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Fairchild (Taiwan) Corp 台灣快捷國際股份有限公司 (Predecessor: System General Corp

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1 Fairchild (Taiwan) Corp 台灣快捷國際股份有限公司 (Predecessor: System General Corp
Name: Ken Law / Sales & Marketing Date: July 8th 2014

2 Fairchild (Taiwan) Corp.
(Predecessor: System General Corp.) Established: 1983 Merged by FCS: 2007 Rename: Fairchild (Taiwan) Corp. 2014 Location: Taipei, Taiwan Vice President: Steve Fu Product Lines: Power ICs IC Programming Inst. Branch Offices: California, USA Shenzhen, China # of Employees: 200 (Taiwan) (ISO9001 Certified)

3 Office Location Suzhou Nankang Taipei Shenzhen  Hsinchu

4 SG Product Roadmap SG-85A Turpro-1/FX AP720/760 AP710/350 AP600 AP520 AP700 T9600 T9200 AP900 T9800 T9100 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

5 Product Family - Handler
AP200 2-Site Gravity Programming System AP900 4-Site Desktop Programming System Universal Automated AP350 4-Site Programming System AP710 Small & Tiny WLCSP packages Universal Automated AP720/760 High Speed Quad-Head System AP600 All-In-One Single-Head System

6 Automation Handler One-Piece-Flow Operation
AP600 AP350 AP710 AP720/760 AP900 Nozzle head Single Quad UPH 800 850 900 1600 400 Prog. Site 4~9 4 Auto Tray IO v Tape IO Tube IO Bowl-in Ink dot marker Labeler 2D/3D inspection CO2 Laser Marker

7 Automated Product Features
Pick-and-place automated programming system Downward CCD camera for Auto Teach High-speed upward camera for placement alignment High-speed H9x00 universal programming Network-oriented Windows-based job software USB interface one-piece-flow operation Automatic tray stacker (up to 20 JEDEC or non-JEDEC trays Optional Laser marking or labeling Optional I/O media for tube and tape packages Customize CCD vision marking inspection

8 Product Family - Manual
Manual Programming Manual Programming T9100 USB 2.0 eMMC Programmer T9800 USB 2.0 A Universal Gang Programmer T9200 USB 2.0 A Versatile device Programmer S4 adapter High Speed Gang4 programming adapter T9600 USB 1.1 A universal device Programmer eMMC S8 eMMC Gang8 programming adapter

9 SG Manual Programmer H/T9800 H/T9600 T9200 T9100 NOR/NAND support v
H/T9800 H/T9600 T9200 T9100 NOR/NAND support v MPC/MCP support SPI/EEPROM support FPGA/CPLD support S4 adapter support eMMC S8 support  v Default RAM(bit) 8Gb 512Mb

10 Manual Product Features
Supports NAND, NOR, eMMC, MCU, CPLD and FPGA USB port for high-speed data transmission Supports 1.2V Vcc low-voltage devices Supports asynchronous programming Versatile serialization software Graphic real-time statistics display Windows software with job control functions Online automatic failure-cause display Available gang socket boards for memory devices

11 Major Customer

12 Partners with leading IC manufacturers

13 Manual Production / Engineering System
Future Development Automated System Manual Production / Engineering System Increase throughput (UPH) Enhance to support compact and thin devices Improve maintenance efficiency Reduce customer’s operating cost Reduce down time Strengthen testing functions Speed up new devices support Support more device varieties and serialization Reduce customer’s operating cost High speed algorithm Integrated functions

14 Online Free Device Driver Update

15 Service contact Window
SG Taiwan Sales : Ken Law Tony Lee Wendy Gao New Algorithm support : Rachel Hsieh Algorithm technical support: Rickey chien Programmer & Handler : Jemmy Tsai Allen Chien Adonis Lo SG USA Sales: Don Yang Technical: Jonathan Lee


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