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ORCA Status Report and Roadmap GEC8 Ilia Baldine.

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1 ORCA Status Report and Roadmap GEC8 Ilia Baldine

2 Current Status and known issues Cluster-D adopted Bella 2.0 Clearinghouse with Cluster-D broker stood up Actor registry is operational –Communicated to GMOC with example client code Better documentation for APIs, drivers, best practices, substrates Issues –Canceling leases before they start –Container recovery not fully working 2

3 Upcoming release Bella 2.1 IMPORTANT: From now on we require Java 1.6! Removed last bits of COD XMLRPC controller ported to new substrate API Restructured network drivers (no more Node Agent) –Added support for Junipers –Refactored Cisco drivers –Updated NLR driver to new Sherpa API –Network QoS provisioning support across all devices NDL passing between actors –Sites take NDL description of their topology –Site NDLs are published to the registry (full and abstracted) –Controllers can query brokers for site NDL Improvements to NDL parsing code stability –New version of Jena –Structural changes to avoid races New registry code NS2->NDL conversion service (PG RSpec conversion in 2.2) –Web page and XMLRPC 3

4 Bella 2.2 release (expected Oct/Nov) For sure: –Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes –Source tree re-org Single project with trunk/ branches/ tags/ instead of multiple ones –PG RSpec-> NDL converter –XMLRPC SM with full(er) RSPec support –Registry actor liveness confirmation –Better GUI to support multiply-connected topologies –Patches for Euca 1.[56].x to support multiple dataplane interfaces –Minor NDL extensions Add support for port-to-port provisioning Maybes: –Advance reservations –Limited portal Shib support –I2 ION support –MAX/Dragon substrate support (PL interoperability) –Rudimentary Euca image management –SSH proxy 4

5 Predecessor example NLR BEN Renci Net RENCI VMs Duke VMs Duke Net Umass Vise StarLight

6 Post-2.2 Near-term Maintain running ORCA instances on BEN –Shake-out bugs, gain experience in production use Help deployment at other sites –NDL descriptions –Support for deployments Begin work on Camano 3.x features –Persistent OWL storage –Complex predecessor relationships for multiply-linked topologies –Updated inter-actor interface (SOAP+ latest Axis2, possibly adding XMLRPC option) –Support for mixed test environments (command-line testing against production actors) –Better configuration manager –xCat support –Experiment topology embedding –… 6

7 Connectivity Connected to NLR FrameNet 6509 switch at StarLight connecting cluster members C-Wave Investigating connectivity to –ION –ESNet DCN Presentation title goes here7

8 Experiments IMF (NCSU/RENCI/Columbia/UH) Programmable Packet Networks over Dynamic Circuit Substrate (Duke) UNC CS experiments: –Experiments in Fine-Scale Probing for Very High Speed Networks (Jasleen Kaur) –Experiments in Controlled and Reproducible Cross Traffic for Network Experiments (Kevin Jeffay and Don Smith) NCSU control plane project –Connection to HPDMNet Presentation title goes here8

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