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1 WELCOME Julia McDowell and Sierra Reid July 12, 2010.

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1 1 WELCOME Julia McDowell and Sierra Reid July 12, 2010

2 2 Who We Are Julia McDowell Rising senior at Wilson Club swimmer Member of Model United Nations Member of National Honor Society

3 3 Who We Are Sierra Reid Rising senior at Westview Cross country runner and swimmer 2 nd place at 2009 Oregon cyclocross championships Member of National Honor Society Triathlete

4 4 Backgrounds in Science Courses in bio, chem, physics, computer modeling Volunteer at OMSI Career/major interests- oceanography, math, physics, engineering Colleges-Cornell, Stanford, Rensselaer, Claremont McKenna, Carnegie Mellon EXITE camp through IBM Courses in bio, chem, environmental science Career/major interests- marine biology, engineering, environmental science Colleges-Cornell, Stanford, Gonzaga, UC Berkeley, Harvey Mudd

5 5 Cornell

6 6 Research cruise!

7 7 Our Project Our goal: to improve the understanding of the Columbia river and what goes on around it Give guidance on how to improve the model Understand variability Look at short term and long term ranges of model and observed data Visually and statistically analyze modeled and observed data

8 8 Relating to Classroom Real Data Gives hands on experience Salinity and temp data related to density of ocean water –Experiment with cold-hot water density, relate to observations Hypoxia newspaper articles Field trips All available online, no new programs necessary Lots of different programs

9 9 User Interface

10 10

11 11

12 12

13 13

14 14 Things to avoid– from a high school perspective Too many work days Labs with no hands on Vocab activities Reading the book out loud Going over every answer on review packets Busy work Delaying due dates Focusing on a few students

15 15 What to Avoid Wasting paper

16 16 Things to do Projects, hands on activities Consistent homework Discuss key chapters in class, after reading for homework Interactive lectures Outline notes Test on key ideas, not inconsequential pieces of information

17 17 Thing to do, cont. Relate projects and labs back to key concepts Provide calendars with important dates, and follow them Individual and group projects Interact with ALL students Provide further learning opportunities Use digital aids Take a walking field trip to interact with outside world More positive feedback

18 18 Things to do, cont. Things related to the real world, i.e. oil spill

19 19 Thank you for listening. Any questions?

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