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EPub and Other Similar Solutions.  ePUB (Electronic Publication) is a free and open e-book standard. Files have the extension “.epub”.  ePUB is designed.

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1 ePub and Other Similar Solutions

2  ePUB (Electronic Publication) is a free and open e-book standard. Files have the extension “.epub”.  ePUB is designed for reflowable content. It means that an EPUB reader can optimize text for a particular display device.  ePub also supports audio and video (epub3). ePUB

3 WHY ePUB?  Free and open  Reflowable (word wrap) and resizable text.  Embedded metadata  DRM support  CSS styling  (ePub3) Supports for Audio and Video content. (dependent on device support),

4 REFLOWABLE LAYOUT  This is a format in which the content reflows to fit in the screen based on the settings of the devices, like font size, screen size, etc.  This works on the majority of the devices available in the market e.g. Sony Reader, iPAD, iPhone, iPOD, B&N, Nook, Kobo etc.  This can be ingested into multiple channels like Apple, iBook, Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc.  The layout of the pages will change if you increase/decrease the font size.

5 FIXED LAYOUT  This is a format that preserves the layout and formatting similar to the print version as much as possible.  This works on the Apple’s devices, Amazon KF8 and Nook color/table. However, for each device we need to create different files. Currently this is limited to iBook, Amazon, B&N, and Kobo.  The layout of the pages will remain unchanged at different zoom level.  Fixed Layout Books are used to create highly-designed books like children's picture books, cookbooks, and art books.


7 AUDIO AND VIDEO Embedding Audio and Video with default controls, custom controls and streaming. ANIMATION  Frame based animations where multiple frames of images are played in sequence using JavaScript.  GIF based animations like embedding animated GIF for character based animation.  Highlight animation where images highlights with glow effects and makes sound.  Motion based animation where objects moving in a straight line/rotation/scaling based and moving across the page spread. ePub3

8 GAMES Matching game and Memory game. QUIZZES  Multiple choice quiz where user is having multiple choices to select and check the answers.  Radio button quiz where user taps on radio button and check the answer.  Text box entry quiz where user enters the text in text box and checks where correct or not.  Yes or No and True or False quizzes where select the button either “Yes” or “No” to check the answers.  Check box quiz.  Draggable Image/Label quiz where user drags the image/label to the correct box to check whether answer is correct or not.  Animal Flash card quiz – If user taps the image it turn and show whether it is correct or not.

9 SCRIPTING AND INTERACTIVITIES Interactive Image with Flash Card and Pop Up Overlay. Drop down Interactivity- Select the option from drop down and check answer. Interactive Audio Disc - Tap on the disc. It starts rotating and play music continuously. Table Widget is having multiple interactivity like column sorting, dynamically show or hide columns, highlight table rows. Test Yourself with Popup Tips. MISCELLANEOUS Multi column content in Reflowable layout Drag and Drop reorder words where unscramble the words to make in correct order and check whether answer is correct or not. Canvas drawing where user can create own drawing in white box Touch & Learn Animals - It shows image with sound and zoom effect. Embedding MathML Embedding SVG images

10 WHAT WE DO RS TechnoMedia has extensive experience with dataconversion projects from both paper and electronic media files. We create e-books with audio and visual effects also i.e. audio e-books and video e-books according to client’s requirement. We are also able to create the apps of the books for any of the smart phones, tablets and other devices as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Sony etc.

11 WE PROVIDE ePub fluid format ePub fixed format Mobi (Kindle) Multiple languages Enhanced Multimedia Embed multimedia We work hand-in-hand with our clients to market and distribute their new and archived print material into easy-to-read digital and mobile formats. We are experts in assisting publishing companies to take their printed archived editions and convert them into a format that can be used to generate more revenue, more readership, and a better overall branding experience.

12 Process/ Flow of Work The designing and producing a flawless e-book we will have to follow the following stages. This will help us to work fast and accurate. INPUT For staring the work we need a raw data file of the book text. The input file may be in any of the formats such as PDF, Word document, Page Maker file etc. PRODUCTION In this stage we will follow all the steps as mentioned in Scope of Work section. OUTPUT This is the final stage of the process. In this step we will get the digital version of the book. We can provide any of the formats for e-book. However it is upto the client what versions he/she needs from us.

13 SCOPE OF WORK Following are the tasks involved in the process we follow for generating the ePUB of any of the book or magazine in different formats: 1. Data Extraction (from the given file from client). 2. Data conversion in digital and device compatible format. 3. Spell Checking and corrections. 4. Image Processing. 5. Fixing the layout. 6. Typesetting and Template Setting. 7. Proof Reading and Testing 9. Insertion of audio and video effects (If needed.) 10. Conversion in desired e-book format.

14 ABOUT RS TechnoMedia Overview  Founded in 2005.  Works on Cutting-edge Technologies.  Achieved total financial stability since inception and grown solely based on internally generated funds.  Spotless delivery record of many successful project deliveries over the years.  A dedicated team of brilliant software experts.

15 RS TechnoMedia OUR MISSION To be a most preferred technology partner throughout the world by providing quality services with satisfied clients all over the world. OUR Vision We aim to be a company of choice, developing global leaders from, within and maintaining the highest standards of diversity & integrity. We believe in quality delivery and customer satisfaction. We endeavour to be a leader in the field of cutting-edge technologies spread worldwide.

16 CONTACT US INDIA B-28, Gurudwara Road, Near Mayur Public School West Vinod Nagar, New Delhi-92 Call us at : +91-11- 22473625 Email: USA 1924 N.E 3rd Street #9 Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 Call us at: 614-388-8924 Website:

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