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Enterprise Thinking Final Presentation AZ Fall 2010 David Goldsmith.

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1 Enterprise Thinking Final Presentation AZ Fall 2010 David Goldsmith

2 Alliances

3 Order Winners Unique and Distinguishing attributes that prompts consumers to buy from one organization instead of from its competitors. 0% interest for 12 months Free Home Delivery Free Installation Free Gift Free Accessories Extended Warranty

4 Product

5 CPM Chart

6 Critical Path A(2)B(1 ) C(1) D(1) E(2) F(1) G(2) H(1)

7 Critical Path A(2)B(1 ) C(1) D(1) E(2) F(1) G(2) H(1) Total 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 9 weeks

8 Critical Path A(2)B(1 ) C(1) D(1) E(2) F(1) G(2) H(1) ES=0 EF=2 LS=0 LF=2 LS=2 LF=3 LS=4 LF=6 LS=3 LF=4 LS=3 LF=4 LS=6 LF=8 LS=7 LF=8 LS=8 LF=9 ES=2 EF=3 ES=3 EF=4 ES=3 EF=4 ES=4 EF=6 ES=6 EF=7 ES=6 EF=8 ES=8 EF=9 Slack time

9 Starting a New Business Challenge:The demand for marketing services is on the decline due to recession. Opportunity:Small and medium sized retailers are seeking to automate their systems thus creating a need for customer loyalty programs.

10 DESIRED OUTCOME STRATEGY STRATEGY OF TACTICS EXECUTION TACTICS Strategizing using CST - Call Centers - Software House - SMS Marketing - Retailing - Services X Creating solutions for SME retailers Being cost efficient than competition Develop own software using minimal resources Fully prepared with solution & service for clients Focus on conversion and on growing retailers

11 Forecasting Markers A tendency in a particular direction. Trends Are repetitive activities, characteristics or occurrences. Pattern A repeated occurrence that happens over a period of time and usually at regular intervals. Cycles

12 Trends in the Market Small and Medium retailers opting for automation of their processes Acquiring Customer Loyalty capitalizing on the systems in use will be an order winner in the market.

13 Forecasting Orientation Retro Current Forward Past Today Future -Defensive Orientation -Strategy & Thinking aimed at the past -Offer me-too products -Have outdated equipment & Technologies -Confused Orientation -Struggling to maintain focus between present & future -Offensive Orientation -Design products, processes & ideas which distances them from the competition -They are the industry leader who forge the future

14 Forecasting Orientation Forward Past TodayFuture Retro Current Forward Past Today Future

15 Forecasting Horizon Marker Past Today Future 3 Mo. Dev. 6 Mo. Sale Custom. 7 Mo.19 Mo. Service. 38 Mo. Future Outlook using 2 as factor

16 Forecasted Winners are Projected winners that we anticipate are needed to edge out competitors and win in the future. Proprietry software Magnetic Stripe Technology Using already established POS networks Less expensive customization

17 Economics of Thinking Partners Thinking on what to start and spending time on research & forecasting Consultation Meeting people in IT & Retail sector to get their feedbacks Development Making our own software and launching a prototype for clients Sales Selling the product by showing the prototype to clients Costs Time Customizing Tailoring the products as per the clients needs

18 Pentality Model Competitors What advancements are they doing and how can they effect our business in the future Vendors Monitoring the vendors constantly so as to utilize their expertise and to advert any negative impact on our own business Global Focusing on the emerging technologies and can they be best utilized by us Clients What are our clients thinking, how are they planning to expand business and how can we contribute YOU / US Where do we see ourselves as an emerging tech firm

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