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Strategies for Managing Change and Developing Leaders Presented by Nikole Williams June 2011.

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1 Strategies for Managing Change and Developing Leaders Presented by Nikole Williams June 2011

2  Organization  Professional development  Daily effective management with a vision  Challenges

3  Barnard College  Liberal arts, undergraduate, women’s college affiliated with Columbia University in NYC  Nearly 2,400 students  Barnard College Information Technology (BCIT)

4  Staff  Services  Internet connectivity  Malware removal  Google Apps  Computer lab maintenance  OS installation and repair  Technology workshops Associate Director (4-6) Senior ACEs (16-17) ACEs Student Computing Coordinator (Part- time) 2 Graduate Assistants

5 Career Development Events Training & Evaluations Recruitment Promotion & Post-grad Opportunities

6  Responsibilities  Monthly meeting  Co-facilitate interviews and evaluations  Conduct training with Senior ACEs-in-Training  Provide backup support  Specialized tasks  Schedule Moderator  Webmaster  Wiki Moderator  Lead Trainer  Events Coordinator

7  Student submits an application online  Interview and simulation  Hired?  Meet with Senior ACEs and Director  Student Computing: has interpersonal and technical skills to work independently

8  How do you view your staff?  What interests them?  How can we help them improve?  Formal training twice a year  Mid-semester evaluation and meeting

9  How do student employees get promoted?  Management focus vs. technical focus  Graduate Assistant & Student Computing Coordinator  Career development events in technology

10  Simulate real-world environment  Positive reinforcement  Work well in teams and independently  Increases visibility of dept. and college  Invest in them, and they will invest in you  Decision-making: the “Collective Best”


12  Student staff->valuable insight as individuals, students, and technicians  Incorporate their opinions into your decision- making  Converse and collaborate  Be open and specific without crossing boundaries  Acknowledge each opinion & welcome diversity  Must still demonstrate decisiveness

13  Balance technical and administrative duties  Helps staff troubleshoot but shield them from stressful situations  Delegate effectively and allow independent work  Clearly set, convey, and reinforce protocols  Teach during training  Easy access to updates and reminders afterwards

14  Be open to learning while having a vision: High-quality services Training and evaluations Professional development Academics + work experience Welcoming environment Listen and care


16  Mostly positive feedback  Challenges  Missed shifts during midterms and finals  Evaluation of Graduate Assistants  Professional Development of Student Computing Coordinator  Managing Change

17  How do ACEs schedule office hours? 1. Google Calendar; schedule 5-10 hours/week 2. Email schedule moderator possible work hours 3. Permanent schedule determined: 2 ACEs/shift 4. Share schedule with Student Computing calendar  Schedule moderator  Drafts tentative schedule  Email: missed shifts, policy and holiday reminders

18  Reinforce protocol  ACE requests coverage, optimally shift swap  72 hours or more in advance  Not penalized  No response? Send a reminder  Notice in less than 72 hours  1 st and 2 nd time: Excused  3 rd : Meeting, 4 th : Penalties

19  Challenge: Hard to supervise because they work nights and weekends  During my mid-semester check in with each ACE, will ask how its going during their night and weekend

20  Challenges  Part-time: delegation, schedule  Professional Development  Solutions  Flexibility  Assess how he/she can develop professionally and supply projects

21 Wired Wireless Print from lab computers Print from laptop Main student computer lab and support in new student center In-house email server Google Apps for Education Main student computer lab and support in library

22 VP Division Dean of the Library Department

23  2008: hired as Manager of Student Computing  Worked with and for predecessor  Former Graduate Assistant and ACE  Previous manager: well-liked and respected by ACEs  Graduating seniors interested in taking position

24  4 concepts to help you navigate change Change can be traumatic Take your time Establish continuity and credibility Open and compassionate communication

25  Mixed Expectations & Reactions  Fear and vulnerability  How do my peers feel?  Acknowledge the degree of change

26  Look at the big picture  Don’t take it personally  Have changes outside of your department program also affected students?  Make changes that extinguish fires, but wait to make programmatic changes

27  If you knew the staff member  Communicate respect for their years of service  Recount positive experiences  If you served in a similar capacity  Relate this situation to what other experiences  Pay attention to differences

28  Communicate with staff to discover… Relationship that predecessor had with staff What protocols need to be improved?  Daily Effective Management with a Vision Particularly important during period of change Be a Mentor

29 Questions?

30 Fill out an evaluation m/evaluation

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