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WELCOME TO THE FIRST ANNUAL ACADEMY OF BIOTECHNOLOGY INFORMATION NIGHT Dina Link Coordinator, Academy of Biotechnology Teacher, Biology and Molecular Biotechnology.

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1 WELCOME TO THE FIRST ANNUAL ACADEMY OF BIOTECHNOLOGY INFORMATION NIGHT Dina Link Coordinator, Academy of Biotechnology Teacher, Biology and Molecular Biotechnology

2 Agenda  Introduction to Career Cluster Academies  Career Education Programs  Northwest High School  The Northwest High School Program  Description & Benefits  Expectations  Resources

3 Career and Technology Education in MCPS  Vision  Combine rigorous academic and technical study with the excitement of discovery through small learning communities and career-theme programs.  With the support of the business and higher education communities, students will apply their acquired skills and knowledge to make informed decisions concerning education, careers, and a path toward lifelong learning.

4 Career Pathway Programs MCPS Model: Rigor + Relevance + Relationships = ENGAGEMENT

5 Career Pathway Programs 2007 Wage Data – 2001 MCPS Graduates Source: 2007 Lifelong Learning and Earning Six-year Study

6 Career Pathway Programs Impact of Model Implementation Dual completion students… Graduate from college more often Graduate in less time Obtain better paying jobs Source: 1999 and Preliminary 2007 MCPS Lifelong Learning and Earning Six-year Stud

7 Biotechnology  MCPS Definition: Students are officially enrolled in the program in their Junior Year; 4 credit hours min. for completion  Recommended foundation courses in 9 th and 10 th grade  Biology  Chemistry  Physics  Honors level strongly recommended, but not required; case-by-case judgment

8 Biotechnology Benefits  Articulation agreement with Montgomery College for up to five credits  AP college credit options  Student internship opportunities ex. HHMI and CARB

9 Northwest High School Academy of Biotechnology Small Learning Community Model  Est. in 2003/2004 School Year  07/08 Graduating Class: 11 students  08/09 Graduating Class: 16 students  Current membership: ~75 students, 9 th to 12 th grade  09/10 Mol Bio enrollment: 24 students

10 Academy Goals = CTE Vision  Rigor  Molecular Biotechnology Course: Advanced level credit Aligns with local Community College “Intro to Biotechnology” course A grade of B or better gives equivalent college course credit  AP Science encouraged  Relationship  Academy science course sections  Student Association  Relevance  Embedded Career exploration  Guest speakers  Field Trips  Internships

11 Rigor Molecular Biotechnology Course: Nine Units of Study UnitDescription 1Biotechnology; Past, Present, and Future 2Essential Lab Skills and Safety 3Cell Structure and Function Review 4Macromolecule Structure and Function 5Proteins 6Nucleic Acids 7Protein Synthesis and Gene Regulation 8Molecular Technology 9Legal, Ethical and Funding Issues in Biotechnology

12 Rigor – Techniques & Technologies  Team work – lab groups and lab group meetings  Maintaining a professional lab notebook  Scientific Communication  Lab Safety  Lab Math – making solutions  Common lab equipment  Pipetting – micro and macro  Sterile technique  Maintaining cell cultures  Transformation  DNA extractions  Gel electrophoresis: protein & DNA  Restriction enzyme analysis  Protein crystallography  PCR  ELISA  Microarray  Microscopy  Sequencing  Bioinformatics

13 Relationship  Scheduling & Tracking  Academy-designated sections for all foundation courses  Double Period for 11 th Grade core course  Students tracked in central database

14 Relationship  Student Association  Membership from 9 th to 12 th grade  Student-led: Officers voted in yearly  Responsibilities: Hold Monthly membership meetings Fundraising ID and research Guest Speaker and Field Trip opportunities Plan and run Graduation Celebration Keep Academy Members informed of specific events and opportunities in the school and surrounding community Assist in recruitment activities

15 Communication  School Website  Northwest High School Northwest High School General program information  Academy of Biotechnology Edline page  Academy of Biotechnology Academy of Biotechnology List schedules for important events Whole group emails Post community opportunities & events

16 Relevance  Embedded activities  Lab meeting topics – tied to current applied research for each Unit of study  Biotech Company Research Project – semester long  Community connections  Year-long Internships strongly encouraged MCPS/NIH/HHMI program: Open to any MCPS student; competitive Center for Advanced Research & Biotechnology: Open to CTE students first; competitive School-based CTE Internship Coordinator: Works with community contacts

17 Relevance  Field Trips  National Library of Medicine  MedImmune  Koshland Science Museum  National Aquarium: behind-the-scenes tour  Maryland Science Museum  Montgomery College  MDBio Mobile Lab

18 Rewards Student Testimonials “As a member of the academy, I received unique insight on modern branches of science, such as genetics and the role of molecules in sustaining life. I also had the opportunity to visit various institutions and learn of current projects in the field of biotechnology,” Megh In Molecular Biology, I had loved all the labs, but my favorite one was when we were testing the effect of the “ampicillin resistant gene” in bacteria. It was pretty interesting to observe, how easily we had inserted or modified the gene of the E. Coli bacteria just with the help of test tubes and pipets,” Sachi

19 Rewards

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