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Louis Riel & Rebellion in the North-West

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1 Louis Riel & Rebellion in the North-West
SS 10 Chapter 4 & 5 Notes

2 Who was Louis Riel? Famous Manitoban? Traitor? Power-hungry prophet?
Father of the Metis Nation? Saint? Traitor? Power-hungry prophet? Madman? Sinner?

3 HIS CHILDHOOD Born 1844, in St. Boniface, the Red River colony, under HBC rule. Parents—Louis Riel and Julie Lagimodiere, strong Catholic family Proud to be Metis—ancestors were French, English, Scottish fathers and First Nations mothers Heritage of buffalo hunting and trading READ P. 7-9



6 I. Background to Rebellion:
1868 Canadian government paid Hudson Bay Company $1,500,000 to buy Rupert’s Land Land was renamed- North-West Territories or NWT- transferred to Canada in 1869 Government surveys the land for townships for new European immigrants Metis live at Red River Settlement and maintain own way of life Metis were angered at arrival of surveyors and attempted to stop from happening William McDougall is appointed Lieutenant-Governor of NWT without local approval

7 Rupert’s Land:

8 II. Red River Rebellion-Resistance, 1869-70- Background:
An educated Louis Riel emerged as a leader of the Metis Riel set up Le Comite National de Metis (NCM)as a temporary government at Red River Purpose is to bargain with Canadian government for the land, language, and religious rights of the Metis NCM: 1. Stops McDougall from entering Red River; 2. Seizes HBC post at Fort Garry; 3. Create a List of Rights- conditions by which the Metis will join Canada Prime Minister John A. Macdonald did not want the settlement to become part of Canada until the claim was resolved 1869, Riel set up a provisional government which he headed

9 Metis Way of Life:

10 II. Red River Rebellion-Resistance, 1869-70- Metis List of Rights:
List of rights include: Right to approve or reject Federal laws affecting Red River; Right to have land set aside for schools, roads, and public buildings; Every male householder over 21 could vote Riel and the Metis took their List of Rights to Ottawa to be accepted by the Federal Government

11 Metis Symbol:

12 II. Red River Rebellion-Resistance, 1869-70- Thomas Scott:
Thomas Scott was a surveyor, member of the Canada Party, and a Protestant member of the Orange Order (anti-Catholic group) Scott was given permission to drive Metis out of Red River and actively protested against the Metis government, uttering threats against Riel Scott was jailed by the Metis for his actions Metis council found Scott guilty of insubordination and disobedience and sentenced to death- Scott was executed in 1870

13 Thomas Scott Read p.27-30

14 II. Red River Rebellion-Resistance, 1869-70- Government Responds:
Ontario Protestants called Riel and the Metis murderers and demanded that the Federal Government send out an army to end the uprising at Red River While Quebec Catholics protested any interference, the Federal Conservatives cautiously attempted to resolve the situation The government decided that the Metis settlement at Red River should join Confederation July, 1870, the Manitoba Act was passed creating the “Postage Stamp” province of Manitoba- Canada’s 5th province Many of the Metis Rights were included in the Manitoba Act and the creation of the province allowed for greater Metis’ control over matters

15 Assignment: Complete Review Master R-10 Chapter 4: The Northwest to 1070: I. Important People, Groups, & Events: 1-4;8;10-12;14-16 II. Main Ideas & Concepts: 1-5 III. Comprehension: 3-6; 8-10 IV. Crossword Due next week!

16 Manitoba- Canada’s 5th Province- Postage Stamp:

17 Louis Riel –Provisional Government:
Read p.18-21

18 II. Red River Rebellion-Resistance, 1869-70- Dealing with Riel:
1870, Macdonald ordered a military expedition under Colonel Wolseley to deal with Riel and his actions Fearing death for the murder of Thomas Scott, Riel fled to the US where he remained until 1884 Riel was elected as a Member of Parliament for Manitoba and was pardoned for the killing of Scott in 1875 by Macdonald

19 III. Riel and the North-West Rebelllion, 1885- Background:
1870’s Metis were pushed further and further into the North-West Territories Living conditions of the Metis were poor- their lots were bought and re-surveyed by Ottawa; land speculators and new immigrants were buying up land- thus disrupting traditional hunting and farming practices of the Metis Metis petitioned Ottawa for changes Macdonald repsonded with promise and scrip or promisary certificates fpr land and cash Metis once again set up a Provisional Government

20 Metis Migration:

21 Riel and the North-West Rebelllion, 1885- Return of Riel:
Metis needed proper leadership- Metis leader Gabriel Dumont traveled to Montana to convince a retired, very religious, teacher Louis Riel to return and lead new Metis negotiations with Ottawa Reluctantly, Riel agreed to return and lead the Provisional Government of the North-West Territory in negotiating Metis rights with Ottwa First Nations bands led by Poundmaker and Big Bear also supported the Metis

22 Metis & Native Leaders in the North-West Territories:

23 Riel and the North-West Rebelllion, 1885:
1885, Federal Government, not wanting to negotiate with the Metis, sent out the military to silence Riel and the Metis Under the leadership of General Middleton, 8,000 soldiers were sent out on the newly created Canadian Pacific Railway to deal with the Metis So began the rebellion with battles at: Duck Lake- Metis vs. General Crozier and the NWMP; 12 NWMP dead/5 Metis dead Frog Lake- 9 total dead Fish Creek- Dumont vs. Middleton Batoche- Riel, Dumont, & Metis vs. Middleton & NWMP; 4 day fight; Riel defeated

24 Battle in the North-West:

25 Riel and the North-West Rebelllion, 1885- Riel’s Defeat & Trial:
After Batoche, Riel and Dumont escape, but Riel turns himself in Riel is arrested and tried for treason- taking up arms against the government 1885, Regina, Riel is found guilty by a jury of 5 English- speaking Protestant jurors and is sentenced to hang November 16th, 1885, Louis Riel is hanged despite protests from French Catholic Canadiens, pleas for a pardon, and a failed bid to plead insane The of Louis Riel and his role in Canadian history continues: Hero or Traitor? Sane or Insane? Selfless or Selfish?

26 Louis Riel- Hero or Traitor?

27 Louis Riel Day:

28 Louis Riel’s Grave:

29 The End!

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