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WIN-202 System QCEW Technical Conference Philadelphia, PA June 16, 2005.

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1 WIN-202 System QCEW Technical Conference Philadelphia, PA June 16, 2005

2 Agenda June 2005 Release September 2005 Release March 2006 Release Client List Discussion

3 CIPSEA EQUI Changes June 05 Includes master records and processes families together when CES data is present Changes to the data masking technique Output remains the 1060 EQUI format for data sharing

4 Create Family Screen June 05 Create a new MWR family using a list of singles and subunits Option to create a new subunit from the single account that became a master Employment and wage transfer based on the transfer date

5 Macro file for Bi-Weekly Study June 05 Macro Deliverable format County by Ownership by Industry output Additional Town by Ownership by Industry output for New England States

6 Other June Release Items June 05 Edit 41 Invalid Aux Code Was not flagging Aux Code = ? Corrected for the June release RDAT Tool Posted on the WIN-202 Website

7 Annual Refiling Survey September 05 Control File build based on 2006 selection criteria Digits 7&8 of EIN in the 34-66 range Forms programs will now use month 3 prior on the employment field Summary Management Report will now use month 3 prior for all employment calculations

8 ARS (continued) September 05 Summary Management Report and forms will assign response code 64 to closed records Response code = 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 11, 12, 98, 30, 31, 63, 65 and status code = 2 assign the response code to 64

9 CIPSEA Macro Data September 05 From the existing NAICS annual and quarterly listings: Add a new confidential data sharing listings adjust the CES data (“A” indicators) and use that micro data for aggregation Formatted output Unformatted output Modify the ALMIS output

10 EDI Data Loads September 05 Will load initial and end of liability dates when sent by EDI Will load predecessor / successor account numbers when sent by EDI Old formats will continue to be accepted Will not overlay data with blanks Loading the same Physical Address will not result in the PLA change date being updated and will not remove the geocode information

11 MWR Web Processing September 05 All New Processing Load for Solicitation Request file Load for confirmed MWR Web participants Two new MWR Print files being output Single page Multi page Output for historical data for MWR Web system Load for MWR data that was input into the system

12 Data & Edit Issues September 05 Micro Edit Screen Changes Adding a Skip “S” and Review “R” flag with the analyst’s name Invalid data will not allow a skip flag Edits will not remove skip flags If the data changes, a skip flag will be removed

13 Bookmark Feature Marks the account number where a user left off Set using an F key on the screens Using another F key will return the user to that record Supervisors can review bookmarks Admin Narrative Comment Data & Edit Issues (continued) September 05

14 Geocoding Data Load September 05 Will prevent overwriting State loaded geocode information when loading BLS supplied geocode information

15 Predecessor / Successor September 05 Data Source and Transfer Date added Admin and Wage Record Predecessor / Successor Screens Admin and EDI loads Specifications for enhanced State Wage Record Predecessor / Successor Processing in July 05

16 Include on Subset Flag September 05 Trigger change to not allow an automatic “A” indicator to overwrite a manual “M” indicator

17 Other Client Requests September 05 Correction for the estimate button on multi screen changing indicators to “M” with employment or wages Sever the screen linkage between wage record predecessor / successor screen and other micro screens to improve performance

18 Estimation Changes March 06 Improve employment and wage estimation to use liability dates to determine the percentage of wages and which months of employment to estimate Round employment and wage estimations (eliminate cents) Add to the online proration a balance of non- reported subunits proration

19 Estimation Changes (continued) March 06 Add to the online proration a re-prorate taxable wages and contributions Improve proration to balance down to zero

20 Redesign WIN-202 2007 Meet accessibility needs Migrate to a supported version of Progress Software Layered design with database, business rules and presentation layer Progress v10 database Web Based Screens using a.NET presentation layer Incorporating as many user requested items as possible Work to begin September 2005 18 to 24 month project

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