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Handouts and presentations are available online at Learning How to Share Michael D. Raner, SHIELD Program Director.

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1 Handouts and presentations are available online at Learning How to Share Michael D. Raner, SHIELD Program Director

2 S.H.I.E.L.DPROGRAM OSHA Best Practices For More Information Contact: Michael D. Raner at The Northwest Iowa Planning and Development Commission - 712-262-7225 ext. 145

3 COMMON SHIELD PROGRAM QUESTIONS What is the SHIELD Program? The purpose of the S.H.I.E.L.D Committee (Safety and Health Issues in Employment Leadership Decisions) is to oversee the delivery of a Comprehensive Workplace Safety, training and compliance program to the local governments within Iowa Planning Region 3 who wish to actively participate in this program. Staff assistance and administrative functions are provided by the Northwest Iowa Planning and Development Commission (NWIPDC) to the participating governments.

4 How is SHIELD organized ? The S.H.I.E.L.D Committee (SHIELD) is a freestanding committee of the Policy Council of the Northwest Iowa Planning and Development Commission. This structure was selected to make use of existing 28E agreements. Who is eligible for membership? SHIELD membership eligibility is limited to city, county and special purpose local governments within the service area of the NWIPDC.

5 Which local governments are currently part of SHIELD? The following governments are current members of SHIELD (as of MAY 10, 2008): Buena Vista County; Dickinson County; Lyon County, O’Brien County, City of Arnolds Park; Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District; City of Milford, City of Okoboji, City of Spencer, City of Storm Lake, and the City of Spirit Lake;

6 How are these governments represented on the SHIELD Committee? Through action of the NWIPDC Policy Council, the SHIELD Committee was created with each participating local government having one representative on the Committee. These representatives are appointed by the policy making body of the local government and meet on a quarterly basis. Each local government determines the method of appointment and length of service for they’re given representative. The SHIELD Committee only has the authority to remove a representative whose local government is not a current participant. Each representative has one vote.

7 How is SHIELD funded? Based upon a yearly estimated budget (see attached), each participating member government pays an equal share to the operations of the program for the fiscal year. Subsequent years' assessments will be set by the Committee at the annual meeting. Funds are supplied to the NWIPDC as needed and placed in an escrow account. All interest earned on this account is rolled back into the SHIELD program and is used to lessen each individual members' assessment amounts. From time to time a portion of the general membership may elect to sponsor a special project that does not impact SHIELD membership as a whole. The cost of this project will be shared equally by those members sponsoring it.

8 What is the role of the NWIPDC in SHIELD? As a Committee of the NWIPDC, participating governments signs a standard service agreement (the same agreement NWIPDC uses for special projects with members) the Northwest Iowa Planning and Development Commission Policy Council to provide staff assistance for the SHIELD Program. The SHIELD Committee, with the concurrence of the NWIPDC Policy Council, authorizes the hiring and sets the salary of the individual(s) hired to be the workplace coordinators. The NWIPDC management oversees the day to day operations and administrative functions associated with staffing and is the employer of record of all staff hired for the SHIELD program. The NWIPDC does not directly charge the SHIELD group for the administration of the program. Administration costs are covered by the agency general fund that the local governments already contribute to yearly.

9 The SHIELD program has been in place since 1993 and Safety Committees have been formed and are an active participant in all 12 members. Annual training has been completed, Trenching and Shoring Competent Person, Confined Spaces, Lockout-Tagout, Work Zone Safety, Professional Flagger, CDL refresher, Operation Life Saver, Office Safety, Violence in the workplace, Safe Scaffold erection, Bucket Truck Certification, to name just some of the courses offered each year!

10 What has been Accomplished under SHIELD? The SHIELD participants are beginning to give more consideration to all types of direct and nondirect safety issues. Employees are conducting self Audits, Accidents and or injuries as a whole are down for most entities, employees safety awareness has been raised. Experience Modification factors which determine the pay rate for Workers Compensation premiums are lower, which in return lowers the entities premium payments, thus saving money. The Safety Coordinator / Circuit Rider assists with Loss control inspections, Fire Marshall inspections, IOSHA inspections, MSHA inspections, and provides facility inspections annually, assists with Safety Policy development, Monthly Trainings, attends Monthly Safety Committees for each entity.













23 Best Practices – Overview Management Support is a MUST, Board of Supervisors, City Council, Mayor, City Admin. ! Include all Departments in the Safety Process ! Develop Safety Committees, encourage participation by ALL Departments ! Meet Monthly, accident/incident review, safety policy development; PPE, Confined Spaces, Hazardous Energy Control, BBP, Excavation(Trenching and Shoring). set goals, set training/training calender.

24 set or establish annual goals! set or establish training/training calender Documentation of ALL, Safety meetings, Trainings, Safety orientations, Tailgates, Disciplinary Action ! Hazard Assessment's (PPE Matrix)conducted on all tasks / Jobs !


26 EMC Insurance IMWCA CTRE Iowa Workforce Development IOSHA Consultation PERS Public Entity Risk Services of Iowa Fax# 515-276- 7522

27 QUESTIONS Michael D. Raner SHIELD Program Director 712-262-7225 ext 145

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