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GIVING YOUR OPINION. Abortion Rights Gambling Genetic Engineering Gun Control Racism Capital Punishment Sex Education Censorship Immigration Cloning.

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3 Abortion Rights Gambling Genetic Engineering Gun Control Racism Capital Punishment Sex Education Censorship Immigration Cloning Internet Privacy Stem Cells Drug Legalization Euthanasia Terrorism Eating Disorders National Security Environment Nuclear Weapons Political Corruption Gangs Poverty Alcohol Global Warming Human Rights Sexual Harassment Child Abuse Steroids Domestic Violence Media Violence Suicide Driving Under the Influence


5 Which of these positions best represents your views about abortion? A) A woman should be able to get an abortion if she wants one, no matter what the reason, up until the time the fetus is viable, that is, can live on its own. B) Abortion should only be legal in certain circumstances, such as when a woman's health is endangered or when the pregnancy results from rape or incest. C) Abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, even if the mother's life is in danger.

6 Which would you prefer for the public schools in your community? A) Provide birth control only to those students who have the consent of their parents. B) Provide birth control to all students who want it. C) Not provide birth control to any student.

7 Do you think making birth control available for teenagers would : A)reduce the number of pregnancies among teenagers. B)have no effect on the number of pregnancies among teenagers. C)increase the number of pregnancies among teenagers?

8 What do you think is the better way to reduce the number of pregnancies among teenagers: by emphasizing sex education and birth control, or by emphasizing morality and abstinence?

9 Now I would like to ask your opinion about a specific abortion procedure known as a 'late- term' abortion or 'partial-birth' abortion, which is sometimes performed on women during the last few months of pregnancy. Do you think that the government should make this procedure illegal, or do you think that the procedure should be legal?


11 Abortion - DEFINITION An abortion is the removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus, resulting in its death.

12 Spontaneous abortion Induced abortion

13 in 2003 42 million abortions.

14 factors : 1.desire to delay childbearing. 2.concern over the interruption of work or education. or relationship stability issues, and 4.immaturity. (A 1998 study, from 27 countries )


16 EUTHANASIA Do you support voluntary euthanasia for the terminally ill? A ) Yes B) No C) Undecided

17 If you answered yes, for what reason? (check both if that applies to you) A)If the patient is in unbearable and constant pain B) Only after all alternatives have been exhausted

18 If you answered no, for what reason? (check both if that applies to you) A) There is no justification for suicide no matter what B) Euthanasia is really murder by prescription

19 Should our criminal law punish voluntary euthanasia in its active and passive forms? A) Where a terminally ill person voluntarily, intelligently, and knowingly chooses to die with someone's help, the person who knowingly assists the death by active or passive conduct should not necessarily be liable for murder or assisting suicide, i.e., voluntary euthanasia of the terminally ill should be legal under controlled circumstances. B) Where a terminally ill person voluntarily, intelligently, and knowingly chooses to die with someone's help, the person who knowingly assists the death should be liable for murder, not aiding suicide. C) Same as the second answer, except that the aider should be liable for aiding (assisting) suicide rather than murder.

20 Absolutely, as long as the person in question is completely sound of mind and understands what they are asking and what the consequences are.

21 Yes I definitely think it should be legalised. We can choose to live a dignified life so therefore we should be allowed to choose dignity in death.

22 YES,provided stringent safeguards are put in place. It is logical that if someone has a right to life he or she has the right to leave it.

23 "Thou shalt not kill". Very moral, of course, but there is a huge difference between killing someone and allowing nature to take its course. Personally if I was in a vegetative state or in a lot of pain, I would ask my doctors to withhold treatment so that I could be allowed to die, and have made a living will to that effect. If we are kind to dogs and cats who are suffering, why can we not share the same compassion for our fellow men? I agree it would have to be carefully monitored and some people want to fight even if their fight seems hopeless... but others have had so much suffering (and their families have had so much) that they just can't bear it anymore. Any patient can refuse treatment, but if they are incapacitated, it is up to their brave relatives to refuse it on their behalf, if they really feel it is the right and good thing to do.

24 In nature, people who were too old to move would have to be left behind to die, and people tended to die before suffering long- term unbearable pain. We have already made the choice to move away from nature to a society where some bodily organs can be kept going indefinitely. What is more caring: to allow a loved one to suffer or live a meaningless existence, or to allow the most natural death possible in the circumstances.

25 Euthanasia - DEFINITION Euthanasia is the practice of ending a life in a painless manner.

26 Euthanasia may be conducted with consent (voluntary euthanasia) or without consent (involuntary euthanasia).

27 euthanasia by proxy consent is highly controversial, especially because multiple proxies may claim the authority to decide for the patient and may or may not have explicit consent from the patient to make that decision.


29 Global Warming - DEFINITION Global warming is the increase in the average measured temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans.

30 Increasing global temperature is expected to cause sea level to rise, an increase in the intensity of extreme weather events, and significant changes to the amount and pattern of precipitation.

31 Other expected effects of global warming include changes in agricultural yields, modifications of trade routes, glacier retreat, species extinctions and increases in the ranges of disease vectors.


33 Teen Driking - DEFINITION Some kids start to drink alcohol at a young age. They think it is part of becoming an adult. They also think drinking is not that bad because so many people do it.

34 Parents may start to notice a change in their child’s behavior if the child starts drinking. They act moody and do not have the same eating and sleeping habits.

35 Parents need to stay involved in their kids’ lives. They should talk to their children about their problems to be aware of any changes. Parents can be the best protection.

36 Children who get a lot of love can feel good about themselves. It helps them resist doing bad things even when other kids are doing them. Parents can also help set a good example by not drinking and driving. Give the children good ideas on how to stay safe.


38 discombobulated fathom wan facetious gullible bewilder ambidextrous taunting gingerly frail feasible figments effigy feigned abash abate amicable perennial augment predecessor cognizant

39 The speaker was completely discombobulated by the hecklers.

40 There´s a need to fathom someone's motives.

41 Their wan attempts to organize the alumni.

42 A facetious person.

43 At that early age she had been gullible and in love

44 The twists and turns in the cave bewildered us.

45 an ambidextrous surgeon

46 taunting shouts of `coward' and `sissy'"

47 Nothing could ever abash him.

48 The doctor gave him some medicine to abate his pain.

49 The two neighbors came to an amicable decision about the fence.

50 I would like to buy some perrenial plants.

51 He had to augment his salary by taking another job.

52 I hope I can live up to my predecessor's reputation.

53 The man was cognizant of the danger of walking through the park at night.

54 The child feigned illness in an attempt to avoid the test.

55 The children made an effigy of their nasty neighbor.

56 Ghosts and monsters are figments of an active imagination.

57 The engineer thought that building the bridge across the river was a feasible project.

58 Be careful! That chair is frail.

59 Paulette picked up the antique vase gingerly and placed it on the shelf.

60 blight - to ruin; to decay; to destroy- harangue - to talk or write excitedly; to scold; to lecture obtrude - to force oneself or one's ideas upon another; to thrust forward; to eject; to invade; to interrupt besmirch - to dirty; to stain; to sully; to soil

61 turgid : swollen; inflated; using big or high- sounding words misanthrope : person who distrusts everything; hater of mankind devious: deceptive; crooked; twisting; circuitous; indirect

62 whimsical: fanciful; amusing; capricious effete : no longer productive; worn out; degenerate; exhausted lavish : profuse or generous; given to extravagance; wasteful; generous motley : of various colors; of mixed ingredients; of great variety tenuous : thin; slim; delicate; weak; sparse ignominious : contemptible; degrading; humiliating; ignoble; contempt; base; mean

63 “For whatever it´s worth.” "I think…" "I feel that…" "In my opinion…" "As far as I'm concerned…" "As I see it…" "In my view…" "I tend to think that…"

64 "I'm absolutely convinced that…" "I'm sure that…" "I strongly believe that…" "I have no doubt that…" “As a matter of fact...” “...., to say the least” “Nowadays”..... “Currently....”

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