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Westward Expansion, Indian Removal Act, and Manifest Destiny

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1 Westward Expansion, Indian Removal Act, and Manifest Destiny


3 Westward Expansion Began after the creation of the Northwest Territory (1785) By 1850, United States had acquired all of its present-day territory

4 Westward Expansion Northwest Territory Illinois Michigan Wisconsin
Indiana Ohio Part of Minnesota

5 Westward Expansion Louisiana Purchase:
Alabama and Mississippi south of the parallel of 31°; all of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana; Minnesota, west of the Mississippi; Colorado and Wyoming, east of the Rocky Mountains; and Kansas, with the exception of the southwestern corner.

6 Westward Expansion Lewis & Clark Expedition (Corps of Discovery)
Given the task to survey and explore the Louisiana Territory. (Louisiana Purchase)


8 Westward Expansion Lewis & Clark Expedition:

9 Westward Expansion Lewis & Clark Expedition Goals:
Explore all waterways for commerce Collect Scientific Data Obtain U.S. Sovereignty within the territory

10 Westward Expansion 1819: 1821: Florida
States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and the western part of Wyoming. The boundary between the States of Washington and Idaho, on one side, and Canada, on the other, was finally determined in 1848.

11 Westward Expansion 1845: 1848: Mexican-American War: Texas
States of California, Nevada, and Utah, and a large part of Arizona and New Mexico, and part of Colorado.

12 Westward Expansion 1853 1867 1897 Gadsden Purchase Alaska Territory
United States bought from Mexico a strip of land, now forming that part of Arizona and New Mexico 1867 Alaska Territory 1897 Hawaii Territory

13 Westward Expansion United States acquired all land through:
Northwest Territory Louisiana Purchase War of 1812 Indian Removal Act Mexican-American War Treaties with Britain, France, Russia, Mexico, Canada

14 Indian Removal Act Addressed longstanding conflicts with Indians in the South 1800: Creeks – Alabama Seminoles – Florida Choctaws & Chickasaws – Mississippi Cherokee – Mountains of Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina


16 Indian Removal Act Each Indian Group controlled land that was protected by treaties with the federal and state governments Whites settlers moved onto Indian lands illegally. Whites fought with Indians and demanded the treaties with the Indians be broken

17 Indian Removal Act States had no way of preventing settlers from moving westward onto Indian land President Andrew Johnson solved problem by with the Indian Removal Act. Act passed into law by 1 vote!!! Indians had to exchange their land for land in the west.

18 Indian Removal Act Indians sent to what would become Oklahoma
Some Indians moved peacefully, other fought back.

19 Indian Removal Act North Carolina’s Cherokee sued the federal government. They claimed they had a right to stay The Cherokee won the lawsuit 2 Key Advantages to Winning Many owned land that was privately bought Only tribal land given by the federal government could fall under the Indian Removal Act North Carolina’s leaders were not very interested in removing the Cherokee

20 Indian Removal Act Trail of Tears (1838)
17,000 Cherokee & 2,000 Slaves from Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee set out for Oklahoma. 4,000 died on the way to Oklahoma Around 1,000 came back to North Carolina after the lawsuit was won.


22 Manifest Destiny Idea in the United States that said:
Americans had a mandate from God to spread across the continent Religion, Technology, Civilization.


24 Manifest Destiny This Idea led to the purchase of:
Texas Territory Oregon Territory California Territory, including Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico Manifest Destiny also led the United States into the Mexican-American War and countless wars with Native Americans.

25 Manifest Destiny Unintentional Effect of Manifest Destiny –
Sectional Tensions regarded SLAVERY By 1820s, All Northern had Abolished Slavery When the United States acquired new territories, Congress had to decided if Slavery would be allowed in them or not. Why is this a problem?

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