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Northwest Ordinance & Northwest Territory

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1 Northwest Ordinance & Northwest Territory

2 Land Ordinance of 1785 To help solve the problem of raising money to pay war debt the Confederation Congress hoped to sell land. New land in the Ohio River Valley would be surveyed and divided to sell.

3 Split into townships of 36 sq mile
Each township divided into 36 lots of 640 acres. One lot set aside for public schools & 4 for war vets The rest were for sale



6 Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Created the Northwest Territory Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio & Wisconsin


8 Northwest Ordinance Created a system of bringing in new states.
Congress created smaller territories…each had a governor. When that territory population hit 60,000 they could draft a constitution and ask permission to enter the union. Governor appointed by congress

9 Northwest Ordinance Included a bill of rights:
Required public education be provided No slavery or indentured servitude ***Ordinance worked so well it was used in other territories…only slavery became a Hot Button Issue***

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