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OAG Visual Double Star Project 1985-2010 II International Meeting of Double Star Observers (Pro-Am) Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain) 23-24 october 2010 Tòfol.

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1 OAG Visual Double Star Project 1985-2010 II International Meeting of Double Star Observers (Pro-Am) Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain) 23-24 october 2010 Tòfol Tobal Observatori Astronòmic del Garraf

2 Introduction This communication present the last 15 years of our history in Visual Double Stars observations, carried out by the non-professional Garraf Astronomical Observatory (OAG) team. The first pair measured was Gamma Del in 1976, 34 years ago. At present more of 15.000 measures and 800 new pairs has been included in the USNO / WDS. In 1982 the Vilanova Astronomical Group (GAV) was founded. This is the remote predecessor of OAG. In 1992 the first observatory was founded with a 3,5m dome and T-260mm Newton F/6 telescope in Canyelles (Garraf) in collaboration with A.A.Castelldefels. This is the immediate predecessor of OAG. In 1997 the Garraf Astronomical Observatory was founded, a non professional and no lucrative association with several amateurs equipments. The main observatory is located in Olivella -within Garraf Natural Park (40 km south of Barcelona)- with 3,5m dome and Newton-Cassegrain 260mm at F/3,5 and F/13 PARKS telescope. Actually OAG is working in several Am-Am and Pro-Am programs and projects.

3 OAG equipments in Garraf 1976 - 2010

4 TOB Estation 1976-2005 The Polarex Unitron 102mm F/15 refractor with Double Image Camichel-Lyot micrometer

5 Garraf Astronomical Observatory El Pinar (1992-1997) The first astronomical observatory founded in Garraf by OAG inside El Pinar Holiday Camp equipment Actually is still in service oriented to educational programs for schools and all people.. The originals instruments and 3,5m dome were transferred to A.A.Castelldefels in 1997 for the Cal Gantxo Observatory (AAC)

6 Garraf Astronomical Observatory Garraf Natural Park (1997-2010)

7 Remote origins: 1976-1985 collaboration with AAS D&M Section AAS Double and Multiple Stars Section Comellas Cat. 1973.0: 1.200 pairs (N) Comellas Cat. 1978.0: 1.537 pairs (N/S) Comellas Cat. 1980.0: 5.114 pairs (N/S) Coordination: J.L.Comellas (AAS). Publications: ASS Cir. and ASTRUM.

8 Perspective : 1986-2000 Project: Update of J.L.Comellas catalogues 1973.0, 1978.0 & 1980.0 New measures and systematic revision of J.L.Comellas data. Participation in meetings of SAF Commission Etoiles Doubles Formation and coordination of several amateur european teams (Belgium, Deutschland, France, Spain…) (1991-1997) Coordination: Publication of OAG Rho Circulars (1992-1997) Preparation of data with especific requirements for the inclussion in USNO / WDS 2.000 Catalogue: (1997-2000) Development of OAG Software MAIA : From de paper to the byte (2000-2003)

9 Consolidation: 2000 - 2003 Project: Incorporate the totality of non published measures made by Spanish amateurs and others European collaborators made between 1970-2003 in WDS 2000,0 Catalogue Obtain the WDS international individual observers code Cataloging anonymous pairs in WDS 2000.0 Catalogue Encourage contacts between professionals and amateurs, and difussion of OAG Visual Double Stars Project. Organization of I International Meeting 2. 000 (Pro-Am) of Double Stars Observers (SAF-AAC-OAG)

10 I International Meeting 2.000 ( Castelldefels, Barcelona ) A.A. Castelldefels A.A. Córdoba A.A. Mérida A.A. Sabadell Comission Etoiles Doubles (SAF) Grup d’Estudis Astronòmics Obs. Astronòmic del Garraf Observatorio de Niza Observatorio de París Univ. Santiago de Compostela


12 OAG General Catalogue of 10.000 measures (1970-2003) T.Tobal & J.Planas (2003) in WDS 2000.0

13 Neglected WDS Visual Double Stars Program Pro-Am: USNO – OAG (2003-2010)

14 Pro-Am: Neglected WDS Stars (I) Project: Revision of Neglected Washington Double Stars Catalog 2000 stars Correction of entries: detection of errors of all kinds Confirmation of neglected visual double stars Update of neglected pairs Detection of possible new components or anonymous pairs. Sources: IDS 1961.0, WDS 2000.0, GSC II, USNO B-1, NOMAD, and others Catalogues Using the Virtual Observatory tools(ALADIN) / POSS I & POSS II plates.

15 Pro-Am: Neglected WDS Stars (II) OAG Observations and publication of results Electronic publication in USNO/WDS web site: 2005-2008: OAG Supplements nº1 to nº21 2009 : OAG Supplements nº 23 2010 : OAG Supplements nº26 (in process) Papers published in Double Star Section Circular / Webb Society. 2008 : DSSC nº 13 and nº14 2009 : DSSC nº 16 and nº 17 2010 : DSCC nº 18 TOTAL MEASURES 2005-2010 with Virtual Observatory: 2.600 measures and 400 new pairs or components in WDS.

16 Pro-Am: Neglected WDS Stars (III) OAG Supplements in electronic format (USNO/WDS web site)

17 Pro-Am: Anonymous ? Project: Search of apparent wide visual double stars no catalogued Search of possible no catalogued components in know pairs (WDS 2.000) Limit Magnitudes : <12ª / Limit Separation: < 30” Criteria: classical (any criteria included in WDS 2.000) Search zone : nearby of Neglected WDS pairs / serendipitous Survey Test in Southern hemisphery: A comparative survey with classical wide visual double stars catalogued from Astrographic Catalogue (S.XIX-XX) Instrument: Virtual Observatory tools.

18 Pro-Am Anonymous: USNO – OAG 2003-2008

19 Anonymous Visual Double Stars Program Pro-Am: USNO – OAG (2003-2010)

20 Pro-Am: USNO WDS 2.000 UAI 240 SYMPOSIUM, Agosto 2006 (Praga) Binary Stars as Critical Tools and Testing in Contemporary Astrophysics USNO Matching of 2MASS: 39.580 m, Wycoff (2006) Tycho-2, TDSC: 8071m, Fabricius (2002) Washington Speckle Interferom.: 6.233m, Mason (2006) OAG Supplements: 4.256m T.Tobal – X.Miret, (2006) D.Arnold: 2.509 m, (2006) Others teams Pro-Am...< 1.000 m

21 Collaborations Pro-Am 2008 Observatori Fabra – OAG O-C binarias visuales

22 Pro-Am: Search of Common Proper Motion Wide Pairs (2008-2010) Start: year 2008 Garraf I Survey: A search for companions to Luyten Stars Coordination: J.A.Caballero (CSIC-CAB-INTA) 2009-2010 Garraf Survey II: A search for Common Proper Motions Wide Pairs systems in Equatorial Zone with < 50 mas/year without magnitude limits. Coordination: OAG + AAS (C.Schnabel) with 10 amateur teams.

23 Pro-Am: Search of Common Proper Motion Wide Pairs (2008-2010) Garraf Survey I: search of companios of Luyten stars Coordinación general: J.Caballero (UCM ) Obs. de Tacande (La Palma): J.Genebriera Publications: professional (Spriengler, A&A) Garraf Survey II > 50 mas/y Equatorial Zone +/-20º DEC Instrument: Virtual Observatory tools Coordinación: X.Miret – T.Tobal (OAG) II Encuentro OEDV: Barcelona (Obs.Fabra) 2010.

24 II International Meeting 2.010 (Sabadell, Barcelona ) A. Astronómica de Madrid A. Astronòmica de Sabadell Centro Astrobiologia -CSIC-INTA Grupo Hubble Observatori Astronòmic del Garraf Observatoire de París - CNRS Societé Astronomique de France Universidad Complutense de Madrid Universidad Politécnica de Madrid U.S.Naval Observatory

25 OAG Visual Double Star Project 1985-2010 II International Meeting of Double Star Observers Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain) 23th-24th october Tòfol Tobal Observatori Astronòmic del Garraf

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