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Northwest Villages and Chiefdoms Chapter 7 Wilson The Kogi.

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1 Northwest Villages and Chiefdoms Chapter 7 Wilson The Kogi

2 Significance of this group From the Heart of the World Reichel-Dolmatoff’s data – BBC representation – Issues with these views?

3 Kogi Physical Environment – Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – Highest and most steeply ascending coastal massif in the world. – 5 climatic zones: topical, subtropical, temperate, páramo and snowline. – Diverse range of climates and related vegetation (fig. 7.2) – Fauna: jaguar, puma, tigrillo, tapir, paca, peccary, armadillo, howler monkey, toucan, heron, pelican, crocodilians, marine turtles and fish.


5 Mode of Production – High mobility and slash-and- burn agriculture – Principal foods Various climatic zones Marine products as supplement of protein – Tairona ancient terraces – Tropical zone- coca cultivations Benefits of coca plant Gender differences Adaptive strategies during good and bad years

6 Settlement Patterns Wide range of elevations East far from European influence- blocked access to the sea 35 principal Kogi settlements, 1-2,000 mts. Above sea level Traditional structures are round with conical roof – Field houses, gender differences and conjugal relations No singular “home” but 3+ houses through the year

7 Mode of Reproduction & Domestic Economy 1940s 2,000 people High infant mortality rates Male & female homosexuality Figure 7.2- Kogy settlement pattern Duty to maintain the roads and small tambos Clothing – Men: weaving, pottery making, – Planting and weeding the coca – Women: plant crops and harvest – Inheritance & house ownership e

8 Social Organization Two main groups: Túxe & Dáke Mámas and marriage Age of marriage & preference Matrilocal rules and bride service Views of women Effects of chewing coca leaves

9 Political Economy & Ritual and Leadership No political economy, isolation as strategy for cultural survival Kogi have entered the cash economy – WorldBank The mámas: duties, training and authority – The poporo-effects of chewing coca

10 Ideology Three sacred postulates (abstentions) Views of natures The Universal Mother Ceremonial house Women and sexuality Kogi calendar – 18- 20days months – Impact of Colombian huaqueros – The Kogi, perfect ecologists?

11 Controversy B.I.O. awarded a Bios Prize to The Kogi community in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in Colombia.

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