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Performance and Portfolio Management How to Realize Efficiencies in Enterprise Projects and Operations.

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1 Performance and Portfolio Management How to Realize Efficiencies in Enterprise Projects and Operations

2 Agenda  Knowledge Relay Overview  USAF Current Environment and Needs  Automated Solutions Integrated Planning & Scheduling Integrated Visuals  Impact

3 Orange County, CA – 25 Years Aerospace Roots Global and Complex, Multi-Site Solutions Specialization in Performance and Portfolio Management Project Application, ERP Systems, and Cost Applications Experts Optimized Data Integration, Visuals, and Analytics Corporate Overview (United States Nuclear Regulator Commission Data)

4 Customers EnergyGovernmentAerospace

5 USAF Current Environment and Needs Current Environment:  ERP, Project Portfolio, Financial, Legacy – Disparate Data Sources  Multiple Related Projects  Manual processes costing valuable time Needs:  Performance and Portfolio Management Improvement Targeted  Integration of Asset Planning, Schedule, and Cost  Improved Visuals  Automation

6 When mission critical data is needed real time or by a schedule, Knowledge Relay provides the technology neutral solution. Any Geography Any Application - Primavera - Cobra - TeamWorks - Excel Any Format -.XML -.CSV -.XLS Any Data Base - Oracle - SQL Servers Enterprise Systems - CRMs - ERPs - Homegrown Ease of Use - Drag and Drop Data Mapping Automation - Data Migration - Report Creation - Dash Board Update / Drilldown - Data and Report Distribution Highly Customizable Reports - Gantt’s - PERT’s - Earned Value - Multi-Format (Crystal-like) - Classic Business Graphics Speed - CPU Balanced - Grid Balanced Flexibility - Combine Data From All Applications Power - All the data - All the time - Integrated Visuals - Technology Neutral Iterative Abilities - Constantly Updating - Multi-Thread Capable Get the right information to the right people at the right time! Take Control of Data From: Realize

7 All data sources are integrated allowing for Project Portfolio Management to exceed previous barriers caused by disparate data sources. Each phase is automated creating significant increases in operational efficiency by eliminating manual processes.

8 SP Data Depot Project Reports Dashboards SAP / ERP Any Data SAP / Asset / Maximo Open Plan / Primavera Ventyx Any Data Mutli-Format Reports Primavera / Open Plan VentyxAny Data

9 Give us the current status of the: The Time to Know is Now Washington, D.C. Schedule of our tank movements Costs of the jet fuel needed Cobra Financials Resources required to build a new munitions depot The Data and the People that Need to Know are Around the World OkinawaGuamMarshall Islands San Diego, CA Washington, D.C. OPEN SOURCE

10 Around the World ! Okinawa Guam Marshall Islands San Diego, CA Washington, D.C. All Data is Integrated! We mean………

11 The People that Have the Data and Need to Know are Around the World Okinawa Guam Marshall Islands San Diego, CA Washington, D.C. Staff Receive Reports and Dashboards Real Time or by Schedule All Information is shared! REAL TIME

12 The tanks will arrive in Guam in 2 weeks The jet fuel costs for all fours sites by fuel type with shortages highlighted are displayed. The resources required to build a new munitions depot shows a shortage of cement in Okinawa Fortunately, excess cement is in San Diego and can compensate to remove the bottleneck By Combining Data From Multiple Sources Actionable Information is Known … and Solutions Become Revealed … Issues are Quickly Exposed… Jet Fuel Costs

13 Turn Disconnected Data Sets into Actionable Information So you are telling us that we can get all of the necessary information to understand the issues and take corrective action as soon as possible? Mission Accomplished!

14 Software Time Scaled Optimized Gantt Resource Histograms Mix Data Work Off / Burn Down Curves What if Application Successor / Predecessor Report Gantt with Business Rules Time Scaled PERT Manage Enterprise Portfolios Automation of Manual Processes Data Integration Report Creation Report Distribution Features Time Scale Optimized Gantt (Vertical Slice) Line Numbering Add Steps or Notes Apply Business Rules Integration of Disparate Data Automatically PERT Charts Multi-Format Reports (Graphics / Split Cells) What If Scenario Generation Real Time Dashboards (from all sources) Auto-Detection – Correction of Errors Ease of Printing Dashboards Project Tune Up

15 Tasks on the same line


17 Tasks with inspectors reviewing turn green Cost Data Included Gantt with Business Rules




21 Time Scaled PERT

22 What-If Analyzer is a stand-alone application connected to a Primavera Database or Excel that allows a user to see multi-year allocations of funds based on a project data. The user can then perform what-if scenarios by moving, copying, adding and deleting activities, creating relationships between them and then rescheduling the activities. The scenario can be saved as a WIA file and reloaded into What-If Analyzer at a later date.

23 Real Time Dashboards Improving Operational Efficiencies Automation of Manual Processes Bottlenecks Exposed Early Find All the “Needles in the Haystack” Earned Value Features From Any Data Source From Multiple Data Sources Auto Refreshed by Schedule Interactive Drill Downs Highly Customizable Custom Site or Building Maps Apply Your Business Rules Analytics Publishable Intranet / Internet Printable

24 Job Server – Email reports and alerts Information Visualizer – Reports – Email – Inter/Intranet Dashboards – Web-based Schedule Report Delivery - Automated Share Specific Reports to Specific Users Reports arrive as web links removing bandwidth issues Web based reports and dashboards delivered to the right people at the right time! Publish Reports and Dashboards on an intranet or on the internet. Delivery of Information

25 Organizational Impact  Complete Portfolio Views and Analysis  Real Time Information Through Automation  Changes in Applications or Data Sources are Quickly Accommodated.  Bottlenecks are Quickly Exposed… Force the “needles in the haystack” to find themselves.

26 Return on Investment  Faster, More Accurate Visuals  Better Decisions via Integrated Data  Improved Operational Efficiencies  Improved Risk Mitigation  Reduced Cost of Ownership

27 Questions

28 Thank You Lee Gliddon

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