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Welcome to Northwest High School “Guiding Your Voyage Into Tomorrow”

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1 Welcome to Northwest High School “Guiding Your Voyage Into Tomorrow”

2 Set Sail To Discover The Treasures Of Northwest High School

3 Northwest High School Will Be Your Personal Lighthouse

4 Plotting Your Course Of Study Grand Island Northwest has a well rounded curriculum that allows students the FLEXIBILITY to choose coursework that will prepare them for their future

5 Navigational Tools Course Description Guide Four Year Planner Careers 10 Four Year Plan

6 College Information Some colleges have specific REQUIREMENTS for admittance, such as the Nebraska University System (UNL, UNO and UNK) Nebraska’s state and private four-year colleges, and two-year colleges have admissions RECOMMENDATIONS Out-of-state schools may have specific admission requirements and early deadline dates

7 4 Year College Students 50% over the past four years Strong College Preparatory Curriculum Advanced Placement Classes Calculus, Physic, American History and English Enrollment in Central Community College Courses Teacher Apprentice Program High Ability Learner Program Opportunities UNL Advanced Scholars Program Animal Products, Insect Biology, International Relations, Introduction to Psychology, The Science of Foods, Biotechnology, Comparative Politics, Descriptive Astronomy, Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of Crime and future classes to be determined

8 2 Year College & Technical Students 22% over the past four years Wide Variety of Curriculum Enrollment in Central Community College 19 Drawing Boards that articulate with Central Community College A.A.S. Early Childhood Degree Community College can be used as stepping stone for 4 year schools 2 + 2 Program

9 Employment 5% over past four years Coop Work Release Career Exploration Project

10 Military 6% over past four years Various branches Academies ROTC programs

11 HIGH STANDARDS Graduation Requirements “Class of 2011” English 40 credits4 years Math 30 credits 3 years Science 30 credits 3 years Social Studies25 credits2.5 years 12th Government Physical Education / Health5 credits9 th Grade Physical Education5 credits10 th,, 11 th or 12 th Fine & Practical Arts 20 credits Electives80 credits TOTAL235 credits

12 HIGH EXPECTATIONS Grading Scale A 100 - 93 % Grades indicate genuine interest in the subject Quality work in excess of standards set B 92 - 86% Grades indicate evidence of intellectual interest Quality work above the standards set C 85 - 78% Satisfactory grade Acceptable for admission to universities and college Student acquired the necessary ability in the subject area D 77-70% Student has not acquired the ability to work efficiently or use his/her ability in the course THIS IS THE LOWEST PASSING GRADE Below 70 indicates no credit is given toward graduation. It should indicate the student has not achieved sufficient mastery skills and content to justify a passing mark

13 Community Service Requirements 40 hours of community service Validation forms are available in the Counselor’s Office Community Service hours don’t start until the beginning of the 9th grade school year Hours to satisfy legal obligations do not count or replace this requirement Class of 2006 participated in over 7500 hours of service within the community

14 Power School Internet Access Grades Attendance Teachers’ grade book Weekly e-mail grade updates option

15 9th Grade Core A Sturdy Vessel In Turbulent Seas Core Classes Math Biology English World History

16 Freshman Electives Establishing Ports World Languages French 1 & 2 (year) German 1 & 2 (year) Spanish 1 & 2 (year) Agricultural Science (year) Art 1 (semester) Introduction to Business (semester) Drama 1 (semester) Reading Strategies (semester or year) Introduction to Engineering Design (year) Responsible Parenting (Semester) Culinary Essentials (Semester) Exploring Technology (semester) Band (year) Freshman Music (year) Freshman Vocal Music (year) Orchestra (Before School) Resource Study Skills (year)

17 New Career Pathways On The Horizon ENGINEERING PATHWAY Introduction to Engineering Design Principles of Engineering Digital Electronics Civil or Architecture HEALTH SCIENCE PATHWAY Introduction to Health Science Introduction to Sports Medicine Clinical Nutrition Introduction to Medical Terminology Health Science 1 Health Science 2

18 Feel the Energy Activities and Organizations Art Club Intramurals Dramatics Cheerleaders/Vikettes FBLA SADD Speech Student Council Jazz Band Swing Choir World Language Club Letter winners/FCA Musical FFA Trap Shooting Team

19 Viking Athletics Boys Cross Country (Fall) Football (Fall) Wrestling (Winter) Swim Team (Winter) Basketball (Winter Tryout) Track (Spring) Soccer (Spring Tryout) Golf (Spring Tryout) Baseball (Spring Tryout) Girls Cross Country (Fall) Volleyball (Fall Tryout) Golf (Fall Tryout) Softball (Fall Tryout) Swim Team (Winter) Basketball (Winter Tryout) Track (Spring) Soccer (Spring Tryout)

20 Registration Pick-Up Schedule Wednesday, January 31 Trinity Lutheran at 1:15 Thursday, February 1 Cedar Hollow at 8:00 AM District 1R at 10:30 AM St. Libory at 1:00 PM Chapman at 2:00 Friday, February 2 Westridge Middle School at 8:00 AM

21 Northwest Administration and Staff Would Like To Thank You Coming This Evening!! Guided Tours Activity Fair in Gym Cookies and Drinks

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