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What’s New in WebLearn 2.8-ox1, 2 & 3?

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1 What’s New in WebLearn 2.8-ox1, 2 & 3?

2 New in 2.8-ox1

3 Signup tool enhancements – Categories, groups sync, change organiser, lock signups Site templates – Content, tutors, lecturers External account workflow Forums improvements Short URLs Better Email Sender tool Permissions in plain English

4 Short URLs



7 New in 2.8-ox2

8 New in 2.8-ox2 Rolling updates ‘All logged in users’ group removed ‘Arrange site’ now can actually delete site Contribute role reduced slightly Can copy between drop boxes on different sites External users messages now have a sender Sign-up can send ics (ical) files – needs improving iPad can now access sites

9 New in 2.8-ox3

10 OXAM Short URL search and replace during site copy Resources web service API – will be improved Web Content – open in new window now without iframe (for access) Assignment tool better Turnitin support Assignments 2 pilot Some early SES 3 / Oxcap improvements Mailsender bug fix

11 Coming Soon Photo: /

12 New in 2.8-ox3.1

13 Search – 2.8-ox3.1? Have inserted Apache SOLR in front of Lucene SOLR has query parser. Can specify: – Title / description search – Which tool to search – Wildcard characters: ‘?’ or ‘*’ – Fuzzy search – Proximity search – Boosting a term – Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT

14 New in 2.8-ox4?

15 2.8-ox4? All graduate training in SES tool (OxCAP) Better reading lists – Reorder lists – Add instructions at top – Better import More Mobile Oxford integration More bug fixes

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