)

30 30 Accessing StudentGPS o Go to o Log In (Dependent Upon Role)  User Name: 4401 EdFi District Administrator  User Name: 4401 EdFi Teacher  Password: ade2013 Demo Site Go to https://adeedfi.arkansas.gov Log In same as eSchool login Lea/name combination Example: 4401hglover StudentGPS

31 31 Resources

32 32 Active Directory (Single Sign On) Resources

33 33 System Administrator Webinar Tuesday, August 12 th 10:00 Thursday, August 14 th 10:00

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