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866-803-3720 | ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies Track implantable devices, reduce waste, improve patient safety.

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1 866-803-3720 | ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies Track implantable devices, reduce waste, improve patient safety and save money while ensuring Joint Commission compliance to deliver peace of mind. PRESENTATION CREATED FOR THE U.S. AIR FORCE

2 What is UDI? ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies UDI stands for Unique Device Identifier – an FDA initiative legislated by the U.S. Congress to standardize the labeling and improve the tracking of all medical devices. UDITracker ® – tracks all of your biologic and non-biologic implantable devices in all Hospital Departments > Only UDI Tracking Software Reviewed by the FDA > Only Tracking Company invited to present at the FDA Sponsored - National UDI Conference in Baltimore, MD – December, 2010 > OR Manager from VA Gainesville, FL presented UDITracker

3 Joint Commission study shows tracking needs to be improved Each year The Joint Commission collects and analyzes standards compliance data to identify areas that accredited organizations and certified programs and firms find most challenging.

4 “We just had a Joint Commission inspection for tissue and as soon as they heard we had GraftTracker ®, they said they knew we were going to be compliant (before even looking). Needless to say, everything went extremely well! Thank you for all you have done!” Rita Rivers RN, BSN, CNOR Tissue Compliance Officer Erie County Medical Center ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

5 Champion Medical Technologies Background 25 years of software design and development experience in the healthcare industry 20 years of experience in Medical Device Tracking Chicago and Phoenix offices serving hospitals and GPO’s nationwide… ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

6 A few of our recent clients & partners ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

7 UDITracker® Ensuring the Safety of our Soldiers Significantly reduces the risk of implanting a recalled device Ensures an expired item will not be used in a Soldier’s surgery: Per VA Gainesville SOP: The OR Supply Clerk will stock biological and non-biological implants. He/she will inventory and outdate the implants monthly or as notified by UDITracker software that items have become expired. He/she will discard expired implants and document their removal into the UDITracker software.

8 Alert Screen – Expiring Inventory Quickly view any items soon to expire and their location in the hospital ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

9 Quick and Easy Recall Investigations Determine if any Recalled Products have been used in Cases or are still in Stock Discover the Identity of Affected Patients Quickly Identify History of Recalled Products in Hospital

10 ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies Recall Notification All implantable device recalls are sent directly through the program to the Alert Screen to easily initiate a full investigation

11 ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies Investigate a Recall Quick and easy recall investigations take seconds to determine if an item was ever in inventory or used in a patient

12 Complies with VHA Directive 2009-062 Management of Non-biological Implantable Devices Manages sterility inspection of non-biological implantable devices to include visual inspection of expiration date. Conducts a monthly inventory of non-biological implants that do not require SPD sterilization to include visual inspection of expiration dates, and including those located in clinical areas. Manages non-biological implantable devices to include receipt, inspection, and sterilization.

13 Implant Connect Improve patient safety with a medical device registry service for patients provided by MedicAlert® Foundation. QuickReceipt Know when items ship and in one click enter them into hospital inventory – faster than bar code scanning. Tissue Prep Instructions No need to keep a binder with tissue prep instructions, they can be accessed in the software. Supplier Regulatory Status Regulatory Status of suppliers for AATB and FDA is updated and maintained in the application. Unique Features of UDITracker ® Early Recall Alerts Receive FDA and manufacturer recall announcements provided by National Recall Alert Center®. No other service can provide these features to the US Airforce! Network Capability Data can be accessed by an individual hospital, at VISN level or on a nationwide scale for analysis and benchmarking. ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

14 Quick Receipt Track inbound shipments and receive them with one click into Available Inventory without bar code scanning or manual entry ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

15 “UDITracker ® is easy to use, logical and customer service is great to work with! The shipment interface is fantastic; it takes me 10 seconds to receive as many as 100 items at once!” Kim Degner OR Manager Doctor's Hospital of Augusta HCA Healthcare ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

16 Alert Screen – Expiring Supplier Registrations Easily manage all supplier accreditations and download certification documents as needed ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

17 Tissue Prep Instructions Ditch the 3-ring binder! ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

18 Tissue Implant Record No more forms to fill out! Return tissue implant records easily with a quick email to supplier. Additional Features of UDITracker ® Barcode Scanning Scan manufacturer barcodes to save time and eliminate error-prone data entry. Storage Temperature Log Each tissue implant receives its own unique temperature log per Joint Commission standards. Web-based & Secure Passes VA internet security standards and FIPS 140-2. ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies Tiered Access 7 different levels of user access defined by hospital admin to control data security. Track Across All Departments Track all implant devices across all hospital departments. Any item with a lot/serial/UDI number can be tracked.

19 Benefits of UDITracker ® No Software to Install IT friendly system, on-site 2-day implementation and training with free upgrades. Save Time & Money Decrease man-hours by immediately locating recalled devices. Eliminate expired/missing inventory. Joint Commission Compliance Designed to meet Joint Commission and OIG standards for hospitals and labs for simplified compliance. Save Lives & Reduce Liability Fast, efficient response to recalls increases patient safety and decreases lawsuit and legal expenses. Meets Federal UDI Guidelines Be prepared for Federal UDI (unique device identifier or unique device identification) legislation. ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies Follows VA Workflow User friendly application easily follows natural administrative workflow.

20 Create Your Own Barcode Labels Quickly print and apply manufacturer ID/serial/lot number barcodes to all of your inventory Standardize manufacturer barcodes for consistent scanning results throughout the supply chain Avoid manual data entry errors with the accuracy of barcode labels & scanning Save time for OR staff by providing quick identification of implantable devices

21 UDITracker® can interface with other hospital software systems to streamline workflow. ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies UDITracker ® Broad Interfacing Capabilities

22 ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies Export Key Screens to Excel Designed to make reporting easy – export owned implant data, vendor delivered data, expired inventory data and more… REPORTING

23 ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies List of Products Display products by supplier or specialty including cost per item and established reorder levels

24 “ The Staff at Champion Medical have been wonderful to work with. I like having the various types of spreadsheets available at the click of a button. I can track my wasted and expired implants for my quarterly reports, I can also run daily or monthly case completed reports, and the list goes on… we now have the ability to track all 620 individual implant groups, both biological and non-biological. I do not have to spend hours making sure that suppliers have all their certification and licenses up to date. ” Cynthia Gregg Implant & Tissue Supply Tech, OR VA Hospital Gainesville, FL ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

25 Available Inventory View and sort all biologic and non-biologic inventory by ownership type indicated by Owned, Consigned or Brought-In by Supplier Rep icons

26 ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies Reorder Alerts The Inventory Management feature allows for quick identification of items that need to be reordered now or soon

27 RFID Partnership Automated Inventory Control Seamlessly integrates with GraftTracker® and UDITracker® Automatic check in/out provides 100% accountability Easy-to-use touch screen interface Secured accessibility using access code, fingerprint or smart pass Uses the latest EPC Global compliant UHF Gen 2 technology “Improving the Delivery of Healthcare”

28 In an emergency, doctors need to know details about the patients’ medical device so treatment can be started (or initiated) quickly. Benefits to the Patient Before undergoing an MRI or treatment procedure, having access to the patients’ medical implant information can ensure their safety. If the patients’ implant is recalled they have immediate access to their device information. ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

29 Case Detail View, print, email all pertinent surgery case details on one screen and issue the MedicAlert® – Implant Connect form for a patient.

30 Supply Chain MMIS Device Registry AJRR ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies UDITracker ® Manufacturer Bio/Non-Bio EMR / EHR OR Management Real Time Location Service (RTLS) RFID Where We Fit… Patient Implant Registry Implant Connect

31 Return on Investment Annual savings of $36,000+ per year due to inventory management cost reductions ROI = 4 months OR Estimated savings of $20,000 per recall in reduction of investigating personnel costs ROI = Less than 1 Recall ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

32 Help Center Receive comprehensive answers within the program including FAQ’s, troubleshooting and easy to use search

33 UDITracker® Our SOLUTION… ©2011 Champion Medical Technologies

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