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Saving the Brain Collaborative Stroke Care Network Fourth Annual Conference - 6 March 5 - 6, 2010.

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1 Saving the Brain Collaborative Stroke Care Network Fourth Annual Conference - 6 March 5 - 6, 2010

2 Welcome

3 A Tribute to Dr. Neville Bayer STB mentor for Southeast GTA leader in stroke care founding member of the Canadian Stroke Consortium committed to the Ontario Stroke Network

4 Introductions OCFP Staff STB Steering Committee Guests

5 OCFP Staff Eilyn Rodriguez, Assistant Executive Director, Research & Educational Services Malachy Phelan Ryan Morley

6 STB Steering Committee Mary Manno, Chair; family physician Lisa Colizza, manager of Machealth programmes Andre Douen, stroke neurologist Andre Hurtubise, family physician Anthony Levinson, neuropsychiatrist and director of e- Learning Innovation at McMaster Bill McMullen, family physician Eilyn Rodriguez, OCFP Demetrios Jim Sahlas, stroke neurologist Gina Tomaszewski, SWO Regional Stroke Education Coordinator

7 Guests

8 Dr. D’Arcy Little Representatives of the Ontario Stroke Network Regional Programme Managers Regional Educators

9 Sponsors Sanofi-Aventis & Bristol-Myers Squibb AstraZeneca Merck-Frosst & Schering-Plough Boehringer-Ingelheim

10 The Ontario Stroke Strategy Spring of 2003 The Ontario Stroke Strategy

11 The Ontario Stroke Network Provincial Coordinating Council formed; Executive Director Chris O’Callaghan champions identified, i.e. our own Dr. Jim Sahlas, who can model Best Practices in stroke care Best Practice lead Linda Kelloway OREG (Ontario Regional Educators Group) = healthcare educators; chaired by HFSO; have $$ to provide educational activities across the stroke care continuum, including physician education

12 Ontario Stroke Network Regions 1.Central East 2.Central South 3.West GTA 4.Champlain 5.Southeast 6.Northeast 7.Northwest 8.Southwest 9.North & East GTA 10.Southeast GTA 11.Toronto West

13 OSS Regional Managers Northwest Diane Hiscox Southwest Sharon Mytka North East & GTA Shann Beck Southeast GTA Jacqueline Willems Toronto West Shelley Sharp Central East Cheryl Moher Central South Kathryn LeBlanc West GTA TBA Champlain Jim Lumsden Southeast Cally Martin Northeast Darren Jermyn

14 OREG Regional Education Coordinators Northwest Richard Wilson Southwest Gina Tomaszewski North East & GTA Pearl Gryfe Southeast GTA Krystyna Skrabka Toronto West Gail Avinoam Central East Kay Morrison Central South Rebecca Fleck West GTA Jodie Sutcliffe Champlain Kelly Lumley-Leger Southeast Sue Saulnier Northeast Susan Bursey

15 Ontario Stroke Network Know who your friends are…

16 Ontario Stroke Network Know who your friends are…

17  To provide the tools and supports that family physicians need to enhance their ability to deliver primary and secondary stroke prevention programs and improve the quality of care for post- acute stroke patients Objective of Collaborative Stroke Care

18 Expected Outcomes  Creation of formal linkages between practising family physicians and their peers  Provision of quick access to neurologist colleagues in caring for patients with cardiovascular illness of the brain  Enhancement of outcomes in primary and secondary stroke prevention

19 How do we make it happen?

20 STB Mentoring Groups

21 Funding Mentoring Activities Mentors are paid for their time Each Mentoring Group has a small annual budget

22 Mentoring Relationships Mentoring Agreement Mentee/Mentor Expectations Rights and Responsibilities in the Mentoring Relationship Request for Mentoring Form Mentor Response Form Medical/Legal Issues

23 And it looks something like this…

24 2009 in review stable membership with 90 mentees and 21 mentors established relationships with the Ontario Stroke Network Best Practice leaders and Regional Educators in place

25 Lessons learned needs of Mentoring groups vary tremendously in different regions of the province leadership within the groups is key to their success

26 CME Credits Saving the Brain is accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for 12 Mainpro C credits Credits are granted annually on submission of the STB Follow Up questionnaire; Certificates mailed after Annual Conference New to STB? Credits based on one year of active participation…

27 Follow-up Evaluation More about that later…

28 Is it time to change gears?

29 Conference Overview Agenda

30 Once again…. Those mentees who complete and submit their Conference Evaluation Forms and Follow-up Evaluation Forms by 3 PM on Saturday will be eligible for a prize to be drawn at the end of the Conference…

31 …an original work of art… Gerry Manno is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) and the Colour and Form Society (CFS), active in fine art groups in Canada and the USA. He is an Instructor/Artist with the Richeson Group of Companies in the USA. Gerry paints most days. His works are displayed in collections around the world.

32 Dr. D’Arcy Little Interpreting CT Scans

33 Dinner


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