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Northwest Corner Building Orientation Meeting # 2 September 30, 2010 1.

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1 Northwest Corner Building Orientation Meeting # 2 September 30, 2010 1

2 Agenda 1.About the Building 2.Occupancy Date 3.Relocation –Overview –Coordination –Preparation –Post Relocation 4.Questions 2

3 Northwest Corner Building 3

4 Program 188,000 GSF 7 Lab Floors – Interdisciplinary Research (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering) Science Library Collaborative Computer Study Study Carrels and Group Study Space Collections 164 Seat Lecture Hall, Raked Seating 25 x 20 flat classroom (Room 602) Café on 200 Level (one level above street level) Prepared food (sandwiches, soups, etc.) coffee and drinks 4

5 Program 13 th Floor – Interactive Chemical Sciences 12 th Floor – Chemical Biology of Molecules 11 th Floor – Not Fitted out 10 th Floor – In Design 9 th Floor – Biophysics & Imaging 8 th Floor – Molecular Design (Singles Molecules) 7 th Floor – Molecular Design (Nano-Science) Beacon Mechanical Rooms 5

6 Building Info - Entrances Entrances 120 th Street/Broadway 400 Level Lobby (Campus Level from Pupin Plaza) Bridges from Pupin and Chandler Gymnasium Entrance Exterior Stairway 6

7 Occupancy Date Lab Floors/Library/Lecture Hall – Ready for occupancy on November 29, 2010 Staged/Schedule Moves Library and Lecture Hall –Operational in January 2011 Gymnasium Entry from 120 th Street –Operational on November 29, 2010 7

8 Construction Activity What won’t be completed on November 29, 2010 13th floor will still be in construction 11th floor is a shelled space 10th floor construction starting January 1, 2011 Bridge connections to Pupin and Chandler in progress Minor construction activity continuing in 3 labs –( 13 th floor center, 9 th floor center, 8 th floor north) 8

9 Relocation - Overview Process for Relocation CUF is coordinating the relocation process EHS decommissioning of existing labs Researcher equipment – case by case basis Purge / Pack / Labeling / Telephone / Computers / Keys /Checklist Relocation instruction summary will be made available on CUF website Please set aside time to assess your books and files before relocating 9

10 Coordination of Lab Relocation Lab Relocating Committee CPM/Facilities EHS Representative for Arts & Sciences & SEAS Categories of Relocation for the 8 Labs Office Related Lab Related Lab Equipment Type 1 Lab Equipment Type 2 Lab Floors P.I.’s to identify a Lab Relocation Coordinator 10

11 Relocation - Preparation Recycling & Reuse Relocating is the perfect time to assess the amount of use and need for immediate access to your books and files, and to take advantage of several options for alternate storage of these materials. The options are as follows: –ARCHIVE –DISCARD/RECYCLE –TAKE HOME –DONATE 11

12 Relocation - Preparation Packing Boxes and other packing materials (wrap, tape, markers) can be provided ahead of time and should be requested. With the exception of computer equipment (including printers, faxes and scanners) employees are asked to pack the contents of desks and desk tops. You can elect to pack your own files and books, or you may have the movers pack them for you. If you elect to pack some or all of your office contents, please leave the boxes in your office clearly labeled with your name, department, current building, and office number. Please place small items (paperclips, pens, etc.) in large envelopes prior to packing in larger boxes. Please notify us with any special requests (such as moving items of personal value) or other moving instructions. 12

13 Relocation - Preparation CUID Your CUID will be activated to allow access to the Northwest Corner Building on the first day immediately following your move. Computers If you have desktop computer equipment, please log off, power down and unplug your desktop computer equipment for your move day. The movers will pack and relocate this equipment. Extension cords, connecting cables, and other computer accessories should be disconnected, packed, and labeled separately. Please take your laptops, PDAs, or other portable equipment with you before the relocation. Housekeeping Columbia University Facilities Custodial Services is aware of these relocations and are prepared to handle the associated additional refuse. 13

14 Relocation - Preparation EHS Procedures for vacating the lab Radioactive materials Controlled substances Biohazardous materials Chemical safety (disposal and/or re-location) Compressed gas cylinders (including liquid nitrogen cylinders) Liquid nitrogen-lined freezers Old equipment and fixtures Dark rooms: Silver recovery systems 14

15 Relocation - Preparation Stay Ahead Pack early! Try to pack and organize as your schedule permits. Organize Organize, review, purge all files and documents where appropriate. Communicate Notify business associates with your updated contact information. Labs are responsible for arranging to update Web sites, letterhead, and business cards with your new address, as well as notify vendors of your new address. Responsibilities Take your laptop and PDA with you. Safeguard all data by backing up work-related files to the server, an external hard-drive, CD/DVD, or other storage device Check to make sure your desk is empty, file and supply cabinets are clear and left unlocked, and all valuables are properly packed and labeled. 15

16 Post Relocation Post Relocation Information Requests or Concerns. While we hope that everything will be exactly as you want when you arrive at the Northwest Corner Building, there may be some issues that need to be addressed. Please contact your Lab Relocation Coordinator. Something Missing? While all boxes, computers, and equipment will be carefully labeled by the moving company prior to the relocation, you may discover that an item or box seems to be missing. Please do not panic-it is likely that the box or equipment is in your office or the immediate area. If not, please contact your Lab Relocation Coordinator, who will work with the Facilities Project Mmanager to immediately initiate a more extensive search. 16

17 Post Relocation Ongoing Construction Activities All occupants should be advised that there will be some expected ongoing activities which will be performed by Facilities and its contractors after the relocation. Repair and punch list work. At the conclusion of any construction project, it is normal to need to adjust or repair minor items. If you encounter any problems (e.g. faulty hardware, paint touch ups, issues with furniture) please notify us to correct the issue. Problems and issues will be addressed as quickly as possible according to priority. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Although the air systems will be fully functioning for your comfort, please be aware that mechanical contractors and Columbia University Facilities Operations personnel will have ongoing follow-up testing and balancing work in the months following your arrival. 17

18 Post Relocation Please note that the following will not be completed on Nov. 29, 2010 13th floor will still be in construction 11th floor is a shelled space 10th floor construction starting January 1, 2011 Bridge connections to Pupin and Chandler in progress Minor construction activity continuing in 3 labs –( 13 th floor center, 9 th floor center, 8 th floor north) 18

19 19

20 Questions 20

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