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1 Philips Lightolier LyteCaster LED Downlight Noel Bourassa Indoor Point Source February 2015.

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1 1 Philips Lightolier LyteCaster LED Downlight Noel Bourassa Indoor Point Source February 2015

2 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 2 The Philips Lightolier Story

3 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 3 Why do you need this product? Next Step in rebuilding our downlight portfolio around LEDs Rebuild our Stock & Flow business with LED’s Get your fair share of the LED downlight market Clear need in the market for a quality residential focused LED integrated downlight line at an attractive price Market is converting to LED’s lamps or LED’s integrated design product much faster then anticipated Need for a comprehensive family of core downlight in 3 standard market apertures using latest LED technology Replacement of old high cost platform such as Lytening LED and Xceed LED Offer the price point and features that our customers need in order to regain our market share Shallow solutions are very desirable for residential and light commercial markets

4 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 4 Downlighting Portfolio

5 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 5 Customers / Market Segments Residential single-family houses High-Rise multi-unit condominiums & apartments Hospitality: Restaurants, and Hotels Health Care / Nursing homes Retirement homes Light Commercial Historic commercial buildings with little plenum space

6 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 6 3.5” Shallow luminaire height; save plenum space without compromising the 70° physical and reflected cutoff (which means no glare and comfortable lighting for end- users). Frame is built-in with multiple features for easy installation. Contractor friendly. Same low profile IC Airseal housing for residential or light commercial application. ELV for residential, 0-10V for commercial Modular & Innovative Light Module; interchangeable and upgradable while easy to install available in wide choice of CCT’s, CRI and Warm Glow. Advance technology; Design with no heavy Heat Sink. Provides lightweight luminaires. Total luminaire weight is a fraction of predecessor Xceed LED and competitors. High Performance; up to 70 lm/W, provide greater cost and energy savings (up to 1500 delivered lumen available) Features

7 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 7 Adjustable design; Multi-Purpose low cost solution for Slope ceiling and wall washing application as well Downlights Warm glow dimming effect; provides an alternative to BR30 65W incandescent luminaire in LED…all the energy benefits and the glow characteristics of incandescent when dimmed.. at a very reasonable premium price Wet location listed; non-conductive material ; no need for a specific shower light lens design (Downlight only) Features

8 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 8 Round 4”, 5” and 6” White Baffle, Clear Diffused & White Cone finish 70° Cut-Off Downlight and Adjustable (30°) 650 (4”), 1000 (5”), 1500 (6”) lm package > 70 lm/W CCT’s : 27K,30K,35K CRI: 80 and 90 Low Profile New Construction IC AirSeal Housing 3 ½” deep ; Screws & Nails Dimming: ELV (ELV & Triac with 4” and Warm Glow ) and 0-10V Dimming warm glow technology ; 5” only, 700 lm ( K) Non Conductive Trims ; suitable for shower light (wet locations) Downlight only Life ; 50,000 hours per manufacturer’s warranty (5 years) Energy Star certified Title 24 pending Product Details

9 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 9 Innovative mid-flux LED design eliminates pixilation and provides smooth, even illumination with simplified thermal management. Light Weight design with no heat sink ; only 0.75 lbs Cutting edge technology

10 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 10 Downlight Wall Wash Slope Ceiling : 30° ( 7/12 ceiling pitch) One SKU does all ; White finish Adjustable Multi-Purpose Aperture

11 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 11 Provide alternative to BR30 65W recessed housing in LED…all the energy benefits and dims to warm like incandescent. Application : Restaurants, Hotels, residential, health cares etc… Meet energy codes with LED solution Transitions from 2700K to 2200K at full dim level Dim down to 10% Saves 80% in energy when compared to a 65W incandescent BR lm (delivered lumens) at 13.4W & CRI >80 Available in 5” downlight aperture only ELV & Triac Dimming (list of compatible dimmers available) Energy Star, cULus, FCC CFR Title 47 Part 15 Class B compliant Warm glow dimming effect

12 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 12 Consists of: Frame – in Kit ; IC AirSeal Light Engine Trim Allows: Easy mix and match of CCTs, CRI options in the LED engine and the trim finishes + housing options, less stocking for distributors Simple to replace trims in the field. Future proof LED light engine easy to replace, modular and upgradeable * Adjustable is 2 part system (frame and Light engine/Trim) Downlights 3 Part System*

13 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 13 Ordering logic

14 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 14 4” : 4 3/8” ceiling hole (new in Lytecaster) 5” : 5 1/2” ceiling hole (used to be 5 ¼”) 6” : 6 3/8” ceiling hole (used to be 6 ¾”) Ceiling Hole

15 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 15 Frame Features Lytening style mounting bars – Available with Screws or Nails – Frames with Screws = A (L5RAE1) – Frames with Nails =AN (L5RANE1) Alignment notches Offset Holes 90° swivel mounting bar points Large junction box – Top access for open ceilings – Bottom access for ease of wiring and inspection – Access from inside frame

16 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 16 Dimmer Compatibility

17 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 17 Competitive analysis Strategy : to position LyteCaster LED Downlight as a better LED integrated LED solution at very competitive prices compare to competitor with old LED platform

18 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 18 Competitive Advantages Shallow construction Great output and comfortable lighting Adjustable for multi purpose application Available with warm glow dimming effect Easy upgradable Light engine Smooth even light ; no hotspots

19 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 19 Sales Resources Specification Sheets LED-DIM Spec Sheet Bulletin Brochure Pricing sheet Downlight Trifold External Presentation Competitive matrix Photometrics eCatalog* Internal and external Announcement will go out a week after the launch LyteCaster LED Downlight product bulletin is available to order through Harte Hanks on *For more information visit the eCatalog page

20 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 20 Sample Cases available now 5” Frame with Warm glow dimming effect & white baffle trim downlight with dimmer Mounting bars ; screws and nails version 4” Downlight Trim Clear diffused (not powered) 5” Downlight white cone downlight (not powered) 6” Adjustable white trim (not powered) All trims with 80 CRI / 30K Light Engine 1000lm driver with dimmer to come Sample Case

21 November 01, 2013 _Sector Confidential 21 Products Scheduled for April 2015: 4” LyteCaster LED 4” LyteProfile LED 3” Lytecaster LED Accent Lightolier - Continues to Define LED Downlighting

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