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TCPA TCPA TCPA T rusted C omputing P latform A lliance Saurabh Phansalkar.

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1 TCPA TCPA TCPA T rusted C omputing P latform A lliance Saurabh Phansalkar

2 Key Topics Need Implementation Predecessor Possible Applications Palladium / DRM Concerns/ Misconceptions Additional Information Sources

3 Need for TCPA Internet Threat Trends Network attacks – better encryption techniques Server attacks – firewalls, intrusion detection Attacks through client PCs Effects E-business scope limited by lack of security/ trust Source: IBM Watson Research - Global Security Analysis Lab

4 Need for TCPA Solution Client based security system Combination of HW & SW

5 TCP - Alliance Initiated by Intel Formed by Intel, IBM, HP, Compaq, Microsoft Nearly 200 member companies Industry work group focused on enhancing trust by increasing security Source:

6 Mission Through the collaboration of HW, SW, communications, and technology vendors, drive and implement TCPA specifications for an enhanced HW and OS based trusted computing platform that implements trust into client, server, networking, and communication platforms Source:

7 Implementation “Fritz” Chip Smart card chip Mounted on LPC bus using I/O mapped registers Generates RSA public/private key pair Supported by client security software Source:

8 Implementation Functional groups within “Fritz” chip Public key functions Generation of a RSA public/ private key pair, verification of signatures, encryption & decryption Trusted boot functions Stores OS configuration information throughout the boot sequence in Platform Configuration Registers (PCR) Initialization & management functions On & off control of the fritz chip, reset chip Source:

9 Predecessor Embedded Security System (ESS) Offered by IBM for ThinkPad and NetVista Smart card chip placed on mother board Supported by client based software Source:

10 Applications Business 2 Environment Issues with authentication systems such as passwds, viruses/ trojans impose limitations on trust TCPA with biometrics/ smart cards provides 2- factor authentication “Integrity Metrics” used to determine trustworthiness Source:

11 Palladium Project at Microsoft to add trust in Windows Embedded in future Windows-OS Supported by SCP chip SCP would support Linux Unclear about compatibility with TCPA chip “Trusted Operating Root Architecture” will stop “Break Once Run Anywhere” (TORA-BORA) Source:

12 Digital Rights Management- DRM Copy protection of music/ video data Need palladium platform What will happen for a Disney VCD?? Source: Unique Integrity Metrics, CD Identification Disney Server

13 Concerns & Misconceptions Allows vendor to set rules Piracy threatened Allows excess control over PCs TCPA/ Palladium/ DRM are not the same TCPA is a subset of palladium DRM is one possible application of combined HW & SW TCPA does not control execution but it provides protection of private keys and encrypted data

14 Additional Information Founder company’s website

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