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March 7, 2013 HySky Proprietary Information 2013.

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1 March 7, 2013 HySky Proprietary Information 2013

2 The world is vast and only one innovative wireless data communications technology can deliver over 90% global coverage, that is also scalable and reliable, while maintaining an economical business proposition that delivers and captures value for all parties. M2M and SCADA focus: By combining proven ex-military wireless networking and frequency management, with an established worldwide HF radio system, the resulting highly dependable economical coverage permits a client to locate and communicate with remote and mobile, tethered and untethered, assets worldwide i.e., farm irrigation systems, smart grid meters, electric cars, intermodal containers, railcars and trailers, as well as remote energy assets such as oil/gas wells, bulk oil tanks and propane storage tanks. 2 HySky Proprietary Information HySky Overview - Business Model

3 In North America HySky owns and operates a ubiquitous, highly reliable, secure, ex-military, 2-way wireless data network that is ideally positioned to address asset tracking and monitoring, as well as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and M2M applications. 1.Licensed for 954 FCC HF frequencies - July 23, 2022 2.Nine strategically located antenna sites in U.S 3.Proprietary software for Intelligence Frequency Management and Optimization 4.Existing and pending patents 3 HySky Proprietary Information Overview

4  Harris developed technology for HF shortwave radio, leveraging ionosphere propagation; developed proprietary software to optimize wireless communications over broad- areas of coverage (thousands of miles)  Technology declassified and approved for civilian use; awarded FCC licenses across multiple HF radio bands  Nationwide network inaugurated to track mobile assets for the transportation industry - victim of 2001 financial crisis  Private investors acquire assets; form HySky Technologies Inc. and re-focused on SCADA/M2M applications 20134 HySky Proprietary Information HySky’s Technology Evolution

5 Existing Sites Future Sites Network Operations HySky Proprietary Information5

6 1. Event Occurs 3. Receive Sites Report Event 2. HF Transmit 4. Event Reported to Client 6 HySky Proprietary Information How HySky Works

7 Highly Reliable Inbound Coverage (1 Watt ITU ERP) HySky sites w/all directions activatedInternational sites w/all directions activated Complete worldwide coverage beyond circles may require up to 20 watts ITU ERP

8 Markets 8 HySky Proprietary Information

9 9 Flow/Data Loggers Pressure / Temperature Meters On/Off Switches Oil/Gas wells Chemical Injection Solar charging station monitoring Secure Network Remote SMS Commercial HVAC Water Gauges Pumps / Compressors Backup Generators HySky SCADA/Telemetry Applications “

10 Routine condition monitoring Exception alerts Trespass or intrusion alerts HySky can help develop monitoring & reporting strategies that cover … HySky Proprietary Information 10

11 HySky Proprietary Information11

12 Built-in wireless meshing Single transmitter for multiple assets Interior assets mesh to best transmitter Optimized antennas on large vessels Individual addresses allow continuous tracking from transport to transport (i.e., boat to truck to train) Assets located and monitored Tracking even in remote locations HySky Proprietary Information 12

13 Comparison of Competition (Individual volume deals may vary. For illustrative purposes only) 13 HySky Proprietary Information

14 The Problem with Cellular Requires Frequent Towers Requires Dedicated Circuits Requires Costly Service Occasional Blockage

15 The Problem with Satellite Requires Dedicated Channel Limited and/or Costly Service Blocked by Buildings & Canyons Interruptions by Foliage & Rain Often Needs Steerable Antenna

16 The Advantage of HF Omnidirectional Distributed Signal No Building or Canyon Blockage Unaffected by Foliage & Rain No Local Infrastructure Required Travels Thousands of Kilometers Less Than One-Watt of RF Power Ionosphere To Remote Site

17 To Contact Us Charlie Maynard — CCMaynard@HySky.ComCCMaynard@HySky.Com Kevin Cleary — Primary Contacts Jim Rootsey — JRootsey@HySky.ComJRootsey@HySky.Com Engineering design and R&D Phil Galpin — PGalpin@HySky.ComPGalpin@HySky.Com Operations and Customer Service Jim Dyer — Technology and Product Development HySky Proprietary Information17 Financial Scot Brands — SBrands@HySky.ComSBrands@HySky.Com

18 Back-up Slides 18 HySky Proprietary Information

19 ◦ On July 10, 1997, the FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau ("the Bureau") and the Office of Engineering and Technology granted a request for waiver of the Commission's Rules and concurrently the Bureau conditionally granted a five- year authorization to HySky’s predecessor and granted the right to construct and operate, on a secondary basis, a nationwide, commercial, two-way short-data messaging system in the high frequency ("HF") range of the electromagnetic spectrum, subject to certain technical and operational limitations. ◦ On July 20, 2002, the license was updated and reissued with all military restrictions lifted. 2013HySky Proprietary Information19

20 HySky uses 954 uncongested HF channels A Network Operations Center scans the entire HF band every 5 seconds to determine which channels are unoccupied and optimal to transmit data over The System knows what frequencies are propagating A Propagation Evaluation Network of sounders & sophisticated algorithms evaluates the network and optimizes data traffic for 99.99% throughput. HySky’s sophisticated waveform & modem technology overcomes multi-path effects HySky adapts a military HF waveform and proprietary modem technology to ensure the highest level of service HySky uses time & frequency diversity to ensure message delivery If a message is not received on the 1 st try, the message is repeated at a different frequency to guarantee delivery; the system then generates a message acknowledgment. 2013HySky Proprietary Information20

21 Exceptionally Quiet Rural Areas Air-Conditioned Equipment Buildings Backup Generators Directional Antenna Arrays Receiver/Demodulation Equipment T1 or Satellite Interfaces 2013HySky Proprietary Information21

22 Legacy Unit Interface: Serial (RS-232) Legacy Unit Interface: Serial (RS-232) Generation 2 Current Unit Interfaces: Serial Ethernet Wireless (ZigBee) Generation 2 Current Unit Interfaces: Serial Ethernet Wireless (ZigBee) Generation 3 (2 nd Half 2013) Interface: Custom (TBD) Embedded in custom and OEM Devices Generation 3 (2 nd Half 2013) Interface: Custom (TBD) Embedded in custom and OEM Devices 2013HySky Proprietary Information22

23  This year (2013) the transition to 3G will no longer be a matter of choice. That’s because carriers are already migrating their product lines to 3G.  A major cellular carrier in the U.S. recently stopped certifying 2G-only products of any kind and remaining carriers are sure to follow suit.  Before 2015 over 5 million 2G cell mods (resulting in 5 million truck-rolls) used in the security industry will be changed due to obsolesce of the technology ADT will change over 1 million Vivint will change over 700,000 US Top Alarm service companies – 2G Cellular problems forthcoming “2G Sunset,” 2013HySky Proprietary Information23

24 US Top Alarm service companies – 2G Cellular problems forthcoming “2G Sunset,” 2013HySky Proprietary Information24 In the U.S., the lower frequency band (2G) is at 850 MHz and the higher band is at 1900 MHz. (3G). Most cellular devices installed inside homes and businesses rely on the deep penetrating 850 MHz band to connect to neighboring cell towers. After December 31, 2016, when the 2G Sunset is complete, it will be just like the Analog Sunset. Anything using 2G will stop working overnight. Only 3G/4G will work from that day forward

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