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Northwest Coast Indians Kwakiutl

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1 Northwest Coast Indians Kwakiutl

2 kwakiutl/kwkutl_E/geog_E.htm

3 Climate of the Northwest Coast WinterSummer Maritime climate Cool and wet Warm and drier Average High 4274 Average Low 3352 Rainfall100 inches Per year

4 Geographic features Mountains Islands Coastline Evergreen forest Streams, rivers, lakes qcisland.htm

5 Beliefs Believed in many spirits which lived in plants and animals. Spirits could give supernatural power to men. Totem poles told family history

6 Art and Recreation queen.html Kwakiutl had leisure time in winter to tell stories, perform songs and dances, carve totems, masks, and murals on the front of buildings

7 Plants and Animals Evergreen forest of western red cedar, hemlock, Douglas fir Ocean: salmon, seals, whales, otters Land: deer, moose, elk, beavers, raccoons, rabbits whales/queen.htm

8 Housing Large houses made of cedar planks. Painted family crests on front of their homes. More than one family lived in a house

9 Clothing Men and women wore cedar-bark or fur robes Women also wore bark aprons made of cedar bark or goat hair. Raincoats and hats were made of bark /

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