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____________Conspiracies ______________that got dismissed from position and found himself linked to the *High-Federalist* - _____________________ Conspiracies:

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2 ____________Conspiracies ______________that got dismissed from position and found himself linked to the *High-Federalist* - _____________________ Conspiracies: (1)____________________________ (2)Famous duel with _____________ (political rival) (3)____________________________ (1)Plotted with ______________(ally to the Spanish crown) of Louisiana to separate the west from the east with the Mississippi splitting down the middle (2)Expand the ____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________. (3) Never occurred due ____________________________________ *OUTCOME: ______________________________ Chief Justice John Marshall’s reaction: strict constructionist claimed ___________and not _________________do not constitute a guilty verdict. Burr – acquitted of all charges and fled to Europe and urged Napoleon to launch an invasion of America! Domestic concern: ______________________________________________

3 (5) CAUSES OF THE WAR OF 1812 (1) ________________________________________ (1807) – Location: 10 miles off the coast of Virginia Story: British Commander on the British Ship (Leopard) “demanded” to board the American ship (Chesapeake) Result: American soldiers were captured and killed…we do not fire back! Jefferson’s response: _________________________-- **Jefferson responds by convincing congress to pass an EMBARGO (___________________) General idea:

4 Jefferson ____________________ (2) __________________________(alternative to war) Embargo - a ban on exporting goods to other countries from America *Purpose of Embargo Act of 1807 – (1)America’s attempt to force ___________________________________ ______________________________________________________. (2)European nations depended on the United States’ raw materials. *if it worked: ______________________________________ *if it failed: ________________________________________ *Result of Embargo Act 1807 – ___________________________(hurt our economy more than others) Legacy – Always seen as a failure due to “lack of flow of foreign goods into America” Jefferson’s internal issues with the Embargo Southern farmer: TRUE BENEFIT OF EMBARGO ACT: ________________________________ Congress eventually lifted the embargo in _____ and passed the _________________- outlawed shipping ____________________________. Outcome: ___________________l just like the Embargo Act of 1807

5 James Madison as President & Energetic Congress ___________________– elected President in 1808 _________________________ Congress: now had fiery Western and Southern Congressmen ____________(Kentucky) and ________________ (South Carolina) (3) WAR HAWKS General goals: (1) ____________________________ (2) ____________________________(______________________) *Compare 12 th Congress (War of 1812 congress) to predecessor: Predecessor: _____________________ 12 th congress: ____________________

6 __________________________(The Prophet) Shawnee Tribesmen Confederacy: Tecumseh’s Confederacy: _______________________________ Goal: _________________________! 1809 – _________________________-(Governor of Indiana Territory) strong-armed the confederacy of Native Americans to give up 3 million acres of their land. Location: ________________________ RESULTS of Tippecanoe: (1) ____________________________________(1 of 2) (2) ____________________________________ (4) Frontier Pressures: Tecumseh supported the BRITISH to defend land against the white settler! Tecumseh’s Death: _______________________ 2 angles: defeat the British but wipe out the Native Americans (support) GOAL___________________________________________________________________ “____________________________!” (rallying cry)

7 Why did America go to War with Britain in 1812? (1)Impressments / Chesapeake Incident (2)Embargo Act of 1807 (3)War Hawks (4)British and Shawnee team (5)World view of America/Proof of Domestic dependability.

8 _________________! _______________________-– invades Lake Champlain, builds warships on the coast and controls Lake Erie, Ontario and Huron and attacks Detroit – American Victory! Famous Quote: “_______________________________________ __________________________” - Perry Result: ______________________________! War turns to the Chesapeake Bay Area: The British march to Washington and burn the Capitol and the White House. The British sails to Baltimore, Maryland (Ft. McHenry) - Francis Scott Key writes the Star Spangled Banner

9 __________________ ANDREW JACKSON gets a victory in Alabama (_________________) and then moves into _________________– killing off 1,000s of British and Native Americans! Most significant battle of War of 1812 Battle of New Orleans (_____________________) Strange Fact: The War of 1812 is over 2 weeks BEFORE the Battle of New Orleans OUTCOME: _______________ _________________________ As a result of the War of 1812.

10 END OF WAR OF 1812 Delegates from both sides met in _________________to discuss an ____________: War of 1812 nickname: ______________________________________ Treaty of Ghent – Signed __________________________ MAIN “RESULTS or LEGACY” from WAR OF 1812 (1)___________________________________________ (2)Got us back to “_________________” – nothing else!!! (no territorial gains) “not one inch of land ceded or lost!”

11 Federalist Grievances and the Hartford Convention BEFORE THE WAR WAS OVER…. *High-Federalist extremist wanted the War of 1812 ___________because it disrupted their _________ these states threatened secession. __________: New Englanders that flashed lanterns to blockading British ships to notify “the Americans are on the move.” HARTFORD CONVENTION Location: _______________________ Involved: _________________________________________________________(Partial representation) Duration: __________________________________ Demands: (1)Financial assistance from Washington (_______________________________-) (2)Called for a _______________________s support before an (a) ______ (b) ______is admitted and/or (c) _______________ (3)Limit presidents to ______________*(Abolish the ______________________________) (counting portions of slaves for Congressional representation) (4)Dissolve the “_____________________” – limit successive presidents from the same state. Result of Hartford Convention: news of Treaty of Ghent came…demands seemed petty. The Hartford Convention is considered the “______________________” Note: More power for the individual states (possible nullification in the North!)

12 POST War of 1812 U.S. and Great Britain opened trade agreements _____________________________________(1818) – (1)____________________________________ _____________________________________(1818) (1) Northern boundary of ____________________________________ (2) *** ___________________________________________________

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